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Not many gamedays left.

And the field of competitors is getting smaller, but the field of teams which can play spoiler is getting bigger.
Right now there are several teams facing a must-win-situation and if you have that pressure over several games some players will crack and sometimes their teams with them.

There are so many if-then-scenarios that it's hard to describe them all, since they do sound like paranoid dreams of a sarcastic fan and reality is most of the time different.

But one thing is for sure this weekend, we have a lot of good games.
So many that I'm tempted to do more than the 3 + 3 games.

Most of them do have instant conference/division impact and since most of them are ranked vs. ranked games, the also have playoff impact.

The sports news pages do already have the doomsday scenarios on hand, I will not do this this weekend.
Instead I will just hint some stuff, but will focus in the games itself and their relevance inside the conference (except that Notre Dame game, since they don't have a conference).

Here are the selected games for BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 11

Sat, Nov. 11
#1 Georgia @ #10 Auburn
This might be the biggest test Georgia will face until they play the SEC Championship game.
If Georgia loses, it is not that bad for them (except nationally), since they are already fixed as division title winner.
But if Auburn loses, they do have then 2 losses and if Alabama wins again this weekend, Auburns effort in the coming Iron Bowl will only be for pride and honor.
So Auburn should be a bit more motivated than Georgia.
Played in Auburn, this should be interesting.
Vegas has UGA ahead by 2.5 points, think they will win by a higher margin.
Yes, Auburn is a good team, but I think Georgia is back on track to be a top team and they do play great so far.
Bulldogs win.

Sat, Nov. 11
#2 Alabama @ #16 Mississippi State
Oh this could be a great trap game.
If Alabama would not be looking like a pro team playing against amateurs every week, this could become a good one.
Mississippi State does again define the way of beating the odds, like almost every season since a few years and a win here would be a masterpiece.
Their chances to win the division are slim at best (did not check the tiebreaker, but odd things have to happen, if even possible) but winning against this juggernaut would be a BIG win.
For Alabama, this is another way to prove they can win and, as snobbish this may sound, to train for the SEC Championship game and the playoffs.
Betting line is Alabama -14.0, so they don't expect an upset or a close one.
I do expect the Bulldogs to give not up until the end, but I also expect an Alabama win.
Crimson Tide win.

Sat, Nov. 11
#3 Notre Dame @ #7 Miami
This has become a major matchup.
Notre Dame is -><- that close to seal playoff spot, being independent and having lost already once this season (by 1 point against perfect Georgia).
All they need to do is win against Miami, Navy and Stanford in the next few weeks.
They biggest threat seems to be this game, against the Hurricanes.
Miami's defense is great this season and will face a good offense.
Vegas has Notre Dame ahead by 3.5 points, so they expect a close Irish win.
Honestly, I do wait since a few weeks that Miami does stumble, as I do for the Irish and it did not happen so far.
This weekend 1 team will drop the game and I see the Irish better suited to survive this.
They seem to be good on offense and defense, while Miami did win mostly by their defense.
I think the Irish will be smart enough to not feed the Hurricanes defense enough to stay in the game and win this.
Fighting Irish win.

Other interesting games:

Sat, Nov. 11
#9 Washington @ Stanford
Last chance for Stanford to stay in the hunt. Washington needs that win to get back into the higher playoff ranks and to keep the chance alive to win the PAC12 almost perfect.
I think the Huskies will win higher than the -6.0 spread.
Huskies win.

Sat, Nov. 11
#12 Michigan State @ #13 Ohio State
The battle for the BIG10 East.
Michigan State has put themselves into a great position to win the division with last weeks upset over Penn State. With Ohio States loss against Iowa last week are the Spartans on the same level as Ohio State regarding losses inside the conference.
So the winner will have not only the loss less on his account, he will also have the advantage in direct compare.
Vegas line? Buckeyes winning by 16.0.
That's something.
I'm not convinced they will win here, but on the other hand I have to accept that they play at home and Michigan State had already lost more games.
I think it will be a close game, but the Buckeyes will seal the deal in the 4th.
Buckeyes win.

Sat, Nov. 11
#15 Oklahoma State @ #21 Iowa State
This is a major task for the spot behind the likely top team Oklahoma. Since this season there will be a #1 vs. #2 final for the BIG12, the team at #2 will get a second try against Oklahoma.
They loser of this game is very likely out of contention, so this should be motivation enough.
Vegas has Oklahoma ahead by almost a score, I think Iowa State will play tough defense at home and that is kryptonite for Oklahoma State so far this season.
Cyclones win.

Sat, Nov. 11
#20 Iowa @ #8 Wisconsin
This is just for pride and honor, since Wisconsin is almost fixed as division title winner.
But with Iowa's win against Ohio State last week, the Hawkeyes could also upset the Badgers this week and put the BIG10 into a national playoff nightmare.
I think Wisconsin will beat the spread of -12.5 and win here by at least 2 scores to make a jump in the rankings.
Badgers win.

Sat, Nov. 11
#19 Washington State @ Utah
Wazzu has to win here to stay in the hunt for the Apple Cup final for the division title.
Utah does only play for honor and pride and a better bowl spot.
Vegas sees a close game, with the Cougars winning by 1, I say they will win by 2 score or more.
Cougars win.

Sat, Nov. 11
#6 TCU @ #5 Oklahoma
Oklahoma will try to secure the top spot in the BIG12, TCU will try to stay in the hunt for the BIG12 title also.
The loser still can hope for #2 spot, but a win will make this all easier.
-6.5 is the spread for Oklahama, but I think played at Norman, this will get a higher margin.
Sooners win.

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