About me, a.k.a. Pete

First of all welcome to RedZoneAction.org - the American Football Management Simulator on the web.

My Name is Pete. I wrote this game over a period of 2 years - with a lot of help from my loyal tester crew. Why did I write it? Quite simply, I love American Football! After I played several American Football games during the last few years...I found that none of them gave me the experience I wanted in a football game. So I started a discussion with some mates from one of those games, and decided to give it a try.

The result is what you see now. RedZoneAction.org is a game where you have to develop a team, and you are the manager. You have to take care of all of the duties of managing a successful American Football Club. You have to take care of finances, from preparing the income basics,to running the fan shop. You're also Head Coach, Coordinator, Manager, and the team mother behind the scenes. Without your advice the guys on the field will play as badly as an Elementary School Football team playing in the park around the corner on Sunday afternoon. So you have to prepare your guys, have to sign contracts, you have to look for Young Talent and develop them into your future Super stars. You have to set the tactics. You have to hire doctors and consultants and so on...in short: YOU are the guy that leads your team to THE BOWL, or even to hell. The power and pressure all lies with you.

When I wrote this I prioritized my time for the highest possible level of reality and football specific rules. RedZoneAction.org provides you with all the things you might miss from other simulations, like Depth charts, situation based Playbooks, In game injuries and many more. The rules on the field is based on NFL rules, with some minor differences.

This game is not the result of a crazy man with too much time on his hands - even though I do meet most of those requirements (except the spare time part). RedZoneAction.org is the result of a 2 years of beta testing, driven by many loyal testers. These guys gave me input, feedback, shared ideas or told me I suck - and I appreciate it a lot, like you will. In short this is my labor of love brought through the rigourous fires of an international testing team with football on the brain.

I am connected to American Football in real life too. My favorite team, the Dresden Monarchs, are a semi professional American Football Club playing in Germanys highest league level, The GFL. I am responsible for the statistic crew over there - and have enjoyed it for several years now - any given saturday during the season.

But now it is enough talking - you should join our community. I hope you have as much fun building your team as I did making this game. Most importantly: RedZoneAction.org is not only an American Football sim with some Management added in. RedZoneAction.org is all about community, arguing with Football Fans around the world. Don't forget to visit the forums... I'll be there waiting for you to tell me I suck or you love it.