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posted: 2018-05-30 07:35:41 (ID: 100129322)  Edits found: 2 Report Abuse
prchaser wrote:
Not to toot my own horn too loudly, but feeling pretty pumped about my team's win today. good game cowboys...I'm guessing your team is adjusting to the new engine a bit as it seemed you used to be more of a SG team the last time we met. But the celebration will be short lived because 1. the last 14 points came as garbage time pick-6's and 2. I had a similar statement win last season against Joi, and that worked out pretty well for him in the end

haha really?
this was the biggest defeat in my career. well done and congratulations. i hope we´ll meet again this season

my playbook is not compatible with the new engine

Last edited on 2018-05-30 07:37:08 by Thommy

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posted: 2018-05-30 14:05:18 (ID: 100129334) Report Abuse
Thanks, but really, the first quarter was a draw, the second quarter was one-sided in my favor, the third quarter was a win for me and the fourth quarter was a win for you (except for that final minute when the new engine did new engine type things). So that final score was a bit bloated turning a good win into a blowout.
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posted: 2018-06-12 16:11:47 (ID: 100129735) Report Abuse
Frenchkiss goes bot . I think he had been around since season 1...his tactics had gotten kind of stale, but it stinks to lose someone who has been around for so long, especially with the lack of new players signing up and sticking around.

But in happier news, what is going on in the AC? The Destroyers, Gladiatori and Eagles are running away with their divisions (and Eagles look to clinch next week, which seems like it would have to be a record for fastest to clinch a division). And then the AC North is a beast looking to get three teams in the playoffs. Beyond that, there are a lot of struggling teams.

In the NC, we've got a lot more parity. The Mutineers and my Chaser are creating some separation in our divisions, but the other two are close and several teams are in the hunt for the wild card spots. With the bye weeks over, good luck to all!
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posted: 2018-06-12 21:02:10 (ID: 100129740) Report Abuse
Ah shit, sad to see Frenchkiss go.

This was his 19th season in Fire 1.1 - He got promoted for the beginning of season 8 then relegated but came back in season 13 and stayed until this season, as you said a very long standing manager in Fire 1.1.

As for the PO race it's a bit weird as in the AC barring a big surprise we already know who the 6 PO teams will be while in the NC you have 5 teams at 6-3 for 4 spots so the battle will be tough.

Good luck to all
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posted: 2018-06-29 17:41:19 (ID: 100130126) Report Abuse
Just saw that I drew Match of the Day for Monday's SC game. First time for me

Trying to decide whether or not to MOTY that game. At 13-1, a win guarantees a playoff spot, but looking at the PD tie breaker, as long as I don't lose by more than 35 points, I'm guaranteed a playoff spot anyway, and that is assuming everyone else near the cut off get 60 point wins (so I could probably afford to lose by a TD or two more).
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posted: 2018-07-01 12:16:34 (ID: 100130170) Report Abuse
Good luck dude
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posted: 2018-07-02 16:04:04 (ID: 100130192) Report Abuse
Meitheisman wrote:
Good luck dude

Thank you! Amazingly, coming off probably my worst performance of the year, my team had one of its best (without the MOTY, too). 40-13 over an Elite first win over an Elite.

Good luck to everyone fighting for a SC playoff spot today.
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posted: 2018-07-03 01:14:40 (ID: 100130208) Report Abuse
Fire Super Cup Representation
14 Teams (10 Fire 1.1, 4 Elite)

.95 “You Shall Not Pass” Colts (Dragons 1) v Fargo Knights
Thunder and Lightning (Dragons 2.1) v Ajalvir Destroyers
Gardians (Dragons 1) v Lyon Eagles
Isotopes v Lunatic Purple Cowboys
Munich Saints (Galaxy 1) v PR Chaser
Shard End Sharks (Admirals 1) v TigerCats
Bracciano Lakers (Admirals 1) v Flying Ducktales
Gladiatori Roma v Black Dragons (Elite)
Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers v Dayton Triangles (Claymore 1)
Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser v Olivos Borrachos (Claymore 1)
Neuseen Buccaneers v Bretzfield Bandits (Galaxy 1)
Dolphins Pisa v Qwik-6 (Admirals 1)
Haikou Hurricanes v Devon Dog Soldiers (Admirals 2.2)

I think this is fewer teams than last season, but I think we will have more success in the first round than last time. Good luck all!
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posted: 2018-07-03 08:36:15 (ID: 100130212) Report Abuse
Congrats Chasers, huge win!

And good luck to all Fire teams in the SC PO
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posted: 2018-07-06 14:17:22 (ID: 100130338) Report Abuse
Not a very good round for Fire, but looks like we did a little better than last season. But we got a lot of tough round 2 games with four Elite opponents and two 1.1 teams that are among the best in their regions. Good luck!

Diorite Lions (Elite) v Lyon Eagles
.95 “You Shall Not Pass” Colts (Dragons 1) v PR Chaser
Dolphins Pisa v Black Dragons (Elite)
Isotopes v San Diego Blitzkrieg (Elite)
noTown*mYsTics (Sea Devils 1) v Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser
Durham Wasps (Elite) v Neuseen Buccaneers
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