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posted: 2015-06-27 11:56:34 (ID: 100056524) Report Abuse
i agree with Meitheisman and its past time to bring this forum back alive a bit!

Fire 1.1. has two pretty interesting games coming up today!!

The Cowboys from Kumberg are challenging the Maykop Patriots - the Division title might be decided today and the Patriots are the favourites.

My own team has to take on another favourite of the AC conference - the by now undefeated ln(x) Secants.

so lets see which surprises game day has for us!
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posted: 2015-06-27 12:48:42 (ID: 100056525) Report Abuse
Yeah two huge games for our Austrian teams today. Obviously being in the position I'm in I'm hoping In(x) Secant will beat your Flying Ducktales today. In the other big game of the day I think Maykop will be able to win again but the Cowboys are catching up and it certainly won't be an easy game.

Another big game today is Spiders from Mars against New City Mechanics, both teams are tied for first place in their division at 8-3. The Spiders won the first game on the road so they're favorite to win this one at home too I think.
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posted: 2015-06-27 17:42:24 (ID: 100056532) Report Abuse
This shows how much I know, I got both of my predictions wrong

In(x) Secant and I are the first two teams to clinch a PO spot, 10 more to take.

The race will be interesting to follow
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posted: 2015-06-27 19:31:40 (ID: 100056537) Report Abuse
pretty impressive performance by ln(x) Secants, didnt really have any chance.

also a big surprise is the relatively high win by Cowboys and now it looks like the first spot is reserved for them, if they manage to keep the td difference up.

At least Mechanis vs Spiders was the expected close game.

few PO spots are quite easy to guess, others might be still interesting, lets see what the upcoming weeks will bring!
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posted: 2015-06-27 19:41:43 (ID: 100056539) Report Abuse
The battle for the top seeds (and home field advantage in the PO) will be interesting too. Fargo, you and I can grab the #1 seed in the NC while Cowboys, In(x) and Maykop could be the #1 seed in the AC.
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posted: 2015-07-13 10:07:36 (ID: 100057008) Report Abuse
alright, all season we waited for this - playoffs start tomorrow!

Becko Ranking says:

Fargo Knights 8 Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers
Maykop Patriots 25 Ravencitos
Novosibirsk Lions 11 Flierich Farmers
Spiders From Mars 1 New City Mechanics

my predictions (which tend to be unreliable)

# Fargo Knights are favourite on paper, but homefield advantage could prove to be the winning factor for the Mutineers
# already a surprise that the Patriots have to go into the wildcard round - shouldnt stop them!
# Lions and Farmers have met twice already this season with very different outcomes. although becko goes with the Lions, I think the Farmers could end up with a win here.
# no predictions here: Spiders vs. Mechanics will be a very close game and result almost impossible to predict, as their last game has proven. nonetheless, as I need a favourite, I'll stick with the home team. Mechanics will win.

conclusion: the time of easy wins is over - good luck to all managers!
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posted: 2015-07-13 11:47:39 (ID: 100057010) Report Abuse
Patriots, Lions and Knights will win I think, the other game is much closer so I guess I'll go with the home team since I predicted the road team to win the other 3 games.
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posted: 2015-07-14 16:19:06 (ID: 100057053) Report Abuse
All 4 road teams won, congrats to all and good luck in the Divisional Round.
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posted: 2015-07-16 07:40:11 (ID: 100057142) Report Abuse
becko says we might have some interesting and really close games coming up sat.

Fargo Knights 0 Flying Ducktales
Maykop Patriots 2 Kumberg Cowboys
Novosibirsk Lions -1 Lyon Eagles
Spiders From Mars -27 ln(x) Secants

i go with Eagles and Secants, "our" austrian games could end either way.....
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posted: 2015-07-18 11:24:35 (ID: 100057193) Report Abuse
I agree with Becko, I think In(x) is the only clear favorite today. Both Ducktales vs Knights and Patriots vs Cowboys should be very close and I'm pretty scared about my game against the Lions, they're a very hit or miss team, capable of winning by 30 or losing by 20 on any day. Good luck to all involved
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