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Toni Gorilla
posted: 2014-02-25 20:50:58 (ID: 100025240) Report Abuse
Here's another of mine:

Angelo Belcev

So far 8594 receiving yards in Div.I league games (without playoffs) - 1st place.

First WR to achieve over 100 receiving TD (without playoffs). Currently 111 TD.

Best Galaxy Div.I WR in 4 seasons (season 6-8 & 10), another record.
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Toni Gorilla
posted: 2014-02-25 21:32:33 (ID: 100025243) Report Abuse
And here are 2 of Steve's monsters:

Landon Medlock

Just surpassed the legendary Adolfo Stormo ("Sturmfuehrer Adolf") as All-Time leading Galaxy rusher with 11603 yards. 2nd player ever to break the 10k mark.

Steve's other beast RB is Mr. Harrison Castillo.

He just leapfrogged the same Adolf Stormo for most rushing TD in Galaxy Div.I history with a total of 122. Stormo was the 1st RB to pass 100 rushing TD, and is locked at 121.

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San Diego Blitz

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posted: 2014-02-25 22:53:51 (ID: 100025252) Report Abuse
Emmitt "Chronicles of" Riddick is only a few hundred yards short of 10,000 yards...unfortunately he's retiring so wouldn't surpass that mark in Galaxy 1.1 regular season games.

SD Blitz
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posted: 2014-04-22 21:51:38 (ID: 100030375) Report Abuse
Bernadino Sanchez

First Galaxy player to reach 75 official sacks. He is by far my best DE and at only 28 I should have some more good years in him
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posted: 2014-08-03 10:34:42 (ID: 100039519) Report Abuse
Well, I had to do some cutting back on salaries so that meant getting rid of some big stars along with one retired. Here are the big ones for 1.1 regular season games:

Martynas Kask LB

Retired. Best LB I've had and finished in top 10 Galaxy 1.1 INTs and is currently #16 in tackles.

Rodolfo Levy RB

Just sold... salaries are getting ridiculous. My best RB ever who sits in the top 10 just shy of 10,000 career rushing yards and is #1 all-time in broken tackles with more than 400. Also top 20 in rushing TDs.

Chadwick Wallace K

Another salary move unfortunately made me cut him. Currently #10 in FGs made in Galaxy 1.1 just shy of 200.

Not bad for a team that constantly struggles to come close to making the playoffs.
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posted: 2015-04-19 08:45:34 (ID: 100052771) Report Abuse
Just set a Galaxy 1.1 record for pancakes in a regular season. Anastasios Geigendaller flattened 645 opponents breaking the old record of 644 byOskar Synek of the Fredricksburg Dreamers in s13 by ONE pancake!

He also broke the record for Galaxy 1.1 pancakes in all official games in a season (without playoffs) setting a new mark of 1741, besting the old mark of 1618 by Werner Weber of the Sheeps in s10.

The Wildcats have also become the first Galaxy 1.1 team to have the top 4 pancakers in the league for the regular season. For some reason the centers don't get nearly as many pancakes so getting the top 5 in pancakes is probably impossible.

These 4 were also in the top 15 of all D1 teams this season.
I may not ever win a title but at least I managed to churn out some great OLs!

Last edited on 2015-04-19 19:31:21 by Beergut2

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posted: 2015-04-25 21:14:36 (ID: 100053090) Report Abuse
Dursun Schmidt (DL)

He's leaving the team for retirement. Best DL Player (4.5 stars) of Orcs up to now, ranked 13 this seasons in Galaxy.1.1 Tackling Stats (see below). Also, 3rd best DL of the League Galaxy 1.1 in Season 14 with Saarbruecken Orcs (3596).

Season for Orcs is over, and i have to fire him due to his salary, unfortunately firing mmeans, it will not be possible for me to add him to the Orcs Hall of Fame. Need to save money..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --------------------------------------------
Platz Spieler Pos Team # Tackles for Loss

1 Luigi Stuart DL Egerton Warsteiners 74
2 Adem Weber DL Saarbruecken Orcs 49
3 Stefan Ilie DL Daydream Titans 40
4 Daryl Goff DL Brockley Badgers 38
5 Reimund Fenster DL Montesacro Mermaids 38
6 Howard Bright DL Fareham Demons 38
7 Von Goldsmith DL Tring Titans 37
8 Maamuni Okar DL Guinness Drinkers United 35
9 Carson Edwards DL Nuremberg Fallen Templars 35
10 Nelson Lebrun DL Clocks 33
11 Mateo Muñoz DL zellinfire team 33
12 Bonaventure Rusanganwa DL San Diego Hurricanes 32
13 Dursun Schmidt DL Saarbruecken Orcs 32
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posted: 2015-04-30 21:47:16 (ID: 100053360) Report Abuse
Toni Gorilla wrote:
Landon Medlock

Just surpassed the legendary Adolfo Stormo ("Sturmfuehrer Adolf") as All-Time leading Galaxy rusher with 11603 yards. 2nd player ever to break the 10k mark.

Jamal Michaels
Retired in Season 14 (while I was in the Elite league) with 12,167 yards in league games not counting playoffs.
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posted: 2015-05-06 02:03:48 (ID: 100053579) Report Abuse
Marcelo Walton MLB. He was my first draft pick in the game in season 2 I believe and retired after season 14.

Galaxy 1.1 all games: 213 interceptions (1st)
Galaxy 1.1 all games: 1538 tackles (7th)
Galaxy 1.1 league games only: 81 interceptions (2nd)
Galaxy 1.1 league games only: 938 tackles (3rd)

O.J. Davidson DE. He was on the team when I took it over and retired after the season 14.

Galaxy 1.1 all games: 2137 tackles (1st)
Galaxy 1.1 all games: 150 sacks (3rd)
Galaxy 1.1 all games: 637 tackles for loss (1st)
Galaxy 1.1 league game only: 952 tackles (2nd)
Galaxy 1.1 league game only: 64 sacks (3rd)
Galaxy 1.1 league game only: 282 tackles for loss (1st)

Alberto Caldwell is 2nd in both game categories in sacks. He has one year left and should break the all games sack record with a shot at the league games only record. He is also 2nd in tackles for loss in league games only but probably won't pass Davidson.
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posted: 2015-05-06 18:46:48 (ID: 100053631) Report Abuse
How are you guys finding the full league stats? I can only find all-time stats for my team.
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