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We do not know how others feel about Jack6' posts, but have enjoyed his writing, and his guidance through the season. We would like to say Thank You, Jack6. We appreciate your contribution! Cheers!

. And now enjoy his lines...

That's it. The final game is played and the National Champion is named.
The final rankings are not set yet, but I'm sure we will have the same name on top of the coaches and the AP poll.

But first, before I cover the final game, here are the last two other Bowls.


Saturday, January 4 2014, 1:00 PM ET BBVA COMPASS BOWL
Vanderbilt vs. Houston @ Legion Field, BIRMINGHAM, AL
Well, after that game were my picks very much messed up as they can get.
Not only did Vanderbilt win, they won big.
At first it looked like a walk in the park.
The Commodores did score 24 unanswered points in the first half.
Over right?
Not so fast.
The Cougars did THEN score 24 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter!
So momentums shift?
Looked that way.
The Vandy QB was intercepted at the beginning of the 4th quarter but Vandys defense came up big and stopped them.
Then after a Vandy TD, next Cougars drive, did the defense intercept Houston’s QB and that was the turning point.
They got only a FG out of this, but the Cougars did never came back into the game.
All drives became more desperate which led to another INT of the Cougars QB which lead to a Vandy TD.
And that was that.
I'm curious what those teams will take over to the next season.
Vanderbilt 41 - Houston 24 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 19-14

Sunday, January 5 2014, 9:00 PM ET GODADDY BOWL
Arkansas State vs. Ball State @ Ladd-Peebles Stadium, MOBILE, AL
The good thing with football is, everything can happen.
Normally the stronger team wins, normally the better team win.
Whichever that is. Because sometimes it is not that obvious.
I was sure Ball State was the stronger team.
They lead with 7 points after the first quarter.
But the Arkansas State defense held them quite good in check, which did lead to nice field positions.
The Red Wolves did score FG, so did Ball State and with a final nice drive did Arkansas State score a game tying TD.
Then did Ball State offense basically vanish and the Red Wolves were able to score 2 field goals in the 3rd quarter.
Beginning of the 4th did then the Cardinals score a FG. 16-13.
And then ... did the great Red Wolves defense intercept the Ball State QB.
Crucial turnover, right?
No. Ball State did intercept the Arkansas State QB the next drive, right in the endzone.
The following Ball State drive did result in a TD.
But Arkansas State did come back.
They went down the field in 5 plays and scored also a TD.
Only 32 ticks on the clock, Ball State is slinging the Ball desperately for yardage and gets them. Also thanks to a personal foul on Arkansas State.
Ball on the 21 yard line, 38 yard FG try. 2 ticks on the clock.
And it is BLOCKED!
Congratulation to Arkansas State and all morons picking the Red Wolves.
Arkansas State 23 - Ball State 20 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 19-15


#1 Florida State vs. #2 Auburn @ Rose Bowl, PASADENA, CA
I did not believe in Cinderella stories to become true.
That's what I said.
Let's be honest, the Florida State season was also some kind of Cinderella story.
Everybody had them on the list for a top team, but all expected more competition from within the ACC and not many had them on the list for a BCS Championship participation.
There was Alabama, Ohio State and several other teams ahead.
But the won all games and were ranked #1.
So ... whoever has won this game here, Cinderella would win, it was only a matter which colour that glass slipper would have.
Blue and Orange, or Red and Gold?
I did expect a close game and it was.
First it looked like FSU would be out played.
The Auburn defense was very good. Championship good.
Yes, the Seminoles got the first points, but after that it was almost all Auburn and FSU offense was not able to get it done.
They game the ball away and had more or less always bad field position.
Florida State was down 3-21 when they got one last good drive executed before the half.
They went down the field and did cut Auburns lead down to 11 points.
The 3rd quarter was all about adjustments and defense.
The Seminoles were able to score a single FG, but Auburn was still leading 13-21.
Then, starting of the 4th quarter was Auburn intercepted and Florida State was able to score a TD out of this.
Because of a penalty (Unsportsmanlike Conduct for celebrating in front of the opponent ...) they were not able to go for 2.
So Auburn lead still with 1 point.
They went down the whole field and did score field goal to increase the lad to 4.
Next play, the kick-off was returned 100 yards for a TD and FSU had a 3 point lead!
A shocker.
But Auburn did answer with a long drive and scored a TD to get the 4 point lead back.
1:19 left on the clock.
FSU marched down the field and was able to score again!
34-31 now.
13 seconds left to play.
The Tigers were suck in their own half and had nothing to lose.
They played a small pass, did a lateral, and again and suddenly a big white wall of Auburn players were in front of the runner!
He ran for 30 yards, but instead of using his many fore blockers, he ran a bit inside and was stopped.
FSU won the game and became the National Champion.
Jimbo Fisher got a contract extension a few days ago, so he does not go anywhere.
Florida State 34 - Auburn 31 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 20-15

That's it.
Season over.

Some small notes here.

First, The University of Texas picked their new head coach already.
Obviously not the rumoured Jimbo Fisher and also not UCLAs Jim Mora, they picked Louisville’s Charlie Strong.
I'm not sure if it is a good or a bad hire.
He has some advantages over Mack Brown and some disadvantages.
We will see how he will do.
If only the football mentality does count, he will do good things in Texas.
Interesting was, the University did NOT hire a former NFL coach and they did not hire one of the BIG names from BIG schools.

Next thing: North Dakota State has won the FCS National Championship now for the 3rd time in a row.
This year they did beat Townson 35-7.
Their coach had his last game, since Craig Bohl did accept to become the next Wyoming Cowboys head coach.
He has a major task ahead of him, so he better remember his time with the Bisons to motivate him for the future.

You probably have heard that Penn State did lose their head coach to the NFL Team Houston Texans.
Hard to judge such a move from Bill O'Brien.
Personally, I would not left Penn State, but you never know what drives the people.
Some are now upset in Pennsylvania, they feel betrayed by O'Brien, but I would not go that far.
In this business, finding a long term solution as head coach is very hard.
If you are successful, there is always a bigger fish waiting to get you, and if you are not, the next hot coach is waiting right behind your back.

Now will come the few weeks where all those declaring for the draft who think they are ready for the NFL.
True or not.

Thanks for reading the blog, I hope you enjoyed it.
To be honest: I’m not sure what I will do next season.
The blog is quite time consuming and I lost a bit of the passion to write it further.

I will keep you informed.

‘Til next time

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