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Yes, a good start into the season.
It is really amazing what the sports news stations and webpages already put into that first week results, given the fact that is was known since month that such games would happen and that one team in each of those games would lose.

Sure there were some surprising wins, but that also happens every year.
The problem is usually not that loss on first gameday.
The problem usually is, whether those teams do drop more games or rebound.

And that only time will tell.

So don't put the coaches already on a hot seat or the teams already into 'wait for next season' mode.
The first game is always a problem, and some teams just need a loss to get rid of the dust.

So let us track the games in the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 1

Sat. Sep. 1
#6 Washington @ #9 Auburn
A lot of errors on both sides of the ball for both teams in that first game.
The game was close at halftime, Auburn leading by 2, and was scoreless in the 3rd quarter.
Both teams had missed a FG try in that quarter.
At some point did Washington lead by 1, but Auburn did get a TD and failed the 2 point conversion, so lead by 5.
Washington got the ball and went even into Auburn territory, but failed to get into the endzone and lost.
Overall I would say Auburns defense did play quite well, as did Washington defense, but both offense side need better production.
#6 Washington 16 - #9 Auburn 21 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 3-2

Sat. Sep. 1
#14 Michigan @ #12 Notre Dame
A quite close game, but only at the end.
The Irish did lead 21-10 at the half and went to 24-10 in the 3rd.
Michigan then got a TD in the 4th with 2 minutes left to play, stopped Notre Dame and got the ball back at 1:40.
Then Michigan did gain some yards, but their supposed to be elite QB did lose the ball on a sack and Notre Dame did recover the fumble.
Game over.
We will have to wait, whether this is already the doom of the Wolverines or just a damn loss on first gameday.
We also have to wait whether Notre Dame really is the playoff buster and will kick out 1 of the 4 power 5 conference for a playoff spot.
Too early to say.
Overall of cause this was a big win for the Irish, it would have been a big even if both teams would be worst and 2nd worst team in football, because both teams do play this rivalry since ages.
‘Til next time.
#14 Michigan 17 - #12 Notre Dame 24 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 4-2

Sun. Sep. 2
#8 Miami vs #25 LSU
I'm surprised and impressed.
I would never have guess that LSU would punch Miami that hard and the Hurricanes would fall so easy.
27-3 at the half, 33-3 after the 3rd.
Miami was only able to correct the score a little in garbage time.
This gives me a bit of hope for the SEC West battles to come and little hope for the ACC battles coming.
Sure I will be open minded and see what the coming results will be, but this is really a big loss for Miami. BIG.
#8 Miami 17 - #25 LSU 33 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 4-3

Mon. Sep. 3
#20 Virginia Tech @ #19 Florida State
Oh my god, it happened almost as I expected it. FSU was unable to do anything.
They got 3 points in the whole game.
I hope they find some offense during the season, otherwise this will become a loooong season.
The Hokies did put up some points, not sure whether that will be enough for the other teams, since it is not clear how good FSU defense was.
But I think they are legit to content for the conference championship game.
#20 Virginia Tech 24 - #19 Florida State 3 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 5-3

Other interesting games:
Fri. Aug. 31
San Diego State @ #13 Stanford
The Cardinals had no problem winning this 31-10.
Jacks interesting games Score: 1-0

Fri. Aug. 31
Colorado vs Colorado State
The Buffalos won this one 45-13 and won now 4 in a row. CSU started now 0-2.
Jacks interesting games Score: 2-0

Sat. Sep. 1
Ole Miss @ Texas Tech
I should have listed to my guts.
I always love to see the supposed to be smaller team winning, but I thought Ole Miss will have enough problems to get TTU the win here.
Well, Ole Miss won 47-27.
Jacks interesting games Score: 2-1

Sat. Sep. 1
Tennessee @ #17 West Virginia
At least West Virginia did play like hell and won 40-14.
BIG12 could become interesting with this weeks results.
Jacks interesting games Score: 3-1

Sat. Sep. 1
Louisville @ #1 Alabama
If you do trash talk, you better back it up. Louisville did not and lost, big.
The Tide did win 51-14 and Louisville was kept scoreless in the first half.
Jacks interesting games Score: 4-1

Sat. Sep. 1
Navy @ Hawaii
I'm in love with Hawaii right now. Go Rainbows! They won 59-41.
Jacks interesting games Score: 5-1

And some other results and info which might be interesting:
UC Davis (FCS) won against San Jose State 44-38.
Michigan State won a close one against Utah State 38-31. Likely nobody will ask for the margin after a few weeks, but still ....
Duke battled Army and won 34-14. Last season was a good one for Army, we will see, whether they can continue that.
Penn State needed OT to overcome Appalachian State 45-38. Quite close for a BIG10 contender.
Maryland did top Texas 34-29. I would have never expected that an interims coaches Maryland team with all the distraction lately would be able to beat a Texas Longhorns team. Tstststs.
Villanova (FCS) won against Temple 19-17.
Cal did beat North Carolina 24-17.
FBS transition team Liberty won against Old Dominion 52-10.
Cincinnati did spoil Chip Kellys UCLA debut 26-17.
Nicholls (FCS) won against Kansas 26-23. I think Kansas is not going into the right direction, right?
Kansas State won barely against South Dakota (FCS) 27-24.
Northern Arizona (FCS) won against UTEP 30-10.
BYU won against Arizona 28-23.
North Carolina A&T (FCS) did beat East Carolina 28-23, in a game which was shifted by 1 day because of the whether.

Also 2 games were canceled because of the whether, Akron - Nebraska and South Dakota State - Iowa State.

Overall not a bad start into the season, let's hope it will keep on rocking.

'Til next time

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