2016-11-24 07:51

Almost finished with the regular season.
The upcoming weekend will see the end of the regular season for most conference, since they play a conference championship game a week after that and the final standings are of cause important for that.
Only the BIG12 and the Sun Belt Conference will have another regular season week on that Championship weekend to crown their winners based on the round robin schedule.
The BIG12 had announced to play also a Championship game from 2017 onwards, so the system as it is now in the conference will not be used from next season on.
As far as I know will the Sun Belt continue as before, since they will lose 2 members next season, they might adjust a bit, but so far no Championship game was announced for next season or later.

This week does feature many rivalry games with different impacts, most of them have only limited impact, if you ignore the tradition and sometime deep rooted pride and hate coming with a victory or loss.
Some games do have impact, like the Apple Cup, "The Game" or the Bedlam-Series so I have a lot of them on my games of the week list.

Here is the current standing regarding the title races:

American Athletic Conference
American Athletic - East
Temple 6-1
South Florida 6-1
UCF 3-2
Temple is here controlling their own destiny. They won against South Florida and all they need to do is win against East Carolina this week and they get to the AAC Championship game.
South Florida has to hope for a Temple loss and has to win at UCF this weekend to get to the title game.
If both teams win, they share the division title, but Temple does advance.

American Athletic - West
Navy 6-1
Houston 5-2
Tulsa 5-2
Navy needs to win against SMU on the road and the division title is theirs, alone.
If they lose, Houston and/or Tulsa need to win to secure a shared division title, the direct compare will send Navy to the title game in any case.

Atlantic Coast Conference
Clemson 7-1
Clemson secured the division title.

Virginia Tech 5-2
North Carolina 5-2
Virginia Tech needs to win against rival Virginia and they win the division and a title trip.
If they lose and North Carolina wins against NC State, UNC wins the division alone and gets to the title game.
If both teams do lose or win, Virginia Tech gets to the title game and the division title is shared.

Big 12 Conference
Oklahoma 8-0
Oklahoma State 7-1
The winner between the Oklahoma - Oklahoma State rivalry game in 2 weeks will win the conference.
If OSU wins, the title is shared, but OSU will be in a better position for bowls and eventually playoff spots.

Big Ten Conference
Big Ten - East
Michigan 7-1
Ohio State 7-1
Penn State 7-1
If Michigan wins the rival game against Ohio State, the win the division and a trip to the title game.
If Penn State wins against Michigan State, they can at least win a share of the division title.
If Ohio State wins against Michigan they need to hope for a Penn State loss to secure the division and the title game trip.
If they win and PSU wins also, PSU gets the title game ticket.

Big Ten - West
Wisconsin 6-2
Nebraska 6-2
Minnesota 5-3
Iowa 5-3
If Wisconsin wins against Minnesota, Wisconsin wins the division and a title game trip.
If Nebraska wins against Iowa, Nebraska wins at least a share of the division, and a title game trip is Wisconsin loses.
If both 6-2 teams lose, all 4 teams would win a share if the division, but Wisconsin would get the title game ticket.

Conference USA
Western Kentucky 6-1
Old Dominion 6-1
If Western Kentucky wins the last conference game at Marshall, they will win the division and a spot in the Conference championship game.
Old Dominion needs a WKU loss to jump over the Hilltoppers and they need to win against FIU.
If both teams win or lose, they share the division title, but WKU plays for the conference.

Louisiana Tech 6-1
Louisiana Tech secured the division already and will play for the conference title.

Mid-American Conference
Mid-American - East
Ohio 6-2
Miami (OH) 6-2
Ohio and Miami (OH) share the division title, but Ohio will play for the conference championship in about 10 days.

Mid-American - West
Western Michigan 6-0
Toledo 5-1
This division will be decide when both teams do play against each other this weekend.
The winner will play for the conference. If Toledo wins, they share the division title.

Mountain West Conference
Mountain West - Mountain
Wyoming 6-1
Boise State 6-1
New Mexico 5-2
Wyoming can win the division with a win over New Mexico this week and will play for the conference title.
Boise State needs to win against Air Force and a Wyoming loss to get to the title game, otherwise they just share the division title.
New Mexico can share also the division title if they beat Wyoming and Boise State loses.
In this case Wyoming would play for the conference title.

