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posted: 2015-01-24 21:27:51 (ID: 100049380) Report Abuse
Anyway is a performance to reach playoff in first league.
So i reach my milestone if i have any luck in next game is a new step to my next milestone .
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posted: 2015-01-25 09:26:21 (ID: 100049403) Report Abuse
crb246 wrote:
Well well, i did say "if you make the playoffs i will do my talking on the pitch" You will have to wait another season.

yep. Started out great then a 4 game skid to end the season. Not sure what happened so that I just couldn't win anymore. The last game especially hurt.
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Europe   pete owns a supporter account   pete is a Knight of

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posted: 2015-01-27 20:14:28 (ID: 100049478) Report Abuse
P4p4d13 wrote:
Good game pete always a pleasure to play our games.
In any situation we still had to play 2 games .
Good part is you will beat me in wild card i am sure of that i am not such good...i wish to be but i am not

Could you tell about the number from the next Sunday Lottery, pls?

50/50 if I win
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posted: 2015-01-28 09:48:32 (ID: 100049498) Report Abuse
You have 6 out of something....
Let me check my magic globe ....ahhhhmmmmmm
13 , 9 , 36 , 44, 20 , 31
The GLOBE out
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Dr. Coco
posted: 2015-01-28 14:40:16 (ID: 100049507) Report Abuse
Gah, I wanted to avoid Pawn Stars at all costs. Yucky draw.
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San Diego Blitz

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posted: 2015-01-28 15:51:56 (ID: 100049515) Report Abuse
So who are the favorites to join the Elite League next season. Looks like Hurricanes and Stars have a good chance to return. But Clocks and Spitfires have put up some impressive league records too....

SD Blitz
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Toni Gorilla
posted: 2015-01-29 21:17:56 (ID: 100049555) Report Abuse
Dr. Coco wrote:
Gah, I wanted to avoid Pawn Stars at all costs. Yucky draw.

I hate to admit it, but I don't have a good feeling playing you on the road. You beat me convincingly at home this season. My rating says I'm clear favorite, but I'm afraid you are building playbooks that my team doesn't like.

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posted: 2015-01-29 22:47:49 (ID: 100049556) Report Abuse
Yes when th slide starts its hard to stop. There is next season.
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Dr. Coco
posted: 2015-02-01 17:10:42 (ID: 100049620) Report Abuse
Congrats, we didn't have a chance (but I knew it going in, I made some playbook changes to give myself a shot, but maybe I made things worse!)
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Dr. Coco
posted: 2015-02-02 03:20:59 (ID: 100049637) Report Abuse
Well... at least my playbook didn't call for a pass from the 1yd line on the potential superbowl winning play.
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