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The week zero is in the book.
Not really a "Strassenfeger" as we say in Germany, means a TV-event which empties the streets because everyone wants to see that.

Before I start the review, I will give a short u p d a t e on the Urban Meyer situation.

The university did announce a 3 game suspension for him and a a similar punishment for AD Gene Smith.
Meyer did apologize to the Buckeyes community, later also to the former wife of that former assistant.

Overall for me a quite surprising twist, I never expected him to survive this, not after Baylor, not after all the other stuff in college football in the past few years.
Honestly, it would have send a clear message if they would have fired him, now, I'm not sure what the message is.
It seems the old cover-it-under-the-rug-policies are still intact.
Ohio State had to punish him, so they suspended him, which basically means nothing.
The money? No issue with the overall payments he gets.
The 3 games? Oregon State, Rutgers and TCU.
Only the TCU game might have a small impact, but honestly, even if they lose that one, they are still in the mix for everything, especially if TCU is a big player in the BIG12, as everyone expect them to be.
So what's left is a meaningless punishment for lying, covering up and make life much worse for at least that former wife for years (!).

The University did not want to lose one of the best coaches in football, so they did what they did.
Until next time .....

Here are the reviews of the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 0

Sat. Aug 25
Duquesne at Massachusetts
Not much to say here.
UMass did destroy Duquesne by a mile and some.
I expected a much closer game, so either Duquesne is weaker or UMass is stronger.
Both can only be evaluated during the upcoming games.
I have to say, it looks promising for UMass, maybe the program is really going in the right direction and the Basketball-program becomes also a Football-program.
Duquesne 15 - Massachusetts 63 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 1-0

Prairie View at Rice
That one did end almost with an upset, believe it or not.
Prairie View did lead at the half by 2 points, then Rice fell even further behind and trailed by 9.
A Prairie View fumble did give Rice a good chance and they used it for a TD.
Next drive they recorded a safety and suddenly the game was tied.
They got the ball, but were unable to do much, but also Prairie View was not able to move the ball.
Rice got the ball back and marched over the field, only to hit the game winning field goal from 23 yards.
They won, but that did look sloppy.
Prairie View 28 - Rice 31 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 2-0

Hawaii at Colorado State
And we have our first upset.
Hawaii did look good and won fair and square, on the road.
They did lead by a bit more than 2 scores at the half.
In 2nd half even by 30 points, until CSU did start fighting back.
But the time was not enough.
They held Hawaii to 2 field goals, but were unable to score enough to overcome that deficit.
Over 400 yards in passing from Hawaii, over 500 from CSU, plus over 300 yards in total from both teams on the ground.
That will hurt CSU and maybe Hawaii is better than expected from me.
Hawaii 43 - Colorado State 34 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 2-1

Wyoming at New Mexico State
This may look not that dominant from the score point of view, but Wyoming did dominate big time.
They held NMS scoreless until garbage time and did great on both sides of the ball.
If they would have been a bit better on offense, this would have been a nightmare for the Aggies.
I hope Wyoming can keep that up, then we will have a fun Mountain West conference this season.
Wyoming 29 - New Mexico State 7 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 3-1

No additional games this week.
Jacks interesting games Score: 0-0

'Til next time

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