Mountain West - West
San Diego State 6-0
SDSU secured the division already and will play for the conference title.

Pac-12 Conference
Pac 12 - North
Washington State 7-1
Washington 7-1
The rival game between both Washington teams will decide the division title and a spot in the PAC12 Championship game.

Pac 12 - South
Colorado 7-1
USC 7-2
Colorado needs to win against Utah to secure the division title and the conference championship game spot.
A loss would make USC division co-champ, but would send them also to the championship game.

Southeastern Conference
SEC - East
Florida 6-2
Florida did secure the division and a trip to the SEC title game.

SEC - West
Alabama 7-0
Alabama did secure the division and a trip to the SEC title game.

Sun Belt Conference
Arkansas State 6-0
Appalachian State 6-1
Troy 5-1
Idaho 4-2
The field did shrink a bit, but still a lot of stuff can happen.
Arkansas State has the easiest path, if they win the last 2 games, they win the conference, alone.
If they lose once, Appalachian State and Troy could win a share of the title if they win their last (Appalachian State) or their last 2 (Troy) games.
If Arkansas State loses 2 and Appalachian State and Troy do lose 1 game, Idaho could get also a share of the conference title.

Still a lot of stuff to play for and the season can still take some funny twists, if some games do have results which are not expected or popular.
The College Playoffs are also not fixed yet and if you take a look on the remaining teams which could win the conference, a lot of stuff can happen.

Here are the 'remaining' teams for the playoffs, based on my easy system:

Alabama Southeastern Conference
Alabama will play Florida for the SEC.

"In needs of a great goalline stand"
Clemson Atlantic Coast Conference
Clemson won the division and is favored to win the ACC.

Michigan Big Ten Conference
The game against Ohio State will likely seal the deal.

Ohio State Big Ten Conference
Needs to win against Michigan as highest priority.

Washington Pac-12 Conference
Washington will need to win against Washington State to win the division.

"In need of a Hail Mary"
Louisville Atlantic Coast Conference
Needs to win against Kentucky and has to pray.

Oklahoma Big 12 Conference
Needs to win the BIG12 and has to hope for a meltdown of the leading other teams of the other conferences, outsider.

Oklahoma State Big 12 Conference
Is more or less done. They can win the BIG12, but would need even more luck than Oklahoma to get a spot. Outsider.

West Virginia Big 12 Conference
Did drop quite deep and would need to win all remaining games to boost their reputation, outsider.

Nebraska Big Ten Conference
Are also almost done, can win the division, but outsider.

Penn State Big Ten Conference
Needs to win against MSU and need OSU to beat Michigan to advance and get a better reputation.

Wisconsin Big Ten Conference
Is now again back in the division race as favorite, but outsider.

Western Michigan Mid-American Conference
Lone unbeaten non-power5-team left, primed for a new years bowl spot.

Boise State Mountain West Conference
Has now again the chance to win the division, but needs help, outsider.

Colorado Pac-12 Conference
Right now leading team in the PAC12 South, but outsider.

Florida Southeastern Conference
Won the SEC East, but needs a win over Alabama to get serious considerations, and that might not be enough. Outsider.

Of the 3 teams which drop out of the list (San Diego State, Utah and Washington State) are 2 still in contention for a conference title.
It's pretty clear that this and next week do have the tools to make the playoff selection process a mess or a clear thing.

Best case is for sure that Alabama, Michigan, Clemson and Washington do win their conference.
Then the selection would be easy.

But if Alabama loses to Florida, Penn State wins over Nebraska, Clemson loses to North Carolina, Washington State wins over USC and Oklahoma State wins over Oklahoma, the committee can start to flip coins.
The reality will feature something of both worlds, more likely near the easy case than the worst case scenario.

