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That was a bit disappointing weekend, at least if you like to see some upsets and like to spice up the competition.
The biggest upset this weekend was the win by Mississippi State over Texas A&M, sending the Aggies more or less out of competition for a SEC West division title.

The big teams did win their games and are well on track, which does not help to clear the playoff field or to spice up the competition.

Quite a blow did take Ole Miss, losing their starting QB to a season ending injury in the game against Georgia Southern.
The team did win that game, but whether Ole Miss will be able to win 2 out of 3 remaining games with the backup is open.
For the QB, who is in his final year, it's a disaster, which will influence his draft status heavily.

I think after next week we will have a good view on the real contenders on the conference and divisions, for some it's already clear right now, for some it's still wide open, like the Big 10 West where still 5 out of 7 teams are in serious contention.
Great for the fans.

My picks where quite aggressive for the last weekend and the hopes and feeling I had on some games where often not right, which is OK, since most of them were close games.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 10

Sat. Nov 5 12:00 PM ET
#8 Wisconsin @ Northwestern
This game was quite open until halftime (10-7 for Wisconsin), but then did Wisconsin pull away and the final score might have been higher if the Badgers kicker would have been more successful (he missed 2 FGs over the game).
The Badgers did shut out Northwestern in the second half and did prove that they are one of the teams, if not THE team to beat in the BIG 10 West.
Next game for the Badgers is Illinois at home.
The Wildcats, which are still in contention for the division title have to play Purdue on the road.
Wisconsin 21 - Northwestern 7 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 30-16

Sat. Nov 5 3:30 PM ET
#11 Florida @ Arkansas
I'm not really a Razorback fan and also not really a Gator hater, but I was happy when I read that Arkansas did dominate Florida and won the game with a big margin.
I always had the feeling that Florida is not that good as advertised, and I think it became clear that the SEC East is still some miles away from the SEC West teams.
For Arkansas this was the Bowl ticket, winning their 6th game of the season, for Florida this did not change their status much, thanks to a Kentucky loss.
They are still 1 game ahead of Kentucky plus the direct compare in favor of the Gator, which makes them still the leading candidate to win the SEC East.
Next game is against South Carolina at home, which could become a thriller.
Arkansas on the other hand has to play LSU next week, at home, which will be a major battle.
Florida 10 - Arkansas 31 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 31-16

Sat. Nov 5 3:30 PM ET
#18 Oklahoma State @ Kansas State
The Cowboys did lead at the half 21-16.
The Wildcats came then a bit better out of the locker room and were able to get the lead with 30-21, later 37-28.
When on the next drive KSU was able to intercept the Cowboys it looked like a done game, but the Cowboys defense did step up and did shut out KSU from that moment on, about 11:30 left on the 4th quarter.
OSU did score again and again and KSU were unable to answer, which did cost them the game.
The Cowboys are that way still in the mix for the Conference title and at the moment it looks like this will be settled only on the last gameday against leading team Oklahoma.
Next up is Texas Tech, at home, while Kansas State has to play lately struggling Baylor, on the road.
Oklahoma State 43 - Kansas State 37 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 32-16

Sat. Nov 5 8:00 PM ET
#10 Nebraska @ #6 Ohio State
Ohio State had some offense problems in the last few games, but these were gone in the match against the Cornhuskers.
The Buckeyes did dominate the game and won by an almost 60-point margin.
Huge win for Ohio State, quite a setback for Nebraska, which lost that way their 1-win-lead in the division title race for the BIG10 West.
Ohio State will play Maryland on the road next, Nebraska hosts Minnesota next week.
Nebraska 3 - Ohio State 62 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 33-16

Sat. Nov 5 8:00 PM ET
#1 Alabama @ #13 LSU
This was a great game, but at the end did Alabama prove they are the team to beat inside the SEC West.
The Crimson Tide did win in a shutout, on the road and were able to hold the LSU star RB to just 35 yards.
The game was scoreless at the half, LSU had missed a FG in the first quarter and Alabama did basically only got 1 good drive together to score a TD, the rest was all defense, including 2 interceptions, with 1 of those leading to a FG.
It seems Alabama has just one hard game left to play, the Iron Bowl, which is played at home this season.
Before that they have still 2 other games, starting with next week, at home, against Mississippi State.
LSU has to visit Arkansas next week, which will be also a tough one.
Alabama 10 - LSU 0 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 33-17

Other interesting games:

Thu. Nov 3 11:00 PM ET
UCLA @ #15 Colorado
Played at Thursday already did Colorado maintain their lead in the PAC12 South with that win over UCLA 20-10.
Colorado does visit Arizona in the desert next week, while UCLA tries to stop their 4 game losing streak against Oregon State at home.
Jacks interesting games Score: 32-19

Sat. Nov 5 11:30 AM ET
Navy @ Notre Dame
Notre Dame did lead at home at the half, but came up short in the second and lost by a single point against the Midshipmen, 28-27.
The Irish have to win all 3 remaining games to get a bowl spot which seems to be unrealistic given their current playing results and the teams of Army, Virginia Tech and USC as opponents.
Looks like a bad season for Notre Dame. Next game is Army at home.
Navy on the other hand will play Tulsa next week and the winner is in good position to win the West division of the American.
Jacks interesting games Score: 32-20

