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The next head rolling from the chop block is Purdues HC Darrell Hazell after their loss against Iowa this weekend.
Hazell was 3-3 so far this season and 9-33 at Purdue overall.
He never won more than 3 games with the Boilermakers, which are not known to be a football powerhouse at all.
I can remember watching Notre Dame - Purdue games in the 90s which were VERY one dimensional and Purdue got beaten regularly.
Hazells predecessor Danny Hope was fired after a 6-6 season and Joe Tiller before Hope had the Boilermakers even on 9-wins seasons, so it's understandable that Purdue is not satisfied with Hazells progress, but honestly it will be interesting to see, who they will get to turn the ship around.
Gerad Parker, the WR coach, will be the interims coach for the rest of the season.
Funny side note, in Wikipedia it said "Coach Darrell Hazell was terminated following this match." I sure if that would be true and the coach would be dead the newspapers would be full.

Next news, which came in prior the weekend, LSU and Florida did agree to buy out their non-conference games on the 19th of November and they will play that postponed Matthews-game then, but now at LSU!
That's a good news for the conference standings.

Overall was the weekend dominated by the two big games between Ohio State - Wisconsin and Alabama - Tennessee.
I think the Tide-Vols games was not worth the hype.

What the weekend did accomplish was to tighten the potential playoff field up again and I have the feeling that we will end of in some strange situations to fill up the playoff spots beginning of December.
There is still a chance to have 4 unbeaten teams in the playoffs, even all 5 power5 conferences can still produce unbeaten winners, but the chances are high we will lose at some points some unbeaten champs and then it might become tricky.
You will see this in the preview for next week, but as a spoiler, the field of the next-in-line" teams with 1-loss and unbeaten non-power5-teams is getting thin.
Of cause are all things still possible, but as said, I have the feeling this might get ugly.
If only 1 2-loss team has to be selected because all other possibilities are gone, the cry out will be loud.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 7

Sat. Oct 15 - 3:30 PM ET
#1 Alabama @ #9 Tennessee
Hyped and hyped and at the end it was just the usual Crimson Tide stampede which did stomp the Volunteers into their home field and left them there.
Not even a glimpse of a potential chance to win the game for Tennessee.
In that form, Alabama can in fact already make plans for the National Title celebration.
I pretty sure, regardless whether Alabama or maybe Texas A&M might win the SEC West, the SEC East will for sure need a major down-day by the West-champ to have a slim chance for winning the SEC title.
For Alabama it's Texas A&M next week, a potential deciding game for the SEC West, for Tennessee it's a BYE week coming and then South Carolina.
Alabama 49 - Tennessee 10 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 18-13

Sat. Oct 15 - 7:00 PM ET
#12 Ole Miss @ #22 Arkansas
Damn, my gut said Arkansas might somehow outplay Ole Miss, but my mind did not let that be my pick and I picked the Rebels, based on enough production by Kelly to win this.
Well, I was almost right with Kelly, he had a good, if not great game, but I did not have the weak Ole Miss defense in mind and that costs me a pick.
Ole Miss was unable to stop Arkansas.
Too often did Arkansas get yardage and was able to stay in the game.
All Kelly-plays were useless, when Arkansas was able to move at will and to answer scoring drives.
Ole Miss did lose, got their 3rd loss, but (another wrong pick) did NOT vanish from the rankings.
Ole Miss is now ranked #23 at AP and #22 at the coaches poll, being the highest ranked 3-loss team and the first to be ranked this season at all.
The next would be USC at #35 (which does officially not exist) on all teams which did receive top 25 points (they got 5 points, Ole Miss has 188).
The Rebels will play at LSU next week, which will not be easy, Arkansas will try to win against Auburn on the road.
Ole Miss 30 - Arkansas 34 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 18-14

Sat. Oct 15 - 8:00 PM ET
#2 Ohio State @ #8 Wisconsin
This was worth the hype and then some.
Wisconsin did at the end lose against the Buckeyes in OT, but we might see a rematch in the BIG10 Championship game.
The Badgers did lead at the half by 10 points, but Ohio State was able to come back and tie the game in the 4th quarter to force OT, made a TD on their drive and stopped Wisconsin on their next drive to seal the road win.
The BIG10 will see some tough games the next few weeks, but at the moment it looks like the whole season does base on a hand full of games, including the Ohio State - Michigan game, the Wisconsin - Nebraska game and the Ohio State - Nebraska game.
The league needs to produce a legit BIG10 champ, otherwise will the SEC run the table this season with no competition.
Ohio State will play at Penn State next, Wisconsin visits Iowa.
Ohio State 30 - Wisconsin 23 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 19-14

