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posted: 2020-06-01 20:46:55 (ID: 100149581) Report Abuse
I know I heard arguments when the media center started. but I haven't heard how it ends. how does it affect me.? so far I have lost between 20 and 30 mil a year for the last 6 seasons seas 32 was the last time I was in the black. I cut big salaries ( ron chappell) and (benny evers) this year. who both wanted more than 300,00 a week. star players. my roster gets shortened every year. I get less experienced coaches every year. I sill lose money. so I think if I don't put into media center this year and save 50 mil. I might make a few $$,,, I don't know tho. the net worth of my team was 449 mil in season 32 now its worth is 298 mil. I thought the idea was to make money while winning?
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posted: 2020-06-02 07:59:39 (ID: 100149590) Report Abuse
I think i/we get around 70 m back from the mediacenter a season. So money saved now, may cost you at the end of the season.
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posted: 2020-06-03 22:44:08 (ID: 100149660) Report Abuse
And most teams have contributed to the media center, so we should already be making money this year. You join us, that money will get higher for everyone, that's how it works - as Fummer basically said, if you invest your $50M now you'll make money on it over the season. It's basically money for nothing.
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