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2023-03-05 10:20

Season 51

Yes, Season 51 has arrived. With it, we enabled all the player age related things like longer ingame injuries, faster exhaustion and so on. For more details, please review the manual.

And, managers are allowed to change their division, league or region. Please read about the conditions on the manual.

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2023-01-13 21:59


5 in a row

Enjoy the free supporter time!

Most popular game in September

Most popular game in October

Most popular game in November

Most popular game in December

Can we make it five in a row? If so, everyone will receive two weeks of Supporter account for free.

Hint: you would have to vote here - and of course by pressing the one and only option "Best", and you would have to click the big "Play" button as well, which will bring you back to RZA.

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