2016-11-14 10:21

Wow, what a weekend.
I hoped for some upsets to spice up the season and my hopes were fulfilled.
The #2, #3 and #4 ranked teams did fall and the implications are right now not THAT big, but could become big.

#2 ranked Clemson lost to Pittsburgh by 1 point at home. They do have the direct compare advantage to Louisville, so if both teams do win their remaining conference games, Clemson will still get to the Championship game.
Still, the room for errors got smaller and the last remaining game is against Wake Forest on the road.
They will likely win this, but we thought the same about the Pitt game.
Louisville is waiting for another Clemson loss, they are finished with their conference games and have a 7-1 record. The 1 loss was against Clemson.

#3 ranked Michigan lost on the road against Iowa in a low scoring game.
What does that mean?
Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State do have so far each 1 loss and 6 win.
Michigan did lose to Iowa won against Penn State. They will face Ohio State on season final.
Ohio State lost to Penn State, Penn State lost to Michigan and won against Penn State.
The Big10 does play 9 conference games, so plenty of games left to win or lose.
Michigan plays Indiana at home and Ohio State on the road.
Ohio State will face Michigan State on the road in addition to the Michigan game.
Penn State has the softest schedule left, playing Rutgers on the road and Michigan State at home.
So "The Game" between the Wolverines and the Buckeyes will be very important, but Penn State could jump all of them, of they do something stupid next week.

#4 ranked Washington did lose against USC, on the road and that did hurt them just in reputation.
Of cause they better not lose against Arizona State at home, but the most important game is the "Apple Cup" between Washington and Washington State, this season in Cougars-town.
Washington State is right now one game before Washington, but as long as the Huskies don't drop another one, the rivalry game will decide the division.
The Huskies reputation did lose some steam with that loss, but I think a Conference title would help to heal that wound.
If some other team than Washington wins the PAC12, it's anybody’s guess who would get a playoff spot.

Most conference do play 2 more games to decide their division winners and will than field the conference title games.
The BIG12 and the Sun Belt Conference will play 3 more games to decide their conference champ by their round robin system and Navy-Army will play even a week after that to play their annual rivalry game, this season likely only for fun, since the Commander-in-Chief-Trophy is decided and Navy might win the American Athletic, but will likely not be the highest ranked non-power5-champ (they are not even ranked right now) to secure a new years bowl spot.
So we are closing in to the season ending.

A side note, another coach got shown the door this weekend.
Georgia State did fire their HC Trent Miles in his 4th season. He won 9–38 overall with the program, which switched to FBS level in his 1st season and he guided them to a bowl (which they won) last season.
Not sure why they did fire him with 2 games left on the schedule, but that's always something you don't get a clear answer to.
His record this season was 2-8 with 3 losses in a row after this weekend and a rivalry game coming next week (Georgia Southern).

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 11

Thu. Nov 10 7:30 PM ET
#17 North Carolina @ Duke
Ha, great game and the Blue Devils really got it done.
The game was tied at halftime, but Duke did keep UNC in check for the remaining game and won by a single point.
For the Tar Heels it's not a disaster, since Virginia Tech lost also this weekend, but that game did for sure hurt them.
Duke has still the chance to get a bowl spot, but with 2 road games coming (Pitt and Miami) it looks not that promising.
UNC needs to win all remaining games to stay in the division hunt. Next week is a FCS game against The Citadel, but then comes the rivalry game against NC State at home.
They need that win and a VT loss to claim the division.
North Carolina 27 - Duke 28 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 33-18

Sat. Nov 12 12:00 PM ET
Tulsa @ Navy
A close game.
Navy lead 28-20 at the half, was unable to score in the 3rd quarter and lead Tulsa come back a bit (end of the quarter 28-27), but were clever enough to keep them away a bit over the remaining time, winning 42-40.
For Tulsa this is a heavy setback, now having 2 losses and sitting behind Navy (1-loss) and Houston (2-losses).
They need to win against UCF on the road and Cincinnati at home to hope for a chance and they have to hope for Navy AND Houston losses.
Quite unlikely.
Navy on the other hand needs to win at least one of the two road games against East Carolina next week and SMU a week after that.
Navy won against Houston and Tulsa now, so that is to their advantage in that case.
Tulsa 40 - Navy 42 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 34-18

Sat. Nov 12 12:00 PM ET
Baylor @ #11 Oklahoma
Baylor is toast regarding their conference title hopes.
They lost this game against the leading team in a big way and can only play for a better bowl bit.
The Bears will try to end their 3 game losing streak next week against Kansas State.
Oklahoma on the other hand is right now the best bet to win the BIG12, again.
They do have only 2 games left to play, West Virginia on the road, which can become interesting as the Mountaineers are still in the conference title mix and after a bye week do the Sooners play rival Oklahoma State, at home.
Those 2 games will decide the Conference title, if nothing unexpected will happen in the next 2 weeks.
The game against Baylor itself was quite clear, Oklahoma did lead early and never was challenged too much and won with a high margin.
Baylor 24 - Oklahoma 45 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 35-18

Sat. Nov 12 7:30 PM ET
#20 USC @ #4 Washington
As mentioned did USC win this in Washington.
That's a stunner, since the Huskies were very good so far at home and USC had lost 2 road games against 2 good teams so far.
The implications if that win are not that big, Washington has still a chance to win the division, if they win against Arizona State at home and Washington State on the road and USC did secure a spot behind PAC12 South leader Colorado with 1 loss behind them and on the same level as Utah with also 2 losses inside the PAC12.
USC needs to win their last conference game next week against rival UCLA on the road to have at least a chance to win the division.
If they lose they are out of competition.
This game here did over all just hurt the PAC12, but that's their own problem and overall I think it does help the conference, since only a close race is worth to watch.
USC 26 - Washington 13 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 35-19