There are also several teams not done with a bowl spot dream. 68 teams do have 6 wins or more and there are 80 bowl spots, so 12 spots can still get a team.
Last season 3 teams with a 5-7 record had to be selected to fill all spots, this season it looks like this is needed again.
There are still about 15 teams open to get their 6th win this week or in the next week, but many do play tough opponents.
SMU, NC State, Indiana, Maryland, Northwestern, TCU, Texas, UTSA, North Texas, Southern Miss, Arizona State, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Louisiana-Lafayette and South Alabama do lack 1 or 2 wins and do not so far have 7 losses.
In theory all could win their games, which would mean there are more bowl eligible teams than bowl spots, but that's highly unlikely.
I think at least half of them will get to 7 losses in the next 2 weeks.
A special case is Hawai'i with 13 regular season games and a current record of 5-7.
If they win their last game and finish 6-7, they are allowed to fill a bowl spot, if a spot is available after eligible teams already have a spot.
I think it's very likely, that Hawai'i will play a bowl game, if they win.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 13

Fri. Nov 25 3:30 PM ET
#5 Washington @ #23 Washington State
This is called the Apple Cup.
Washington has a 3 game winning streak on this rivalry and does also lead the series by a mile.
They did battle it out the first time 1900 and has to far 108 games played.
Very often this game had no big national implications, but this season it has.
The winner will take the PAC12 North division title and will get a boost in the CFP-Rankings.
Worst case scenario for the conference would be a Wazzu (Washington State) win, since they have a lower CFP-ranking and already 2 losses, one against a FCS-team, which could result in a too low for top 4 rank in the future.
But this is not a political game (at least I hope so), so the Cougars WILL try to win this and with a home game, they COULD win this.
The Huskies had shown some weaknesses over the last few weeks and if the Cougars do play it perfect, they can exploit those.
Vegas see Washington ahead with 6 points, which is a good line I think.
My take on this is, that everything can happen this season, but I think the Huskies defense will step up and shut the Cougars offense often enough down that the Huskies offense can secure the win.
Sounds logic?
Should be.
The only flaw in this gameplan is, that WSU can explode on offense and there is no guarantee that they can't come back fast.
I hope for a big game and an open game.
Huskies win.

Sat. Nov 26 12:00 PM ET
#3 Michigan @ #2 Ohio State
This game is nicknamed "The Game".
For several seasons (there was something called the 10-year-war in the 70s, which had often National Championship implications) this game was a hard over fought battle between 2 very good teams.
In the last few years did mostly Ohio State win this game, since Michigan had some trouble, but this season some do talk about another "10-year-war" coming.
Not so fast, but still this game is big this season.
Michigan lead series by 11 wins, which is played since 1897 and Ohio State is on a 4 year streak, including last seasons blowout win against the then new coach Harbaugh lead Michigan team.
In 2016, it's a game between 2 1-loss teams, which are looking for the division title, which are ranked #2 and #3 in the CFP and which are looking for shot to become not only BIG10 Champs, but National Champs.
The game is not a no-brainer regarding the division title.
Michigan lost to Iowa and Ohio State lost to Penn State this season and Penn State is also 7-1 in conference games so far and if they win against MSU this weekend, they can win the division, if Ohio State wins "The Game", based on direct compare.
If Penn State loses, the winner of "The Game" will win the division and will play for the Conference title.
Ohio State has a line of -6.5 from Vegas, so Vegas sees Ohio State as favorite.
Given the home field advantage, this is plausible.
Given the fact that Michigan has eventually play with their backup QB, this seems even more plausible.
I also think that Michigan will lose here, based on those two factors and a very good Buckeyes defense.
The only x-factor is whether the intensity of the game itself will lift a team up or break another teams concentration.
Both coaches should be able to prepare their teams well enough, but you never know.
I expect either a high scoring game, or a low scoring game, but for sure a close game.
Buckeyes win.

Sat. Nov 26 3:30 PM ET
#13 Auburn @ #1 Alabama
The Iron Bowl is played since 1893 and Alabama leads the series by 9 wins and won the last 2.
This game became hotter every week, after Auburn started weak and won several games after that weak start.
A few weeks ago it looked like this could be the deciding game for the SEC West division, but when Auburn lost against Georgia 2 weeks ago the division was decided and this game is just a simple rivalry game.
That does not mean it has no relevance.
If Alabama loses this game, and depended on HOW they lose this game, their so far untouched playoff rank will get a dent.
If they win after that the SEC it would not matter, but if not, they would fall from grace.
If they win here and lose the SEC, they still might sneak into the playoffs, since the rest of the FBS world is also not that clear.
And Auburn would like to win this, for sure, especially on the road.
But Vegas says -17.5 as a line for Alabama, which means Auburn needs a miracle to win this.
Miracles can happen, no doubt, but it's tough to pick against the best and only perfect power5 teams left.
I will not pick against Alabama.
Crimson Tide win.

