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2021-02-13 05:40:09 - Season 42 Outlook: Back to Thunder 1.Report Abuse

Season 42 sees the Deflators return back to Thunder 1 after another 1 and done stint in Elite. While many fans are predicting a bowl appearance and a return to Elite, there's a definite sense of urgency within the team to do so. With some key losses on offense coming into this season and there being even more once the season ends, this may be their last chance at a return to Elite for a while. When asked about the team's chances for this season, team owner/GM IMGregory had this to say.

"When we're in Thunder 1, the goal every time is to make it back to Elite. That goal is already a bit harder to reach, considering we lost both our leading RB and 1 of our top 2 WR from last season to retirement. The pressure to make it back now got ramped up even more when we found out the retirements for this season. At the top of the list was our starting QB, and as it stands, none of our backups are completely ready to take over the helm after this season. Add to that we'll also be losing our other top 2 WR, our starting FB, our starting TE, and our return ace who just got bumped up to starting RB, the pressure's really on now. Our offense is gonna take a major hit from all of this, it might even be the weakest it's been in a long while. If we don't make it to the bowl this year and back to Elite, we're not gonna be close to it for a while. I wanna send all of these guys out on top. It may mean another 1 and done stint in Elite by doing so and sending all the new starters out to the wolves, but that's not completely a bad thing. It means we get potential bonus revenue from participating in Champ of Champs, the new guys get experience, and besides, I'd rather be a 1 and done Elite team than being stuck in "Elite Purgatory", where you're not bad enough to relegate but not good enough to make the playoffs either."

RB Mersad Kovac: Drafted S32 R2. A hard-nosed runner who definitely made the most of his opportunity once he got it. Finished 4th all-time Rush Yards, Rush TDs.

WR Cian Ward: Drafted S29 R2. Became a starter S34, recording 100+ catches every season since. Finished 3rd all-time in team Receptions, Receiving Yards, Receiving TDs. Definite HOFer.

TE Cesar Leak: Signed to YA S26, Promoted S30. Had to spend a while sitting behind some all-time great TEs, but when he got his chance to shine, proved to be a reliable pass catcher. Finished 5th all-time amongst TEs in Receptions, Receiving Yards, 4th amongst TEs in Receiving TDs and 10th in total.

CB William Marr: Drafted S40 R1. Certainly our most disappointing 1st round draft pick in team history. We knew we were gambling on his physical attributes when we selected him, and we guessed wrong on him. Add to that he was also on the higher end in terms of individual player salaries, plus on the lower end of the depth chart at his position, it was an easy cut.

CB Howard Hawks: Direct Youth Pull S39 Basically a spot filler player just making up the numbers. Kind glad I didn't waste a YA slot on him, because he wouldn't have made it ouf of there with how his physicals turned out

LB Ulysses Salerno: Direct Youth Pull S39. Same boat as Hawks, just another guy there to fill an open roster slot. Unfortunately, just didn't have enough of what I'd be looking for to justify keeping him.

DL Frank Ayres: Direct Youth Pull S39. Another spot filler. Geez, I'm starting to sound like a broken record here. It was literally a coin toss between him and another spot filler at DL over who goes, which he obviously lost.

OL Andy Gomes: Direct Youth Pull S39. Do I even need to say it again? We have a lot of youth at OL right now, so he'd probably end up getting the ax even if he wasn't a spot filler.

Youth Academy
CB Aurelio Peyton: A smart, fast CB with the confidence to take on an opposing team's #1 WR.

LB Brad Grace: A defensive field general with a strong nose for rushing the opposing QB.

DL Clinton Covington: A plug and play DL who fits well at any position.

OL Rory Borders: An OL with both the strength and the smarts to lead a team's O-Line.

TE Refugio Tam: Filling up the spot left by Cesar Leak, he's got all the makings of a well-rounded TE.


RB Stasys Berzinis: R1 selection. Filling up the spot left by Mersad Kovac. His physical potential remains to be seen, but he's certainly got the smarts to get the job done.

CB Pita Takai: R2 selection. A quiet, keeps to himself player who lets his play on the field do the talking for him.

WR Mateo Hernandez: R3 selection. Fulling up the spot left by Cian Ward. A receiving TE in college, he'll make the transition to WR in the pros.

QB #8 Jeronym Pipal: Drafted S34 R2. A dual-threat QB who can take off and run if the play breaks down.

LB #51 Gustavo Kepka: Drafted S35 R1. A 5-tool player who checks off all the boxes you look for in a complete player. Strong, Fast, Smart, Agile, and Unselfish.

CB #20 Maxime Brouwer: Drafted S30 R1. Currently one of the longest tenured players on the roster, he certainly brings a lot of knowledge, experience, and leadership to the table.

K #7 Roman Whitney: Signed to YA S27, Promoted S31. Has been a very reliable kicker for our team from day 1.

13-3 (Division Champs, 2 Seed in NC, Lose in Conference Championship to Vicious Attack Dogs)

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