Sat. Oct 15 - 3:30 PM ET
North Carolina @ #16 Miami
Well, damn for the Canes-fans.
UNC needed basically only 2 quarters to win the game.
Miami held them scoreless in the 2nd half, but their offense was unable to create enough points to force OT or win the game.
There is not much to say in such a case.
I have hope for Miami for the coming seasons, but this season they will likely not get a shot at the title game.
UNC will face Virginia on the road, while Miami will try to upset Virginia Tech on the road.
North Carolina 20 - Miami 13 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 19-15

Sat. Oct 15 - 8:00 PM ET
Arizona State @ Colorado
Colorado had a monster game against the Sun Devils and won big.
They are now in a good position to win the South division while the Sun Devils lost now 2 in a row and dropped a bit in the standings.
Especially the Buffalos running game was a dominant force and was unstoppable, kept the drives alive and did produce points.
Next for the Buffalos is a trip to Stanford, while Arizona State will host Wazzou in the desert.
Arizona State 16 - Colorado 40 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 20-15

Other interesting games:

Sat. Oct 15 - 12:00 PM ET
#20 West Virginia @ Texas Tech
Oouch! The Red Raiders lost 48-17, making West Virginia for now a secret playoff contender. We will see.
Jacks interesting games Score: 22-14

Sat. Oct 15 - 12:00 PM ET
North Carolina State @ #3 Clemson
Interesting game and Clemson did spend likely all their 9 lives a cat can have to win this one.
NC State had the win on their foot, kicking a 33 yard field goal for the win with a tied score at that moment at 17.
Of cause they missed it and the game went into overtime, in which Clemson did score a TD and intercepted NC State on the first play of their drive, winning 24-17.
NC State had missed 3! Field Goals overall in that game and both teams had a lot of turnovers.
Jacks interesting games Score: 23-14

Sat. Oct 15 - 3:30 PM ET
Wake Forest @ #14 Florida State
Low scoring game, which was won by FSU with a score of 17-6.
Jacks interesting games Score: 24-14

Sat. Oct 15 - 7:00 PM ET
Tulsa @ #13 Houston
Great game, but Tulsa did draw the shorter stick at the end.
The game was tied at 31 when Tulsa had a very unfortunate fumble on the supposed to be game winning drive which was returned for a TD, shifting the momentum completely.
But Tulsa was not dead and did really drive over the whole field, having a 2nd and goal on the Houston 2 yard line with a few ticks left on the clock.
The short pass to the right was caught before the endzone and two Houston defenders denied the last yard to score a TD, securing the win for the Cougars 38-31.
Jacks interesting games Score: 25-14

Sat. Oct 15 - 10:30 PM ET
UCLA @ Washington State
UCLA had some problems at the start, but came into their game better and better the less time was left.
A fumble late in the game did end their comeback hopes, losing the game 27-21.
Jacks interesting games Score: 26-14

And some other results which might be interesting:
BYU did win against Mississippi State 28-21 in OT.
Syracuse did upset Virginia Tech 31-17.
Vanderbilt did win their 1st SEC game of the season, beating Georgia 17-16.
Minnesota did beat Maryland 31-10.
Illinois won against Rutgers 24-7 to get their 1st BIG10 win of the season.
Eastern Michigan did beat Ohio 27-20 to improve to 5-2. First win against Ohio since 1999 and the Eagles won the first time 3 straight in the road since 1967.
Miami (OH) win against Kent State 18-14 for their first victory of the season.
Western Kentucky did beat Middle Tennessee 44-43 in OT to give the Blue Raiders their first CUSA loss of the season.
New Mexico did upset Air Force 45-40.
Northwestern did send Michigan State fans deeper into depression by winning 54-40. Spartans still winless in the BIG10 so far as reigning BIG10 Champ.
Florida International did beat Charlotte 27-26, extending their winning streak to 3 since firing their coach and setting up an interims coach.
Marshall won their 1st CUSA game by beating Florida Atlantic 27-21.
Louisiana Monroe won their 1st Sun Belt game, beating Texas State 40-34.
Texas stopped their losing streak by beating Iowa State 27-6, claiming their 1st BIG12 win.
Stanford did beat Notre Dame 17-10. Notre Dame now 2-5 and they even chanced QB during the game to spark the offense, which did fail.
San Jose State did win their 1st MWC game by winning against Nevada 14-10.

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