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The Alpin Ducks

France   Kanar owns a supporter account

Joined: 2018-07-31/S30
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posted: 2019-06-30 12:15:58 (ID: 100140839) Report Abuse
Good luck Gentlemen.

It will be way harder for the Ducks to reach the cup PO as the logic would be to finish 10-5.

Very tough beginning in the league, easier schedule at the end. We will see if the PO can be reached.

And important:

do not forget to pledge on the media center
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Sunrise City Prairie Dogs

Usa   ptdoc2017 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2017-05-16/S25
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posted: 2019-06-30 21:45:42 (ID: 100140887) Report Abuse
First, good luck to all in SD 1!

Relegation produced some interesting results:
AC East welcomes Superpippo back...this group of teams about 4-5 seasons ago would be murder's row
AC South remains arguably the best division with Ashlee moving in. Going to be a long season for the Old England Redcoats....someone better start preparing the rookie for what lies ahead
NC West is Bautzen Greywolves division to lose but with some improvement from either Bern or a strong showing from the rookie Hgnkuc could make things interesting as Bautzen is by no means a dominant team.

I'd be shocked if the NC championship is not Baltimore Ravens vs Munich Runners. The AC is a much tougher call. I'd say the favorites are MSU vs Rainbow Warriors, but Marife, Vaxjo Gladiators and Ulero all have to be considered legit contenders.
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posted: 2019-07-01 08:03:24 (ID: 100140900) Report Abuse
Well, looks like I'll be able to go for a good draft pick this season

have fun everybody!
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The Alpin Ducks

France   Kanar owns a supporter account

Joined: 2018-07-31/S30
Posts: 1846
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posted: 2019-07-01 08:13:07 (ID: 100140901) Report Abuse

1- Michigan State Spartans
2- Rainbow Warriors
3- Konjarnik HighTowers
4- Schrodingers Cats
5- Naprzód Marsz!
6- Marife-Lacion

I see MSS reaching the Bowl this season and despite a complicated schedule dominate AFC. Rainbow Warriors have strong competition in their division but still have a decent margin over Marife Lacion who should still make it to the PO. KHT may lose 1 or two games against the Cubs, but as usual will compensate with some major upset against the best teams of the league. The Cats should win the division also becuase I see Gdansk in financial difficulties by the end of the season. Naprzód Marsz! may lose their two games agains MSS, but with that squad, 12 wins are garanteed. The Gladiators would make the PO in NFC, but with the Warriors and Marife-Lacion in their division, their chances are low in AFC.


1- Baltimore Ravens
2- Munich Runners
3- Idrosburghi Verona
4- Bautzen Greywolves
5- Devon Warriors
6- La Spezia Sprugoleans

The Ravens have a sligthly easier schedule than Munich so they got Seed 1. I see Verona better than Devon this season. Bautzen will win all their game in their division without breaking a sweat. Seed 6 should be very tigth with The Alpin Duck. The finance situation of LSS may be a decisive factor. WorpeX lost a lot of players without contracts this off season. They still have a solid core and if they decide to hit the TM, they could still get seed 6 considering the easy schedule.
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Konjarnik HighTowers


Joined: 2014-11-06/S14
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posted: 2019-07-01 12:18:34 (ID: 100140910) Report Abuse
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posted: 2019-07-01 16:14:36 (ID: 100140918) Report Abuse
good season to all
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Social Distance Runners

Germany   Buziano owns a supporter account

Joined: 2013-05-07/S08
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posted: 2019-07-01 17:14:24 (ID: 100140925) Report Abuse
sandrez wrote:
good season to all

Good season to all.
I never had so many bot games . I hope my team does not get sleepy.
Then again I also have ducks and wolves. And some Spartans who will love to get revenge for their one point last minute loss last season.

In other news 7 retirees. Among them my star QB who is upset that Kanar did not even mention him for the awards. He insisted of playing all bot matches for his final season.
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posted: 2019-07-02 20:11:26 (ID: 100140946) Report Abuse
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posted: 2019-07-02 21:28:08 (ID: 100140948)  Edits found: 2 Report Abuse
AC will be MSS vs anyone. It'll be good to be rid of them Of the contenders - Marsz, Cats, Gladiators, Marife, KHT, Redskins - I would be rooting for the Gladiators. We've all watch this team grow, and I would really like them rewarded. But being in AC South, it'll be hell for everyone in it.

NC will see 2 of my favorite teams, Ravens and Runners slugging it out for the conference. We can trust Verona to crash the party. There's Warriors and Greywolves really to pounce, but it'll be R&R eventually. My old rising star, LSS, has got to start watching their wage bill!

Rainbow Warriors wouldn't be challenging for anything. QB1, 3 all-stars and 9 starters either retired or club-retired. Its building time for the 2nd Gen of new koa. Plus summer's coming. So i'll be outdoors or travelling, not much time for playbooking.

Last edited on 2019-07-02 21:29:54 by ashlee

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The Alpin Ducks

France   Kanar owns a supporter account

Joined: 2018-07-31/S30
Posts: 1846
Top Manager

posted: 2019-07-03 11:38:11 (ID: 100140970) Report Abuse
Disapointing first draft pick. I got my pick #2, but it should not have been that high. I forgot OL come with trash agility which make this draft pick not even better that the current OL I have. Anyway:

20y OL:
49.3 STR
31.8 SPE uncapped
10.2 AGI
22 POS
23 FTW
26 BLO
36 INT
43 FTW

I definitly did not plan this draft well...
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