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BobBoy Magpies

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posted: 2018-04-13 13:45:43 (ID: 100126832) Report Abuse
So so so bored at work, thought I'd do a mock top 10 draft, and top players per positions, just a bit of fun but would be interested to find out who you think are the top players etc. : -

QB's: -
Order: Name: Pick position: College Position: Height: Weight: Comments:
1, Watson, High 2nd round, QB, 6'4", 247, There is a lack of quality QB's this season, this guy is the best of them, has 4 full seasons of experience in college but age and lack of physical sklls means he'll be picked up in the 2nd round
2, Stenberg, High 2nd round, QB, 5'11", 237, This guy has great leadership qualities but a below standard arm strength and height issues will see him being picked in the 2nd round
3, Suwamy, 3rd round, QB, 6'5", 238, This quite and calm QB might have the physical tools to suceed but a lack of experience will see this guy in the 3rd round
4, Rzaev, 2nd to last of 3rd, QB, 6'3", 220, This QB has been asked if he thinks he can play WR or DB
5, Mungomeni, Last of 3rd, QB, 6'1", 226, This QB has red flags everywhere, if you already have a young QB and you will need a backup that you hope never needs to see the playing field, then this guy may survive being cut

Backs: -
1, Isa, Top 5, FB, 6'5", 226, Plug in and Play Back with 4 years college experience, Monster player who just needs more work on his blocking
2, Gandhi, Top 5, RB, 6'2", 212, Top 40 yard time of the combine, with time could play in Shotgun formations but played RB throughout his 2 years at college, great learner, works real hard, should be a Top 5 pick but in a Shotgun oriented league may fall out the top 10
3, Shaposhnikov, Top 10, FB, 6'3", 224, Blistering 40 yard speed and great vision in pass protection gives this young back great potential but questionable workrate may allow this guy to fall out the top 10
4, Zaini, Top 20, FB, 6'2", 225, This Shotgun orientated back has show a nack for explosive plays and his upside is endless, speed and strength are good, not great and his age may make him slip out of the top 20
=5, Mikkelsen, High 2nd round, RB, 6'0", 211, RB's aren't high in demand but his upside is endless
=5, Hernández, High 2nd round, FB, 5'8", 215, Speedy Back with a nack of getting free in traffic, needs to build up his strength and 1 years experience in college hasn't provided scouts with much tape
=5, Lawson, High 2nd round, RB, 5'7", 198, This tiny RB has the quickness to suceed but experience and maturity will see him slide
=5, Fuchs, High 2nd round, RB, 5'9", 205, This slight RB is explosive but lake of game tape and intellengence means you won’t see him in the 1st round

Oline: -
1, Paauwe, Top 5, OL, 6'7", 325, Huge beast with great intangables, bench pressed 43 times at the combine, this guy has it all. If there are teams at the top of the draft with an OL need this guy could go early
2, DeLuise, Top 5, OL, 6'6", 320, Another Monster at OL that bench pressed 41 times at the combine, has high upside and already has great experience at the college level, should be Top 5 pick but there isn't a high need at OL in the draft
3, Veldman, Top 30, OL, 6'5", 313, 39 bench pressed, high Intellegence, work rate with great upside might not be enough to keep this guy in the 1st round because of lack of experience
4, Hozjan, High 2nd round, OL, 6'3", 305, OL's aren't high in demand but this guy is strong, no one is getting by him, experience and workrate may push him out of the 1st round
5, Praves, 2nd round, OL, 6'5", 315, Huge beast of a man who is a wall of a guy, prone to mistakes though will see this guy in the bottom end of the 2nd round

Receivers: -
1, Hwan, Top 10, TE, 6'5", 224, Strong Tight end from College that could easily convert to WR with great Speed, Intellegent guy with high Teamwork
2, Skucas, Top 20, TE, 6'5", 232, Strong and fast TE with great hands and already great in blocking schemes, good all rounder but with only 1 years experience before applying for the draft this may get red flags from some teams
3, Daigle, Top 20, TE, 6'4", 217, Slight Tight End that's working on converting to WR, 40 yard speed was explosive and has a huge upside
=4, Bae, Top 20, WR, 6'2", 189, This young WR has great potential but may start as a slot receiver before becoming a good WR2, needs to bulk up more but is young enough and experienced enough to suceed
=4, Turner, Top 20, WR, 5'10", 185, 2nd Top 40 yard time of the combine for this slot receiver, great hands and intellegence should ensure this guy is one of the 1st WR's of the board
5, Perrin, Top 30, WR, 6'2", 196, Another slot receiver with great experience but a little to slight to become a WR1, age is against him to become a true star but may make the 1st round

Kickers: -
1, Roberts, 2nd round, K, 6'8", 220, Quality Kicker, high kick avg. Plug in a play, should make the 2nd round
2, Żabiałowicz, 3rd round, K, 6'5", 216, Strong enough Kicker, should make the final cut
3, Golan, 3rd round, K, 5'11", 210, Has the potential to be a great kicker but must work on leg strength, very intellegent so should make the cut if his Strength improves
4, Malik, Bottom of 3rd, K, 6'2", 209, Prone to mistakes may make this guy one of the last picks of the draft