Sat. Nov 12 3:30 PM ET
Appalachian State @ Troy
As expected this was a close game and at the end did Troy win it by 4 points in the final minutes.
Appalachian State has only 2 games left to play and they will likely win both, but have to hope for a Troy loss to get a share of the title at least.
Next game is against Louisiana-Monroe and home and after that New Mexico State on the road a week later.
Troy in the other hand is in the position to win the conference alone and clear.
They play Arkansas State next week, at home, the only other team left with no conference losses.
If they win this, Troy would be the single leading team and would need to win on the road against Texas State and Georgia Southern each.
Troy got ranked at #25 after this weekend, they might climb higher, if they keep winning.
It's unlikely that they will get a new years bowl spot, but you never know.
Appalachian State 24 - Troy 28 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 36-19

Other interesting games:

Thu. Nov 10 7:30 PM ET
#15 Utah @ Arizona State
Utah dominated 49-26 and stayed that way behind Colorado in the division title race.
ASU can still make it to a bowl, if they win 1 more game.
Utah plays Oregon next, at home.
Arizona State plays Washington on the road.
Jacks interesting games Score: 38-23

Sat. Nov 12 12:00 PM ET
South Carolina @ Florida
Florida won the game 20-7, but did not secure the division title yet. Tennessee has still a chance to win the division, if they win all remaining games and Florida loses next week against LSU.
South Carolina will likely secure a bowl spot next week against Western Carolina, a FCS team.
Jacks interesting games Score: 39-23

Sat. Nov 12 12:00 PM ET
#10 Penn State @ Indiana
Penn State needed a big last quarter to top Indiana 45-31.
The Lions will play at Rutgers next week, while Indiana will face Michigan on the road.
Jacks interesting games Score: 40-23

Sat. Nov 12 12:00 PM ET
#16 West Virginia @ Texas
The game featured a scoreless 4th quarter and West Virginia did best Texas 24-20 on the road.
No word on Charlie Strongs job status, but the team needs another win to get at least bowling.
Not sure if that will help him, but not going bowling will for sure not help him.
West Virginia host Oklahoma next week, while Texas travels to Kansas.
Jacks interesting games Score: 40-24

Sat. Nov 12 12:00 PM ET
Kentucky @ Tennessee
I wished Kentucky would have won here, I would have liked to see Kentucky winning the division as surprising team.
Instead they lost 49-36 and did keep the door open for Tennessee to eventually winning the division still as expected.
Kentucky will at least likely get a bowl spot with next week against FCS team Austin Peay coming to town, while Tennessee needs to win next week against Mizzou at home and a week a l t e r against Vanderbilt on the road to win the division and have to hope for a Florida loss.
That sounds as many if-then-wishes, but it's not unrealistic.
Jacks interesting games Score: 41-24

Sat. Nov 12 3:30 PM ET
#9 Auburn @ Georgia
Auburn lost 13-7 and did by that lose the division.
Georgia on the other hand got their bowl spot secured and had a major upset by this win.
Auburn will play meaningless FCS team Alabama A&M next week before the now meaningless Iron Bowl after that against division winner Alabama.
Georgia will play Louisiana-Lafayette next week.
Jacks interesting games Score: 41-25

Sat. Nov 12 7:00 PM ET
#24 LSU @ #25 Arkansas
Interesting game, but LSU won big against Arkansas 38-10 and secured a bowl spot with that win.
LSU did look sharp and will play next week against Florida at home to eventually spoil Floridas division title dreams, while Arkansas will visit Mississippi State.
Jacks interesting games Score: 42-25

Sat. Nov 12 7:30 PM ET
Minnesota @ #19 Nebraska
Nebraska won 24-17 in a close game and secured a front seat spot in the Big10 West division title race.
They will play Maryland at home next week and Iowa on the road after that, Minnesota is now a win behind in the race and will face hot Northwestern next week and will visit favorite Wisconsin after that.
Jacks interesting games Score: 43-25

Sat. Nov 12 8:00 PM ET
#3 Michigan @ Iowa
As mentioned a big upset by Iowa, winning 14-13 at home.
Iowa is still in an uphill battle to win the division, but will try to beat Illinois next week on the road and Nebraska a week after.
Michigan will face Indiana at home next week and needs now to win this to determine the division title with the game against Ohio State on the road a week after that.
Jacks interesting games Score: 43-26

Sat. Nov 12 10:30 PM ET
California @ #23 Washington State
Washington State did their homework and won 56-21.
The Cougars will face PAC12 South leader Colorado in the mountains next week and will then determine the division title against Washington at home.
Cal needs 2 wins to get a bowl spot and needs therefore to win against Stanford and UCLA, both at home, in the next 2 weeks.
Jacks interesting games Score: 44-26

And some other results which might be interesting:
Eastern Michigan won against Ball State 48-41 and became that way bowl eligible. If they get a bowl invitation, which is likely with so many bowls available, it would be the first bowl since 1987 and the 3rd ever they play in.
Bowling Green did beat Akron 38-28. Akron still a win shy of bowl eligibility.
Oklahoma State won at home a close one against Texas Tech, 45-44.
Georgia Tech did upset Virginia Tech on the road 30-20. Virginia Tech needs to win the rival game against Virginia now to win the division.
UCF did beat Cincinnati 24-3 and gets bowl eligibility. Cincinnati needs to win all remaining games to get a bowl spot also.
Iowa State won against Kansas to get their first BIG12 win this season.
Rice did beat Charlotte 22-21 to get their first CUSA win of the season.
Notre Dame won against Army to keep the hope of a bowl spot alive. They still need 2 wins.
Ole Miss did upset Texas A&M 29-28.
San Diego State did beat Nevada 46-16 and did by that secure the division title of the West division of the MWC.

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