Encryption enabled, great!

Dear user,

You are using RedZoneAction.org having proper encryption enabled! Great! However, some users don't and this page is for their information.

But why are you offering unsecure connections at all?

RedZoneAction.org was created at a time where providing encrypted connection was an expensive task. Meanwhile this has changed. So we enabled secure connections, and will switch off unsecure connections soon!

Why are you putting such pressure into such a detail?

Companies providing webbrowsers like Google or Mozilla started to warn users on attempts to transfer data like usernames and passwords by using not encrypted connections. We just want to keep away some hassle from you.

Technical background:

Webbrowsers can use different protocols. The most important protocol used when browsing through the world wide web is called HTTP. However, if you use HTTP, the data transfer between the webserver and your computer is not encrypted. Everyone between the webserver and you can read the data. This includes usernames and passwords.

This is easy to fix, you just need to switch over to a protocol called HTTPS. The S stands for SECURE, and it is secure because all the data transfers are encrypted. No other can read your username and password anymore. Makes sense?

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