2012-06-30 14:35

We will change some numbers in our economy, on next season rollover.

1.) Ticket sales on regular league games

For each league level below Top Division the ticket income (attendance) will be lowered to 85% of the level above. So at Top Division nothing will change, league level 2 will be at 85%. League level 3 will be at 85% of league level 2 attendance, and so on. This affects only attendance on regular league games without Playoffs and relegation. The sales on the fanshop on gamedays will automatically reduce too, since it is based on attendance.

2.) Sponsor money for weekly payment, cup-wins and league-wins will be reduced in exactly the same way as topic #1. Payments for Bowl wins, youth pull and draftees remains as it is.

3.) The effect out of form (losses) will be higher for league games (excluding playoffs and relegation). This means, for each loss out of the last 10 official games (no matter what type) we will reduce the attendance by 3%. Today it is 1%.

The Manual gets the u p d a t e on season rollover.

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