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Joined the game: 2022-09-19 / S48

Manager rank is Top Manager

Sponsored by Scooby's Doo Sewage Company - Endorsement by Gomers Pyle

League: Sea Devils 1 AC North

ELO score: 993 - Rank global: 57 - Rank in league: 4

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Team chemistry:
100 %
100 %
Physical condition:
96 %
Financial situation:
Managers tactical talent:
Leagueok Champ of Champsunknown Supercupok Supercup Playoffsunknown
81.5 %
78.5 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 25.2
Pass Defense:
80.3 %
  Rush Defense:
81.5 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 3,890,000
Special Team:
88.1 %
81.5 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,145,314
Stadium: Ravens Field (capacity: 144300)
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Season 55Friendly Cup World Bowl VII
Season 54Winner Sea Devils 1 AC North
Season 53Winner Sea Devils 1 AC North
Season 51Winner Sea Devils 1 AC North
Season 49League Champion Sea Devils 2
Season 49Conference Champion Sea Devils 2 AC
Season 49Winner Sea Devils 2 AC North
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Record (current season)
Game type Won Lost
Champ of Champions00
Friendly Cup82
Trophy summary
Superbowl Champion in seasons: 49
Conference Champion in seasons: 49
Division Champion in seasons: 49, 51, 53, 54
Friendly Cups won in seasons: 53, 55
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2024-02-02 09:58:33 - Constanta Ravens Season RecordsReport Abuse

S55: + 33.1 M
S54: + 96.7 M
S53: + 46.0 M
S52: + 79.7 M
S51: + 109.4 M
S50: + 145.2 M
S49: + 64.5 M

S55 Regular Season: 13-3 - Division RunnerUp
S55 Playoffs: 1-1 (Divisional round loss against Social Distance Runners)
S54 Regular Season: 14-2 - Division Champion
S54 Playoffs: 2-1 (Conference round loss against Mavericks)
S53 Regular Season: 15-1 - Division Champion
S53 Playoffs: 0-1 (Divisional round loss against Ghost of Bautzen)
S52 Regular Season: 13-3 - Division RunnerUp
S52 Playoffs: 0-1 (Wild-Card round loss against Ghost of Bautzen)
S51 Regular Season: 13-3 - Division Champion
S51 Playoffs: 1-1 (Divisional round loss against Glasgow Tigers)
S50 Regular Season: 11-5 - Division RunnerUp
S50 Playoffs: 1-1 (Divisional round loss against Sunrise City Prairie Dogs)

S49 Regular Season: 16-0 - Division Champion
S49 Playoffs: 3-0 (Conference & Bowl Champion)

S55: 13-2 (2nd round loss against Dumbarajko Elephants)
S54: 14-1 (1st round loss against Zombaes)
S53: 11-4 (1st round loss against Bradford Northern)
S52: 10-5 (2nd round loss against Vamosahi)
S51: 11-4 (1st round loss against Konjarnik HighTowers)
S50: 11-4 (did not qualify)
S49: 10-5 (did not qualify)

S50: 1st round loss against The Pinellas Pikes

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2024-02-01 14:22:30 - Constanta Ravens Record BookReport Abuse


Regular Season Passing Yards: Ovidiu Antohi - 6,993 yards (S54)
Regular Season Passing TD: Ovidiu Antohi - 124 TD (S49)
All-Time Passing Yards: Ovidiu Antohi - 40,265 yards
All-Time Passing TDs: Ovidiu Antohi - 587 TD

Regular Season Rushing Yards: Ciprian Cozac - 2,803 yards (S49)
Regular Season Rushing TD: Ciprian Cozac - 54 TD (S54)
All-Time Rushing Yards: Ciprian Cozac - 16,193 yards
All-Time Rushing TD: Ciprian Cozac - 227 TD

Regular Season Catching Yards: Catalin Mitrea - 2,536 yards (S53)
Regular Season Catching TD: Catalin Mitrea - 39 TD (S53)
All-Time Catching Yards: Catalin Mitrea - 12,072 yards
All-Time Catching TD: Catalin Mitrea - 174 TD

Regular Season Blocks: Seveci Taase - 1,007 (S49)
Regular Season Pancakes: Seveci Taase - 831 (S49)
All-Time Blocks: Costin Frunza - 3,443
All-Time Pancakes: Costin Frunza - 2,785


Regular Season Sacks: Aurica Armas - 30 sacks (S49)
All-Time Sacks: Aurica Armas - 152 sacks

Regular Season INT: Aurica Armas - 21 INT (S51)
All-Time INT: Aurica Armas - 106 INT

Regular Season DEF TD: Aurica Armas - 14 TD (S55)
All-Time DEF TD: Aurica Armas - 62 TD

Regular Season TFL: Andrei Cazac - 57 TFL (S49)
All-Time TFL: Petre Berechet - 236 TFL

Regular Season FF: Andrei Radu - 5 FF (S54)
All-Time FF: Andrei Radu - 17 FF

Regular Season FFR: Adrian Badiu - 5 RF (S55)
All-Time FFR: Andrei Radu - 14 RF


Regular Season FG: Sergiu Berechet - 20 FG (S51,S52)
Regular Season FG %: Sergiu Berechet - 93.75% (S53)
Longest FG: Sergiu Berechet - 55 yards (S55)
All-Time FG: Sergiu Berechet - 94 FG

Regular Season Punting Yards: Catalin Dinea - 2,620 yards (S51)
Regular Season Punting Avg: Catalin Dinea - 44.6 yards (S53)
Longest Punt: Catalin Dinea - 62 yards (S54)
All-Time Punting Yards: Catalin Dinea - 14,549 yards

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2022-12-07 09:11:13 - NEW ERAReport Abuse

RAVENS WIN, RAVENS WIN everybody was shouting after the end of the game.
The Constanta Ravens closed a truly remarkable season with a stellar performance on the grandest stage of them all, Bowl 49, all thanks to Mr. Radu who returned and led the Constanta Ravens to their first bowl win and an undefeated 19-0 season.
Uppon arrival in the city, the fans celebrated and sung with the players on the streets of Constanta all night long, in what is to be expected as the first major trophy out of many to come.

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