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From the Editor:
Hello fellow RZA managers. This is the start of a new blog about the Deventer Devils, a new team that just started in Dragons 2. This blog will follow the trials and tribulations of the Devils as they try to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in RZA. The initial goal is dominance of Dragon 2, securing promotion and to become a top 10 team in Dragons 1, with the ultimate goal eventually getting to Elite!

It will be heavy on role playing, with me writing from the perspective of the various people in the Devils organisation, all the way from owner down to the position group coaches. This way I am hoping to chronicle the history of a team in the RZA universe as well as providing entertainment via the stories that will develop. I hope you enjoy it. Do let me know what you think!

Start of the blog

Prologue - Foundation of the Deventer Devils

Location: Somewhere on the road between Dresden and Deventer in the back of a limousine
Date: 11th November 2020
Time: 17:34

Person: Ronald Vennegoor
Title: Owner

Hi, my name is Ronald. Ronald Vennegoor. I am from the beautiful country called the Netherlands. I am a pretty standard Dutch person and have many of the traits associated with Dutch people: direct, frugal, down-to-earth. I don't live in a windmill but I do own clogs. There is however one thing that is different about me: I am obsessed with American Football. Soccer just doesn't do it for me. It does have it's good sides but it pales in comparison to the beauty and complexity of American Football. And in soccer the violence is usually in the stands and not on the field where it belongs!

You might have heard my last name before? Vennegoor. From the very wealthy Vennegoor family? No? Hmmm that's strange. My family made a fortune in cheese, you see. If you are living outside the Netherlands and are tucking into some Gouda cheese, look on the back - it will probably say Vennegoor Cheese Ltd. That's my family. Well, actually, it's me now. I've been running the show for five years now and I've been quite successful at it. That means I've earned a lot of money. I think you call dollars greenbacks? Well, I got a couple of billion of those. And it's about time I start spending some of that money on my one and only other passion in life other than cheese: Pigskin. Football. -TOG-. Whatever you call it. I want my own team and today I made my dream into a reality.

That is why I am speaking to you all now. I am on my way back from having visited commissioner Pete. Lovely guy really. He was very helpful once I've showed that I meant business with my idea to start a new franchise in the east of the Netherlands. He was a bit concerned about the fan base or lack thereof but I assured him that the people just needed to be educated and they would appreciate the game and come in droves to the stadium. And there is little competition from other sports. Sure there are some small-time soccer teams but they stand no chance. Especially once I get that massive stadium built. Pete's eyes lit up when I showed him what I was planning to make. I am not sure what impressed him more: the size or that it looked like a Gouda cheese!

We smoked a cigar and drank that black stuff...uhm...Guinness, yes that's it. Not my favourite to be honest but you do what you have to do to achieve your dreams. We signed the papers and as of an hour ago the league welcomed a new team into their league: The Deventer Devils!

I will tell you more about my plans for the Devils but I am first going to indulge in a cheese fondue with a cold glass of Deventer's very own Davo beer. Yes, you heard that right: I have cheese fondue set built into the back of my limo. One of the very few luxuries I allow myself in life. So off you go now, speak to you all later in my office.

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