Sat. Nov 26 7:30 PM ET
#22 Utah @ #9 Colorado
This game is called "The Rumble in the Rockies", is played since 1903, and Colorado leads series by 3 wins, while Utah has won the last 4.
Colorado had some very bad seasons in the last decade.
It's almost a wonder that they good so far and good this season and there are talks that the so beat up university of Colorado might lose their right-now-star-coach after the season to another, better paying, program.
It would be a pity for the Buffalos, but that's how the market works.
But so far there is not a talk about coaching changes beside rumors and the Buffalos will focus on this game.
The stakes are high.
If Colorado wins, the PAC12 South is theirs.
If they lose, USC wins the division in a share with Colorado, but USC will play for the conference.
For Utah this game is just pride and honor.
The good thing for Colorado is, the game is a home game and at home is Colorado a force.
Their best accomplishment this season is their defense, which is one of the best, and it will be crucial for them to stop Utahs running game.
If they can do this, the game should be theirs.
If not, the Buffalos better have their offense prepared for a shootout.
The Vegas line is -10.
I think it will be close, but Colorado should win this.
Buffalos win.

Sat. Nov 26 8:00 PM ET
#15 Florida @ #14 Florida State
This game has no fancy nickname.
A quite young rivalry compared to the other ones, they started this in 1958, 11 years after FSUs first season.
Florida leads the series by 10 wins, FSU won the last 3 games.
This season it's eventually a game between 2 teams on the same level, which it was not the last few seasons.
Played at the Seminoles home ground this could be decided by less than a score.
Vegas line here is -7.0, but I think it all depends on the FSU offense.
If they can overcome the now coming together defense of the Gators, it might become a blow out, but if this is not the case, we might see a low scoring close game.
I'm convinced that Florida is not THAT good, that they will be defeated in the SEC Conference Title game, so I can't see them winning on the road against a good Florida State team.
They do have good players, no doubt, but I see FSU as a better unit right now.
Seminoles win.

Other interesting games:

Thur. Nov 24 7:30 PM ET
LSU @ Texas A&M
This is also an old rivalry, which has no fancy name.
It was first played in 1899, LSU leads series by 11 wins and won the last 5 meetings.
Since A&M was in the past a BIG12 team and is now a SEC team inside LSUs division, this meeting is now an annual one.
LSU was a tough cookie in the past and A&M had some trouble in the past few seasons, which explains the 5 game winning streak on this.
This season it is hard to say, which team is really better.
Texas A&M did start very strong, but lost against Alabama and later Ole Miss and Mississippi State back-to-back.
There are for sure concerns here.
LSU did start weak, lost to Wisconsin and Auburn, which did cost Les Miles his job, they started strong under interim coach Orgeron but lost against Alabama and Florida, each at home, in the near past.
Now they need to travel to College Station in Texas and are handled as 6.5 point favorite by Vegas.
I have to admit I have doubts.
In fact I don't know what to do here. For each team there are arguments for a win or loss.
In doubt I pick the home team, because it makes a difference to play at home or on the road.
Both teams can win this, in any way.
I have the feeling that the Orgeron-effect did wear off a bit and Texas A&M wins this in a close one.
Aggies win.

Fri. Nov 25 12:00 PM ET
NC State @ North Carolina
Another State-rivalry without a fancy name.
This is played since 1894 and had 105 meetings so far.
UNC leads by a mile and won last year.
The Vegas line is -11.5, so it's expected that UNC wins this.
I think there is a slim chance that NC State stays in the game and can even win on the road.
All they have to do is, play with the intensity they had against Clemson or Florida State, which they lost, but each very close.
A bowl spot is on the line for the Wolfpack, a division title, at least shared, and a spot in the conference title game is on the line for UNC.
The Tar Heels need to win to stay in the division title race (they need a Virginia Tech loss for the title game spot).
So the stakes are quite high.
I favor UNC, playing a bit better than NC State since last season and the home field should help to get this done.
Tar Heels win.

