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Poster Message

posted: 2012-02-01 22:04:22 (ID: 26746)
OK, as promised, here we go.

9 users where keen enough to enter the competition.

You will see a number like (1) on top of each pic. Now it is on you to spread the points on the available pics. You have 5 points, and you can award them as you like...

1 1 1 1 1
All 5 points go to picture #1

1 2 2 3 3
1 point to #1, and 2 points for both #2 and #3

Hope this is clear. Your last post counts, if you create several posts... The Contest is active until February 12, 20:00 servertime. Posts added (or edited) after this deadline become invalid!


Source: images/piccontest/andrew.jpg

Pic was sent in by Andrew. The pics are from the semi pro team MOV ravens 2011 season, Andrew is acting with #55 on his shirt.


Source: images/piccontest/antoine.jpg

Antoine sent this pic in. As you can see the pic is showing the victory celebrations by the New York Giants. I guess you know the managers nickname already....


Source: images/piccontest/bill.jpg

Bill sent this one. It is showing himself, when he was in the age of an Youth Pull, so called early bird


Source: images/piccontest/lorenz.jpg

Lorenz is the guy shown on this picture. It was taken back in 1994 during his career at the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, one of the most successful teams out of the GFL, the German Football League (Semi pro).


Source: images/piccontest/mathias.jpg

Mathias sent us this one, unfortunately without any further description.


Source: images/piccontest/sebastian.jpg

Sebastian picked this one for the competition. "The merchandising tent at the NFL International Series 2010: Heaven for every fan, nightmare for every creditcard. Would've been the highlight of the day... But then London witnessed Tim Tebow's first NFL Touchdown!"


Source: images/piccontest/steven.jpg

Our Couple called SteMan made this shot. They have chosen this subtitle: "Football only a game for tough guys? - Sweet surprise!". Picture was taken during a game of this wonderful, unique Football team, so called Dresden Monarchs.


Source: images/piccontest/torben.jpg

Torben sent this pic, showing him. He did not write anything, but he is/was playing for team(s) in the GLF/GFL2. He added: "I played for just one season in the GFL 2 for the Recklinghausen Chargers in 2010 (the picture was taken before the game against the Langenfeld Longhorns in Langenfeld), this was also my last season as a football player. Before 2010 I played in Hamburg in the 5th/4th league."

(not in the competition)

Source: images/piccontest/peter.jpg

Picture was taken during the session for our 2010 team picture (Dresden Monarchs - GFL, once more). There is always a freestyle version available too, and most of the guys are joining the foto session only for the freestyle, it seems. Last row, 5th from the right...that's me.

Now, do your job and vote!

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1 - 3 - 3 - 4 - 7
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Paxtang Black Panthers

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3, 4, 5, 7, 8
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Bretzfeld Bandits

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posted: 2012-02-01 23:04:29 (ID: 26762) Report Abuse
3-5-5-6-8 (too bad we can't vote on the last pic)
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posted: 2012-02-02 00:35:53 (ID: 26777) Report Abuse

Oh that big guy with the sweat/joggers pants on is my dad at 54yo old playing semi pro with me. I still love that goal line stand no points for the WV, Crash on that red-zone trip.

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