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posted: 2019-08-04 08:02:13 (ID: 100141811) Report Abuse
Another edition of Qs for admirals is ready: The last 2 divisions have had a chance to answer here. I´ve gotten 3 replies, and ill through in my own answers. Answers from ivo17 of Rotterdam Rebels (ivo), amalric7 of Bounty Hunters (amal), Sanco of Free Agent Mascots (Sanco) and me (me).

What is your team goal for the season?
ivo Win my division and get to the confrence championship game
amal To stop losing money and try and actually make some. Never built up a big cash reserve in League 2 and spent a few seasons spending big on the transfer market, which is why we're struggling financially now.
Sanco I dont have goals. Would be great to take the crown again and get the last 8 in SC, but after the fiascos in recent seasons i dont have expectations just enjoy rza
me Go 8 and 8. Hope to reach a playoff spot in the SC, but have a couple of tough matches ahead.

Are there any major changes to your team this season?
ivo Yes, I had to let some high paid vets go to manage my capspace. But thats kind off what happens every offseason. But I always try to have younger guys ready to step in.
amal We've let several starters go in the last two seasons and more will be going after this season and next. Going to try and keep young developing guys on the team to stay competitive but won't be keeping older players on high salaries for the foreseeable future. Also changed head coach this season because my longtime HC was retiring anyway.
Sanco Nothing special. Three key members (no1 WR, OT, OG) retired after 10+ seasons with the team, but hope the next ones on the DC will be able to fill those holes.
me Nope, the roster is set for seasons to come. Minor changes in the 3rd stringers (found a QB and see next answer)

How did you do in the draft?
ivo It wasnt a great draft this year. But in my opinion this years draftclass did not have a lot of great players. But one or two will be nice rotational players in the future.
amal Decent. My 1st round pick looked like someone I picked over better options, but turns out he'll have 49.3 STR/50 SPD as a 21-yo LB. My 2nd rounder looks like being a WR because his STR won't get high enough for TE, unfortunately, but he'll be a good player. Training up my 3rd rounder to see how high his STR will go, could make a solid DL if it maxes.
Sanco After many draft, for the first time i didnt order the draftees. I just put the youngers with good TW/INT to the top of my list, and got lucky. Two out of the three are still unmarked at speed and the third one is yellow at 45,5 str. So all three is very promising.
me Got 2 good LBs that are now 3rd stringers, and a WR with (now) 50 speed. He will hit the market when he maxes as he has low int.

How do you see your division turning out?
ivo My Rebels will win it. Unicorns, 84-pounders and Tovari will fight for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Dont think one of them will get a wildcard but they will all avoid rellegation.
amal Mascots will win, easy.
Sanco Our division is balanced. The only division in the league, where each teams have more W than L. I think Bounty Hunter and the Mascost are one step ahead Vienna and Milano, and tonight's game will an important factor at the end of regular season.
me I completely agree with Ivo here.

Who do you see winning your conference?
ivo I wont settle for anything less than winning it myself..
amal Mascots again, really good team. Have them beating Rebels for the conference title.
Sanco Rotterdam or the winner of NC South
me Mascots, Rebels, Traktor or Heroes.

Who´s your early bowl favourites?
ivo Packers and Mascots
amal Mascots for sure, up against one of Green Mark Packers, Devon Dog Soldiers or Motol Ducks.
Sanco Definitely not me. Would be great if Devon Dog Soldiers win it. Their 7-0 is impressive.
me Any of the 4 mentioned above and from the AC any of the top 6 excluding the Longshipmen (sorry, still to early HC)

What team do you consider to be your biggest rivals?
ivo Dont really know. I would say Fummer and his 84-pounders but he is in rebuild mode for now, so its more of a division rival that I already have played a lot. I think he will get to competing for the division soon
amal Everyone is a rival.
Sanco Nowadays the Bounty Hunters.
me Tovari and Unicorns (for now).

Any old rivalries?
ivo hmmm... I think I have to say Yellowcakes, although I only played 3 years in the same division with them before they promoted to Elite. Very strong team and I am still proud I won the division in my first season in Admirals 1 NC west with a team like yellowcakes in it.
amal Schwabe's Vienna were my biggest obstacle from the start, took me a long time to beat them and then had a decent run against them. Haven't played much in recent seasons but good to be up against them once more. Good manager.
Sanco Devon Dog Soldiers, Green Mark Packers, Motol Ducks, Roma Wolves and Padborg Borderliners
me So many, and ive helped a few of them when they started. Just reading from the top of the league: Packers, Ducks, Venom, Caracas, Rhinos, Hunters and Swabians have been true rivalries. Teams like Mascots, Heroes, Vamosahi, thepitchhitchin, Soldiers, Gargoyles, Lakers and Ghosts have all been around for a long time, but have never been in the same division as me or has been on a different level for it to become a rivalry in my book/head.

Thats it for this round of Qs (unless some late As come in). Next ill focus on peoples relationship with the real NFL. Thanks for all the answers so far.
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posted: 2019-08-04 20:29:34 (ID: 100141825)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Who do you see winning your conference?
ivo I wont settle for anything less than winning it myself..

I see now that its about the conference.. I was talking about my division. For the conference I think it goes between mascots and me. About 70/30 for mascots

Last edited on 2019-08-04 20:36:44 by ivo17

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posted: 2019-08-15 10:57:30 (ID: 100142100)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Tomorrow I play in the CoC for the first time. AAAAnd it is my first "match of the day".
Hopefully I can give this Elite-Team a good fight.

Last edited on 2019-08-15 10:58:07 by Schwabe

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posted: 2019-08-15 18:51:42 (ID: 100142108) Report Abuse
Better late than never. Congrats!
Go eat him alive!
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posted: 2019-08-15 19:30:43 (ID: 100142109) Report Abuse
Good luck Schwabe
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posted: 2019-08-15 21:26:23 (ID: 100142114) Report Abuse
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Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin

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posted: 2019-08-16 19:12:56 (ID: 100142136) Report Abuse
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posted: 2019-08-17 07:02:37 (ID: 100142153) Report Abuse
11 is two times 1

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posted: 2019-08-17 09:05:33 (ID: 100142155) Report Abuse
one more W for Admirals
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posted: 2019-08-17 16:57:02 (ID: 100142163) Report Abuse

Well done Schwabe! Keep going!
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