Fri. Nov 25 3:30 PM ET
#16 Nebraska @ Iowa
The Heroes Trophy for the winner.
This rivalry is not so often played in the past, but the first meeting was 1891.
Nebraska leads by 15 wins and Iowa won last year.
This year it's do or die for Nebraska.
If they win they might get the ticket to the BIG10 title game, if they lose they will for sure not get that ticket.
Iowa has nothing to put into this, except pride and honor against a rival.
Iowa did upset Michigan at home a few weeks ago, so they will not fall easily.
I pick the Hawkeyes to keep Nebraska in check and win this.
Hawkeyes win.

Fri. Nov 25 9:30 PM ET
Arizona State @ Arizona
Sometimes this match is called the "Duel in the Desert", the winner is awarded the Territorial Cup.
The rivalry started 1899 and Arizona leads the series by 8, while ASU won last year.
It doesn't look good for the Wildcats, which had not won a PAC12 game this season.
But the Sun Devils are also in a down year, so we might see something worth a look.
The main question is, whether the Rich Rod Offense of Arizona comes alive against ASU, or not.
The loss against Oregon State last week does give not a good preview for this coming game.
Vegas sees ASU ahead by only 3 points.
I think we will see a bigger margin.
I pick ASU to win this, since Arizona did not show any improvements over the season.
Sun Devils win.

Sat. Nov 26 12:00 PM ET
Kentucky @ #11 Louisville
This game is quite important in the state of Kentucky.
The Governor's Cup is played since 1912, but only since more than a decade it is played regularly.
The series is tied overall with Louisville winning the last 5 games.
For this season all signs do point towards the Cardinals as winner.
A tough team, with a mobile QB, making plays.
Kentucky would need to copy Houstons game plan of last week to win against Louisville and I can't see them doing that.
They were not that good this season, even if they almost won the SEC East.
The Wildcats will get buried this weekend and will lose another season against the instate rival.
Cardinals win.

Sat. Nov 26 12:00 PM ET
Georgia Tech @ Georgia
This is called "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate" and is played since 1893.
Georgia leads the series by 25 wins and has won the last seasons version.
This season it might be a bit more interesting, since GT did play a good season and Georgia had some trouble.
Vegas has UGA ahead by 4, which is OK.
I expect a tough game, and wouldn't be surprised to see GT winning here, but overall I value Georgia a bit higher and I think they will beat the Yellowjackets at home.
Bulldogs win.

Sat. Nov 26 12:00 PM ET
Virginia @ Virginia Tech
Sometimes called the "Commonwealth Cup", this is played since 1895 and VT is leading the series by 18 wins, with 12 wins on the current streak.
The reason is not the dominant VT teams, they seemed to be better this year than in a decade, but Virginia was just bad over the last 10+ seasons.
The Cavaliers fans do hope the former BYU coach will turn the ship around in the near future, but this season is the team too weak to beat a reloaded and ready Hokies team.
The Hokies need that win to win the division and play Clemson for the conference.
They are a 18.5 points favorite, so an upset by Virginia would be huge.
I pick VT winning a high scoring game.
Hokies win.

Sat. Nov 26 12:00 PM ET
Kansas @ Kansas State
This is nicknamed the "Sunflower Showdown" and the winner gets here also a Trophy called "The Governor's Cup".
This is played since 1902 and Kansas is leading the series which had so far 113 meetings by 20, but KSU has won the last 7 games.
Kansas did suck major the last decade and they did party a lot when they won against Texas last week, so I'm not convinced they will play a close game against Kansas State.
Vegas does see it the same and KSUs line is -27.0!
Translated it means the game is decided before kickoff, at least in theory.
This is just a rival game without big implications for both teams in case of a win or loss, which could make this boring.
I will not pick Kansas in this, the Jayhawks need to win more games in the future until I pick than as a winner.
Wildcats win.

Sat. Nov 26 3:30 PM ET
Notre Dame @ #12 USC
A quite long lasting series we have here, even without a fancy name.
Played since 1926 is this series Notre Dame leading by 10 wins and won also last seasons meeting.
The winner takes the "Jeweled Shillelagh"-Trophy with them (google that, if you like ....).
For Notre Dame it's just a game, with eventually a chance for a bowl game, if a 5-7 team is selected and their education score is high enough, which I would assume, but I don't have the number.
Overall it's probably just an academic problem, since USC needs this win to get a better bowl spot, eventually a Rose Bowl spot, and they are clearly the better team this season.
They are 17.0 points favorites in this, at home.
Any questions?
Notre Dame needs to focus on next season, we will likely not see a coaching change, but you never know.
USC has something to play for and will dominate this season.
Trojans win.