Dline: -
1, Saelua, 2nd round, DL, 6'7", 304, This guy will be the 1st Nose Tackle taken in the draft, but won't be till the 2nd round at best
2, Nardo, 2nd round, DL, 6'8", 308, This nose tackle is strong but a lack of experience and questionable work rate will see this guy taken in the 2nd round
3, Nelson, High 3rd round, DL, 6'4", 279, This undersized Nose Tackle needs time to bulk up and age is against him, someone will take a chance on him in the 3rd round

Edge: -
1, Wiesel, Top 10, LB, 6'5", 251, Experienced but young Edge rusher who could develop into a great all rounder at LB, fears that he has already physically developed to his peak already and his questionable workrate may see him drop out the top 10
2, Natia, Top 20, LB, 6'3", 213, Will or Sam LB who has been running CB tests at the combine, Rediculous speed and good strength, this guy got 9 forced fumbles in his last college season and could be one of the first "DB"s taken
3, Council, High 2nd round, LB, 6'3", 245, Not the best physicals make go against this Sam or Will LB but is young enough to fill out, great 2nd round pick
4, Veturliðason, High 2nd round, DL, 6'5", 260, This guy has shown some great speed and not many people have got by him, age strength and a lack of experience should push this guy to the bottom of the 1st round at best
=5, Bent, 2nd round, DL, 6'6", 274, Great edge player who can slip by anyone has good physicals and intellegence but many teams will have red flags against his experience and helpfulness in work as a team
=5, Zadrauskas, 2nd round, DL, 6'5", 266, This Edge guy is quick but needs to bulk up to make it in the elite league, needs time and experience to get better

Middle LB: -
1, Klimavicius , Top 10, LB, 6'4", 241, Run stuffing MLB with great leadership qualities and workrate, needs work on his quickness but is young enough that this shouldn't hamper his development, should be 1 of the first LB's off the board
2, Vilhunen, High 2nd round, LB, 6'2", 238, Run stuffing MLB with great strength and leadership, speed and experience may count against him, would be a great pick early in the 2nd round

Secondary: -
1, Dyer, Top 5, CB 5'10", 190, Very quick Corner with great Intellegence and workrate, this guy could be your shutdown corner of the future, a little undersized may push him out the top 10 unless there is a DB need with the early drafters
2, Uelese, Top 10, SF 5'11", 193, Another very speedy DB who can play anywhere in the back 4/5, great experience so far but a little slight so maybe needs half a season to bulk up
=3, Natia, Top 20, LB, 6'3", 213, Will or Sam LB who has been running CB tests at the combine, Rediculous speed and good strength, this guy got 9 forced fumbles in his last college season and could be one of the first "DB"s taken
=3, Bartley, Top 20, SF 5'10", 190, Very fast and young DB with 4 full years college experience, listed at only 5'10" but 8 forced fumbles last year with ensure this guy is on most teams top 20 list
4, Ríos, Top 30, CB 5'10", 190, Another very fast but undersized Corner, 5 forced fumbles in his only year at college before applying for the draft, lack of experience may mean he isn't drafted until day 2
5, Shadrin, High 2nd round, CB 6'3", 194, Speedy DB who needs game time to improve his quality, makes rash decisions and questions on helping team mates will see this guy in the 2nd round

Mock Top 10 Draft: -

Pick: Team: Player: Position
1, Fighters de Pλris, Isa FB
2, Enschede Cowboys, Paauwe, OL
3, Secret Air Service, Hwan, TE
4, Montesacro Mermaids, Shaposhnikov, FB
5, Wolflings, Gandhi, RB
6, Dalton Catamounts, Klimavicius, LB
7, Gardians, Dyer, CB
8, Lyon Eagles, Wiesel, LB
9, Basterds, Uelese, SF
10, Fargo Knights, DeLuise, OL

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posted: 2018-04-13 19:14:10 (ID: 100126847) Report Abuse
Looks like you had a lot of time at work.
Very nice write up.
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posted: 2018-04-13 19:34:21 (ID: 100126849) Report Abuse
Nice writeup .
But you know that Experts are expected to throw out atleast 2 Mocks with one covering all 3 Rounds
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BobBoy Magpies

England   dell_g owns a supporter account

Joined: 2014-01-04/S11
Posts: 811
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posted: 2018-04-13 21:56:24 (ID: 100126854) Report Abuse
Jiujitsutou wrote:
Nice writeup .
But you know that Experts are expected to throw out atleast 2 Mocks with one covering all 3 Rounds

Go for it... lol
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posted: 2018-04-16 09:57:53 (ID: 100127003) Report Abuse
Wow! Nice write-up!

Didn't sort the draftboard yet but I'm already curios if I agree
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