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Oh boy, that weekend must have hurt for some fans.

Imagine you as a fan do support your team, at home, which plays a team long time at the bottom of the conference, for a decade and more, being a 30.5 favorite and your team loses.
BAM, welcome to Oklahoma, which did win against Ohio State in the Horseshoe a few weeks ago and now loses to Iowa State.

Imagine you have the reigning Heisman Trophy winner as QB and some hot team from North Carolina comes in, challenging you and ... wins!
BAM, welcome to Louisville, losing to NC-State.

Imagine you host a struggling team from the SEC and your team, still searching for their rhythm, does lose, at home.
Welcome to Florida, losing to LSU.

And at last, think about being the high praised team, bound to win it all, gifted with a god-like-HC and you host your biggest rival and those damn-*peep*ing-mother*peep* do win!
That does not look good on paper, if you are Michigan, right?

I love that gameday, not because it did torture some fan bases, but because it does show that College Football is not that predictable as it seems.
And there is still more than half a season left to play!

Already 2 HCs did give up their position during the season, UTEPs Sean Kugler left already last week and I missed that news somehow (UTEP was 0-5 at that point and is now 0-6) and Oregon States Gary Anderson did go after this week and a 1-5 start. Both teams are now coached under interims conditions.

Here the 3 games I selected as the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 6

Thu, Oct. 5
#17 Louisville @ #24 NC State
As written, this did not turn out as the Cardinals fans expected it.
The Cardinals did trail most of the game and when the time was up for some Lamar Jackson magic, he did throw a pick six and the games was over.
Dear Cardinals fans, forget the Heisman, forget outside scenarios to win the division.
Your team is not a bad one, but it's also not a good one.
NC State is for now on collision course with Clemson for the division title.
I have the feeling we might see them lose to some other team in the next few weeks, but you never know.
Louisville 25 - NC State 39 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 12-7

Sat, Oct. 7
#23 West Virginia @ #8 TCU
This was an open game until the end.
No dominating TCU team, just a more stubborn one, I guess.
With the game tied at 24 did TCU drive down the field, score a TD and then did hold of the Mountaineers on the next drive to seal the deal.
Simple and efficient.
I have to say, the BIG12 do look like a conference were every team can win, which makes it more interesting.
TCU is for now the only unbeaten team in the conference, but if you take only conference games into the calculation, they share the top spot with Texas after this weekend.
West Virginia will have to bounce back next week.
But almost every team is still in the mix for the conference title so let them come.
West Virginia 24 - TCU 31 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 13-7

Sat, Oct. 7
Michigan State @ #7 Michigan
Oh man, that was a shocker.
Michigan was unable to do anything against that Spartans defense and did only score 10 points, while the Wolverines defense did allow 14 points in the first half and then stopped them efficiently, but what does that help if your offense can't score?
Losing at home against a rival is hard.
Losing under such conditions is even harder.
I mean basically nobody did talk about MSU the way they talked about Michigan. The Wolverines were in the talk for the BIG10 title, playoffs and national title, while the Spartans were just there.
Well, not anymore.
Of cause is the season still on and long and many teams can win and lose, but that was a major dent for the Wolverines and a major win for the Spartans.
Michigan State 14 - Michigan 10 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 13-8

Other interesting games:

Sat, Oct. 7
#13 Miami @ Florida State
The last effort did put Miami over FSU 24-20. FSU right now in a major down season at 1-3.
Jacks interesting games Score: 9-8

Sat, Oct. 7
#1 Alabama @ Texas A&M
Closer than expected, but at the end did Alabama beat A&M 27-19.
Jacks interesting games Score: 10-8

Sat, Oct. 7
#11 Washington State @ Oregon
WSU is now under the top 10 after that win over Oregon 33-10.
Jacks interesting games Score: 11-8

Some other interesting results of week 6:
Boise State did beat BYU 24-7. BYU now 1-5. Getting hot I think for the HC.
As mentioned did Iowa State beat Oklahoma in Norman 38-31.
And LSU did beat Florida 17-16.
Purdue won against Minnesota 31-17. Purdue is quite hot right now, in Purdue terms.
Navy did win against Air Force 48-45. Commander-In-Chief-Trophy advantage by Navy now. Of cause the Army games will be deciding, but this win is always important, since Army is still not on the same level as Navy or Air Force.
South Carolina won against Arkansas 48-22.
UAB, the returning program, won against Louisiana Tech 23-22 and is now 3-2.
Stanford did upset Utah 23-20, which makes the PAC12 South a wide open division.
Texas did beat Kansas State 40-34 to become the second team with a perfect BIG12 record so far.
And something strange: Western Michigan won against Buffalo (that's not the strange thing) 71-68 after 7 OTs!

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