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posted: 2020-06-09 11:50:53 (ID: 100149820)  Edits found: 3 Report Abuse
Yes, we had 73.8%. With 1.2% extra we would have qualified for the next tier:
more than around 75% of the funding goal reached: up to around 140 % payback.

So we will make 10.9 million back from our investment but it could have been near 20 mill.

It really cannot stress enough that despite everything you want to do, make a run for the title, rebuild, whatever, you should always leave 50mill for media center as when you are not you are literally throwing money away.

Not investing this year will basically cost you 11 million which teams that did invest will get so they will be able to invest in bigger salary and players. It's a losing strategy.

And if not all invest, the league as a whole loses ground and will be less competitive in Elite and Super Cup. Monarch for example will get 17.5 mill EXTRA per team this season and it is 28.6 mill for players that did not invest in media center. That means that Monarch teams next season could, if they wanted to, spend almost a million more per week on their teams. That is a LOT of money.

I would say 7million for players and staff is the max you can keep without losing money. Any number that is higher (unless planned) should make alarm bells ring as you will run into trouble in the future.

So this is a rallying call to all Thunder managers, let's get above 90% next season. Best to take a performance hit this season and cut costs so you can invest next season as otherwise you willl always be behind the curve.

So enough preaching for me now. See you next season in a >90% Thunder league

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