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posted: 2016-10-02 15:12:39 (ID: 100087778) Report Abuse
Trancavel wrote:
Hello everyone! I know I'm not the most legit guy to start the new 1.1 forum as I just arrived but it was lacking and tomorrow is the big start of the season!

Just to say I looking forward for the next season and will fight with all I have in order to not being relegated.

Welcome to Galaxy !

PS: Really nice town Garcassonne, not to mention the tremendous medieval fortress ! I visited them some years ago, and, definitely worth a visit, or two...

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posted: 2016-10-03 06:07:40 (ID: 100087838) Report Abuse
Ohhh a second team from Austria A successful and exciting season for all teams
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posted: 2016-10-09 18:03:56 (ID: 100088764) Report Abuse
Thank you all for the welcoming messages!

I have now got my first victory in Galaxy. It was a very defensive game where everything happened in the last quarter. 6-5 at the start of the fourth!

I really fired up now after two very good games: I'm counting the very close loss against cougars last Tuesday😃!
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posted: 2016-10-22 22:08:04 (ID: 100089703) Report Abuse
Just to get some life back into this thread.

Guinness Drinkers United 9:18 Vienna Armadillos

Field Goal festival with - ironically - a missed PAT on the only TD of the game

Guess pete just played too loopsided out of SG4

Unexpected win today. Guess not setting up tactics bc I stand no chance anyway is a huge advantage after all
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posted: 2016-10-23 03:39:33 (ID: 100089708) Report Abuse
McKay93 wrote:
Guess not setting up tactics bc I stand no chance anyway is a huge advantage after all

Very nice win

I don't set up tactics because the O-playbook is somewhere between and
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posted: 2016-11-08 20:05:36 (ID: 100090727) Report Abuse
game tied with 0 seconds to go...

0:00 3 and 3 to go on own 23, Hans-Otto Knobloch (OC) snaps the ball to Sigfried Braun (QB), Sigfried Braun (QB) selected Abel Muñoz (WR/L) as target, he passes outer screen left to him, intercepted by Balfour MacDonald (CB/R) on the own 23 (Singleback Spread vs. Dime 4DL MLB 4CB 2SF) more
0:00 Balfour MacDonald (CB/R) returns the ball, missed tackle by Abel Muñoz (WR/L), Guenther Heinrich (WR/L) is not able to make the tackle, this was a 23 yards interception return touchdown (Dime 4DL MLB 4CB 2SF vs. Singleback Spread) more
0:00 touchdown more
0:00 Ball spotted on the 15, Alan Lockwood (K) kicks the ball for the PAT, PAT is good

painful loss
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posted: 2016-11-08 20:07:25 (ID: 100090728) Report Abuse
You wanted to pass? I would have rushed...per hard rule...
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posted: 2016-11-19 20:17:21 (ID: 100091426) Report Abuse
Good game Meerkats!

I cut down my blitzing to keep Jarvis in pass coverage a bit more, was thinking it cost me the match until the first play of OT.

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posted: 2016-11-27 00:44:12 (ID: 100092025) Report Abuse
So, I finished my first season at a solid 8-8 with a chance to get to the play-offs in the last game. If I had won by 30 points, I would have gone into post-season, but alas Daydream Titans were just too strong today

It was great fun, looking forward to next season!
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posted: 2016-11-27 14:28:15 (ID: 100092052) Report Abuse
Nuremberg is not in the playoffs this season.
We are not happy about it.
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