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posted: 2019-07-01 16:29:20 (ID: 100140920) Report Abuse

Ok, here are some of my thoughts behind this powerranking: Top group should be the best from last season -promoted teams + relegated teams.
2nd group are for those not quite good enough for the top, but tood good to be in the relegation figth.
3rd group are for those who need to step it up to avoid relegation. All teams promoted from league 2 are in here.

A quick look around the teams, show a lot of the new guys havent finished building their stadium, but have hired coaches??? GET BUILDING FELLAS!

Top Group:
1: Free Agent Mascots rat: 82,3. age: 26,7
2: Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin rat: 79,9 age: 27,9
3: vamosahi rat: 76,1 age: 26
4: Bracciano Lakers rat: 77,9 age: 25,5
5: Traktor Tiefe Furche rat: 79,4 age: 25,2
6: Havelock Vikings rat: 78,9 age: 27,5
7: Green Mark Packers rat: 80,2 age: 25,4
8: Gunnison Ghosts rat: 77,9 age 25,9
9: Gary Gargoyles rat: 72,7 age: 25,8

2nd group:
10: Rotterdam Rebels rat: 75,4 age: 26,1
11: VenoM rat: 69,0 age: 25,9
12: Bounty Hunters rat: 77,9 age: 25,4
13: Dougláss Longshipmen rat: 74,5 age: 24,2
14: League of Heroes rat: 73,6 age: 25,6
15: Motol Ducks rat: 73,3 age: 23,5
16: Devon Dog Soldiers rat: 72,9 age: 25,4
17: Zombie Unicorns rat: 79,6 age: 26
18: London Silverbacks rat: 74,1 age: 26,2

3rd group:
19: Sønderborg 84-pounders rat: 69,6 age: 22,4
20: Brüx Hospitallers rat: 67,2 age: 25,1
21: Milano Rhinos rat: 68,2 age: 25,3
22: Vienna Swabians Seestadt rat: 71,0 age: 26
23: NY Islanders rat: 62,2 age: 23,7
24: Nanaimo Bluebacks rat: 71,5 age: 24,9
25: 2nd Chronicles 7:14 rat: 69,8 age: 24,5
26: Polzeath Surfers rat: 64,6 age 24,2
27: Todmorden Titans rat: 69,5 age: 24,8
28: Turpiales de Caracas rat: 68,6 age: 23,9
29: Tovari rat: 72,1 age: 25
30: Franca Doutrinadores F.A rat: 61,7 age: 25,5
31: Saints rat: 67,2 age: 23,4
32: Willytown Wildcats rat: 59,8 age: 22,7

I havent had time to really do a deep analysis, so mostly this is based on what teams did last season. Still think the groups are pretty accurate. Dont like it? Show me yours.
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posted: 2019-07-01 16:40:32 (ID: 100140922)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Hi all.

As im off on holiday, wedneysday morning, i thought it best to get the powerranking and Qs done before leaving. As for the Qs, i really dont know if ill have time to do them the next couple of weeks, but if not, ill make a strong comeback.

Goal for the Pounders: 8 Ws. I still have a couple of holes on the roster, so im hoping for a good draft, or a lot of gems on the market afterwards. Tough SC division, so ill be surprised if i make the POs there.

Have a nice one.

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posted: 2019-07-01 20:02:10 (ID: 100140931)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
naaaiiice and thanks for this great season opener

just a bit too early. its still off-season. roster management all over the league runs hot these days. Tough decision are due to make. some numbers will drop, some will rise.

Ladys and Gentleman, coming Wednesday night ... who is your draft pick #1 this season?

Week 1 preview

It starts with a couple sunday Night like football games

Mascosts at Ghosts ... whoohooohoho am i afraid
Packers on Little Mens Pitch
Ducks hunting Vikings .... what a crazy little world we live in
and the classic game of the week: Sonderborg aka Borderline in Vienna

and in between a cpl of games with teams at same level. thats how a season starts!

May the better team win ... but not when you facing me

Last edited on 2019-07-01 20:10:48 by Mücke

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Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin

England   lions1934 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2013-05-02/S08
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posted: 2019-07-01 20:17:34 (ID: 100140932) Report Abuse
Would like to think that I'll have another good season but with my QB retired it could go either way with the replacement. Hopefully I've got the finances under control as there were a couple of times last season when I nearly went under.
Only 3 retirees this time and interestingly none of them offered to stay on so at least it's an easier decision on what to do.
Looking forward to a good draft but not expecting too much from where I'm picking.
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posted: 2019-07-02 14:50:21 (ID: 100140942)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Ok, i ve gotten 3 great replies from 8 sets of questions. As im in holiday mode and will have limited online time the coming weeks, here they are:

What is your team goal for the season?
Yashin (of Bracciano Lakers): Hitting a playoff spot again
Hiberno_Celtica ((HC) of Dougláss Longshipmen): Reaching the division championship
csacsinho (of The Green Mark Packers): the playoffs, and then see from there...