Sat. Nov 26 3:30 PM ET
Michigan State @ #7 Penn State
The winner gets the Land Grant Trophy and the series is played since 1914.
MSU leads the series (which had only 30 meetings so far) by 1 win and did also win the last 3 meetings.
This season the stakes are different.
In the past were PSU a mid field or lower ranked team and MSU had the chance to win the division or even conference.
Last season did MSU win the conference by the way, but this season is MSU on a rebuilding mission, while PSU can win the division, if they win this game and Ohio State beats Michigan.
Played in Beaver Stadium, Penn State will have a better precondition in this game.
I can't see the Spartans giving this game up, but they will have a hard time to upset the favorite (PSU line is -12.0).
The Lions will win this low scoring game by force.
Nittany Lions win.

Sat. Nov 26 3:30 PM ET
Minnesota @ #6 Wisconsin
A quite famous rivalry and the oldest on FBS level.
This is played since 1890 and had so far 125 meetings.
The winner is given the "Paul Bunyan's Axe", which is a real double blade axe, with both university names on the blades.
Minnesota leads the series by 1, while Wisconsin is on a 12 game winning streak.
I think this year will the Badgers extend the streak by 1 and will tie the series.
Minnesota is not on the level as Wisconsin and this is played at the Badgers home, so the Gophers will need to put an extra effort into this to upset the 14.0 point favorite.
I don't see that happening.
If Wisconsin wins, they will win the division and will play for the conference title.
I think the Badgers will win this big time, sorry Gophers.
Badgers win.

Sat. Nov 26 3:30 PM ET
Mississippi State @ Ole Miss
The Egg Bowl is played since 1901 and Ole Miss leads the series by 20.
Ole Miss has also won the last 2 meetings.
This season the stakes are not as high as in the past, but at least for Ole Miss a bowl spot would be the price for a Egg Bowl win, so they will play and will of cause try to win.
The Rebels had some ups and downs this season and are only 7.5 point favorite.
Their latest results are mixed, the loss against Vanderbilt on the road a small shocker.
But the Bulldogs had also some mixed results this season and a worse record than the instate rival.
I pick Ole Miss in this, but I expect a hard fought over game with a lot of points.
Rebels win.

Sat. Nov 26 4:00 PM ET
Oregon @ Oregon State
The "Civil War" is on and this year could be a big one for Oregon State.
Played since 1894 is Oregon leading the series by 17 wins and won the last 8 seasons.
This season is Oregon on a down year and Oregon State has only 1 win less as Oregon and plays at home, which leads to the line for Oregon of -3.0.
That's not much.
I'm really curious, whether the Beavers do win this.
My gut says, Oregon will win much higher than the line suggests, my heart wishes that Oregon State would get the Platypus Trophy after the game and snap the losing streak.
But I just like to have the underdog winning, so no wonder about my hearts feelings.
Ducks win.

Sat. Nov 26 7:30 PM ET
South Carolina @ #4 Clemson
The Palmetto Bowl is on here and Clemson is leading the series by 25 wins, which started in 1896.
Clemson also runs a winning streak of 2 games.
By all factors, this should be a no-brainer.
South Carolina is on a rebuilding year under a new coach and Clemson is ready to win the conference and play for the national championship game.
This is also played in Death Valley, so the Gamecocks cannot expect much love from the fans.
Vegas honors this gap of strength by a -24.0 line.
That's tough, but the shocker might be that Clemson might beat the spread in this game.
Tigers win.

Sat. Nov 26 10:15 PM ET
Utah State @ BYU
The 2 teams do meet for "The Old Wagon Wheel" since ages and the first one was 1922.
BYU leads the series by 12 and won the last meeting.
BYU is at home also a 18.5 point favorite, so it's no wonder I pick the Cougars as the winner in this.
I have to admit I was quite disappointed by the Aggies season performance, which is by far the worst since 2010, when they had 4 wins.
Right now they have 3 wins.
BYU had a tough schedule and won 7 games so far, so I expect them to beat the Aggies big time.
Pending some rivalry mystery, this is a done game.
Cougars win.

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