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posted: 2019-04-09 20:13:20 (ID: 100138570) Report Abuse


Managers of Thunder (both 1 and 2). Welcome all to the launch party of a brand new magazine as today, on the cusp of a new season, I give you something new. Something so new that even I don't even know what it really is

For today I give you ... Thunder Outsiders . A magazine that will be published irregularly (probably) and won't have recurring content (most likely) and will have guest writers (definitely). The writers are free to speak their mind and are encouraged to have opinions and to voice them. The use of statistics are enthusiastically encouraged and will be used to take a good hard look at different aspects of football in the Thunder leagues.


To start with, in this inaugural issue, we are looking at the Draft that will really kick start season 34. My own beloved Amersfoort Alligators have first pick and I feel conflicted. At first I felt like a kid in a candy story that can pick anything they want before his friends enter the shop. However a few days ago I started suffering from Analysis Paralysis and from FOMO fueled by the fear that I will pick the wrong guy and that the whole league will laugh at me.

However I then sat myself down and took a good look at the draft board again. After a while all the names dropped away from the screen and left was the only player deserving of a number 1 pick. That player, for me anyway, has to be 20 year old LB Pio Tahitu'a. This guy is a physical beast but other than just being dumb muscle he also has the brains to match his brawl. Also scouts from college have not been able to find any dirt on this guy and seems mature beyond his years as even the janitor had nothing but nice words about Pio. In short, the perfect guy to be the new face of the franchise following the dismantling of former Thunder powerhouse Amersfoort Alligators.

Now that that weight had been lifted of my shoulders I decided to look at what the average draft player looks like so I averaged all the important stats of every player in this year's draft :

Average Draft Player in Season 34 Draft:
Age 21 / Exp 3.1 / Talent 4.2 / Str 40.6 / Speed 41.3 / Int 38.6 / TW 34.6

If I look at my top 10 guys in this draft the stats look very different:
Average Top 10 Draft Player in Season 34 Draft:
Age 20.2 / Exp 3.7 / Talent 4.2 / Str 45.4 / Speed 43.1 / Int 43.9 / TW 37.7

I am using my top secret ranking algorithm to come up with my top 10 list and it easily visible why a top 10 draft pick is really valuable. Fortunately there is only one BOT picking in the draft this season (Bubble Bobble at 9) so most talent will stay in Thunder!

Tomorrow I will give a review of the first day action and give an arbitray score for the pick made. One spoiler: I'll give myself a solid A ;-)


If you are interested in helping to create content for the magazine and you have not indicated interest before then send me a PM. Also PM me if you have any feedback and / or ideas. As a proper journalist (cough cough) I will not disclose my sources if they don't want to be revealed so also contact me if you have a juicy rumour or just want to have a good old moan :-)

So this is it for issue 1 of the Thunder Outsiders magazine.

Good night to y'all,
your intrepid reporter Cheesehead
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posted: 2019-04-09 20:17:50 (ID: 100138572) Report Abuse
great article buddy shame your not in dragons,love the article and anything that encourages league activity is a good thing keep yup the good work
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Pamplona Walls
posted: 2019-04-10 02:56:50 (ID: 100138585)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
5 minutes left.

Cheesehead is in the draft war room.

Good luck everyone.

Last edited on 2019-04-10 02:57:49 by Pamplona Walls

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posted: 2019-04-10 07:48:57 (ID: 100138608) Report Abuse
great read and obvious Pick
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