Are there any major changes to your team this season?
Yashin: Sure. Starting from last season I've lost 5 monsters in all key positions. I will miss my veteran QB so much ... Two youngsters at the helm will try to compensate
HC: Offense: Starting RB didn't get a new contract, shakeup on the OL
Defense: Retired DL, new starting DT, OLB, MLB, & CB
Overall: LOTS of new training squad players.
csacsinho: I lost some longtime starters, especially on offense and hope I can replace them with my younger players.

How do you see your division turning out?
Yashin: Four good teams and all ready to go to playoffs, I think it is the most uncertain division in Admirals
HC: Faring against three newly promoted squads we're hoping to sweep the division and get a wildcard berth.
csacsinho: I think Bracciano Lakers is the favourite, but maybe I've chances to compete. Last season I lost both games against Gunnison Ghosts and it seems like they are a difficult opponent for my team. So I think there are 3 teams who compete for the division title.

Who do you see winning your conference?
Yashin: Gunnison Ghosts. They had a serious uprise last season and Lakers and Packers are a little bit weaker than before
HC: Green Mark Packers.
csacsinho: With Comeback Kids being promoted to Elite League I think the conference is more open now. I see Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin as the best team at the moment, but other teams are close, like my team also.

Who´s your early bowl favourites?
Yashin: Thepitchhitchin vs Mascots is my guess
HC: Traktor Tiefe Furche.
csacsinho: Free Agent Mascots for sure, but we'll see.

What team do you consider to be your biggest rivals?
Yashin: All my division team adversaries and AC West
HC: Gary Gargoyles; we both promoted last season and have traded punches back and forth; they're a good team and we'll be facing them away in week 4
csacsinho: For now Bracciano Lakers, because they are in the same division, which they won the last three times.

Any old rivalries?
Yashin: Packers and Thepitchhitchin, around 50 games overall against them, with negative record ...
HC: melittlemenon thepitchhitchin; not an old rivalry but we drew them in both the supercup and wildcard playoffs and we had almost upset them but then got smeared; we'll be playing them I week 11 away and we're hoping to better them
Franca Doutrinadores F.A; former division opponent before the Admirals 2 merger, beat them in all 5 of our encounters since their club was formed and plan to extend our winning streak come week 5
csacsinho: Over the years I had a lot of games against Motol Ducks from Czech Republic, and I found out, that we meet again this season, so I'm really looking forward to that game.

Thanks for the replies. Any replies after this post will come later.
Edit: Ill work on highlighting names and Qs, as this is not an easy post to look at.

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posted: 2019-07-03 17:36:06 (ID: 100140995) Report Abuse
Nicely done! Fun read. Can't wait to see more.
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posted: 2019-07-03 19:00:39 (ID: 100140999) Report Abuse
I had three retirees, one (my top WR) had offered to stay but as has been the case for a couple of seasons (and will continue to be the case) finances meant he had to go. My CB3 and my K also went. And that is in addition to the 4-5 players I let go/retired - including my longtime starting QB - the season before.

This season I have five more players retiring (none of whom offered not to) - my current WR1, FB1, TE1, CB2 and SF1. Worse, my head coach (5*/5*) is also retiring. I'd say Fummer's rankings might be generous for my team!

Took a decent LB prospect in the draft but have no idea how he was my #2 prospect, must have overlooked him among everyone else. The guy I should have drafted went to VenoM with the next pick! Have some holes to fill yet, will cross my fingers for rounds 2 & 3.
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posted: 2019-07-05 19:58:52 (ID: 100141105) Report Abuse
Wow, I've been kicked into the "NC Division of Death". Seems like a ticket back in A2.
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posted: 2019-07-09 20:00:38 (ID: 100141246) Report Abuse
sorry, didnt want to bother you ... but ... btw ... its game day: regular season week 2 !!!

meanwhile i let go my top QB, top WR, next is my top OL. My offense is messed up, so was my game 1. After a rough start here is the hope it wont become an really ugly one

Anyone else with an little-big roster overhaul, or euphotic young prospect additions?
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Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin

England   lions1934 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2013-05-02/S08
Posts: 836
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posted: 2019-07-16 13:15:28 (ID: 100141384) Report Abuse
Sorry to see that Havelock Vikings have gone bot. Looked like it was going to be a cracking season for them as well.
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