Sat. Nov 5 12:00 PM ET
Air Force @ Army
Oh man, I had Army ahead to win the game, but Air Force did come to town to win and they did in a big way, winning 31-12.
With that win did Air Force get the Commander-In-Chief-Trophy back from Navy, which won last season.
Air Force had won against Navy a few weeks before.
The Army-Navy-game is for the CiC-Trophy-race now irrelevant.
Air Force will play Colorado State next, at home, while Army will play Notre Dame, on the road.
Jacks interesting games Score: 32-21

Sat. Nov 5 12:30 PM ET
Georgia Tech @ #21 North Carolina
UNC was itself aware if the game implications and did win by a huge margin to stay in the division title contention, 48-20.
The Tar Heels will face rival Duke on the road next week, while GT travels to Virginia Tech.
Jacks interesting games Score: 33-21

Sat. Nov 5 3:30 PM ET
TCU @ #17 Baylor
The sexual assault scandal did finally effect the locker room, according to interim HC Grobe.
So far was Baylor a winning team, but since 2 games did Baylor lose and did slip from BIG12 title contention to outsider status.
Last week they lost to Texas, this weekend they lost to TCU, 62-22.
Next week they will travel to BIG10 leader Oklahoma.
TCU will play 2nd placed Oklahoma State next week, at home.
Jacks interesting games Score: 34-21

Sat. Nov 5 3:30 PM ET
#19 Virginia Tech @ Duke
VT was leading at the half by 2 scores and Duke had to catch up all day long until the time ran out and the Hokies won 24-21.
For Virginia Tech it looks like they will have to play Clemson in the conference title game sooner or later.
But they need to win the remaining games, staring with the next game against Georgia Tech, at home, next week.
Duke on the other hand needs to win all remaining 3 games to get a bowl spot, which seems to be unlikely.
Next game is rival North Carolina, at home.
Jacks interesting games Score: 35-21

Sat. Nov 5 7:00 PM ET
#22 Florida State @ North Carolina State
Oh, I thought NC State could upset FSU.
And they did lead until FSU did score with 3 minutes to play.
The Wolfpack was able to march over the field on the next drive, but were stopped at 4th down, which they had to play in need of a TD, and lost the game 24-20.
FSU is now bowl eligible, while NC State still needs 2 wins.
The Seminoles will try to extend their record next week against Boston College at home, while NC State will try to win at Syracuse.
Jacks interesting games Score: 35-22

Sat. Nov 5 7:30 PM ET
Iowa @ #12 Penn State
Iowa will have to settle very likely with a bowl spot at max this season.
The team did collapse over the season and is far from the division title team they were last season.
Against Penn State they were chanceless, the Lions dominated the game completely and won 41-14, which keeps them in the contention for the division title of the East division.
Lions next game is at Indiana, Hawkeyes will battle Michigan at home.
Jacks interesting games Score: 36-22

Sat. Nov 5 7:30 PM ET
Georgia @ Kentucky
Ah damn, Kentucky did fold late in the game.
They did lead by 1 point at the half and 21-13 in the 3rd quarter.
Then came Georgia back and took the lead with 9 minutes to play.
Kentucky tied the game with a bit less than 3 minutes left and Georgia did march over the field and kicked the game winning field goal with time running out for the 27-24 win.
A huge blow for Kentucky, which could have been in a great position for the division title, if they had won it, instead they need a complete Florida collapse in the remaining games to have at least a chance for the division title.
Next game is road trip to Tennessee, which they need to win if they want to keep the hopes alive.
Georgia will face Auburn next, at home.
Jacks interesting games Score: 36-23

Sat. Nov 5 10:30 PM ET
#5 Washington @ California
Washington got a gift from Mississippi State when the Bulldogs did beat the Aggies and the Huskies on the other side did beat Cal 66-27.
For Washington is right now the #4 spot in the CFP-rankings more or less set, since the former #4, the Aggies will sink like a stone this week.
Still, Washington will need a perfect season to stay in the hunt, facing next USC at home.
Cal on the other hand needs still 2 wins for a bowl spot, playing at Washington State next week.
Jacks interesting games Score: 37-23

And some other results which might be interesting:
Toledo did beat Akron 48-17. That makes it quite unrealistic for the Zips to win their division.
Miami (OH) did win against Central Michigan 37-17, which keeps Miami in the hunt in their division.
As mentioned did Mississippi State win against Texas A&M 35-28. For the Aggies this is a killer on the division title race.
Auburn had some trouble beating Vanderbilt 23-16. Auburn now the lone threat for Alabama regarding the division title.
Texas won against Texas Tech 45-37. Texas now 1 game shy a bowl spot.
Illinois did beat Michigan State 31-27. The Spartans still winless in the BIG10.
Miami won against Pitt, 51-28. Both teams are out of contention for the division title now and do need 1 more win for a bowl spot.
UTSA did beat Middle Tennessee 45-25.
Wake Forest did best Virginia 27-20 and becomes bowl eligible.
Florida Atlantic got their first CUSA win against Rice, winning 42-25.
Charlotte did beat Southern Miss 38-27.
BYU won against Cincinnati 20-3.
South Carolina did beat Mizzou 31-21 and needs just 1 win for a bowl spot.
Idaho won against Louisiana-Lafayette 23-13 and are now also just a win away from a bowl spot.
Old Dominion got a bowl ticket against Marshall, winning 38-14.
New Mexico got also a bowl ticket with a win over Nevada, 35-26.

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