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Poster Message
posted: 2020-09-04 02:43:19 (ID: 100152463) Report Abuse
prchaser wrote:
badgers wrote:15. Carbon Bay Baby Sharks, 1-1, +3. Nice win for the Sharks. Keep that up, and I might start calling you by your real name .

Sorry Osta9er, but because of Badger's posts, I thought your team name actually was Baby Sharks. I think you've earned your adult fins, Razor Sharks

I appreciate that thank you lol. No worries no offense taken. I will gladly take my pokes when they're well deserved, there are certainly worse verbal slayings in the brutally honest standings than mine. But I am hoping to a least make a splash (no pun intended) this year and get what I have trying to put together to actually show some results. Hoping we can build on this quality win and at least contend for the division. Just a super cup game of course but we also won a shootout today in Overtime as the slight underdog 37-34. So maybe we are coming together a little bit . Go Razor Sharks! 🦈🦈🦈
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posted: 2020-09-05 19:55:52 (ID: 100152488) Report Abuse
I guess I need to act like the Yankees and just purchase a winning team from market🤣🤣. .. worked for Roma 🙄😒
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posted: 2020-09-05 20:31:19 (ID: 100152490) Report Abuse
The shocker of the day is neroverde over Lunatic Cowboys. How'd that happen?

And how about that NC South! The only two losses in the division so far came against other division members. Outside of the division, 8-0 so far.
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posted: 2020-09-06 15:17:19 (ID: 100152503)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Took a screen-free day yesterday, so the week 3 power rankings are a day late:

1. PR Chaser, 3-0, - - . No reason to move these guys out of the top spot, so here they stay. Solid start for Fire 1's best team.

2. Green Bay Hackers, 3-0. Cruising through a bot team. We will need that refresher game to prepare for Lunatic next week.

3. GLADIATORI ROMA, 3-0, +1. These guys are looking very good this season. They tore the Razor right out of the Sharks this game.

4. Lunatic Purple Cowboys, 2-1, -1. Failed to close out the game at neroverde. Head-to-head keeps them slightly above Neuseen, but slipping.

5. Neuseen Buccaneers, 2-1, - - . Expected win for the Bucs. The German pirates head back home next week for a very interesting match-up against BETIS SANPOL.

6. Sacko Del Toros, 2-1, +2. The Toros' defense won them this game, picking off the Lions' QBs 3 times. Big win for a team suddenly facing an extremely tough division. Next week will be another big game for them as they face the division rival Castellers at home.

7. BoneCrushers, 3-0, -1. I would have expected this dominant team to have put the beat-down on the division newcomer. Maybe they played backups, but I would have expected a max-PD output this game.

8. Novosibirsk Lions, 2-1, -1. Lots of yards with very little to show for it. You've got to be able to capitalize on those opportunities. Turnovers were killer for them; they will look to have better ball control next week as they take a trip to Italy to take on GLADIATORI ROMA.

9. Andorran Castellers, 3-0, +1. They continue to perform well early in the season. Next game will be telling of their true strength, as they take on the Toros on the road.

10. Watford Hornets, 2-1, -1. The Hornets have gotten off to a strong start to keep on pace with breakout division rival neroverde. They will need to keep this pace up to stay in the hunt for the division title.

11. neroverde, 3-0, +3. Huge win for neroverde, taking down the Purple Cowboys at home. They are rewarded for this win by having a bye next week.

12. BETIS SANPOL, 2-1, -1. Easy bot victory for the Spanish breakout. Next week will be a true test of strength as they travel to Germany to face the Bucs.

13. Fargo Knights, 2-1, -1. Good win for the Knights against Pisa. Next week will be one to rest, as they have a bye.

14. AB Misawa Stars, 1-2, -1. Picked up their first win of the season (albeit in an unconvincing manner). A bot awaits them as they travel home for their next game.

15. Carbon Bay Baby Sharks, 1-2, - - . PR thinks the Sharks have earned the right to be called by name. I think they need one more convincing victory to earn their stripes (I also just enjoy calling them the Baby Sharks).

16. Hainaut Gamecocks, 1-2, - - . Tough loss to the Castellers. They will try to bounce back next week back home, but it will be a tough one hosting PR Chaser.

17. Mikey's Pounders, 2-1, +2. They have looked solid for most of the season, able to beat two of their division rivals already. We will see if they can beat all three, as they face BoneCrushers next week.

18. Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers, 0-3, -1. Struggling all season. They have been a consistent powerhouse in Fire 1, even making an Elite appearance in season 35. I'm not ready to give up on this rebuild, but it is sure hitting them hard on the field.

19. Dolphins Pisa, 1-2, -1. If they were a real contender, they would have been able to keep this game close. Their inability to do so tells me that this season will be similar to last for this team.

20. Bonaval Acorns, 2-1, +1. Don't get fooled by this team's winning record. I doubt they will be able to keep this up for long.

21. Venice Winged Lions, 0-3, -1. This team has had an interesting strategy trying to field a competitive team. If the coaches played, these guys would be very good, but coaches don't. Enough said.

22. Watersmeet Nimrods, 2-1, - - . Easy bot game to pad their record. After their week 2 upset victory, this will be a team to watch the rest of the season.

23. negbone, 1-2, - - . Fell to a division rival this week. I think they are still trending in the right direction, but in a bit of a slump.

24. Lincoln Towncars, 1-2, - - . I was impressed when I saw how close the Towncars kept it against Misawa. Another team to keep an eye on, either this season or a season or two down the road.

25. Arsago Seprio Boars, 1-2, - - . Fell to the Bucs at home. The fans were seen throwing tomatoes at the payers, coaches, and management after the game.

26. Os Turtles Ninja, 1-2, - - . Really not a bad performance defensively against BoneCrushers. Yet to finish building their stadium, they still have a long ways to go.

27. Duluth Sharks, 1-2, - - . Hey, we have another team in Fire 1 called the Sharks. Maybe Carbon Bay can pass on the title of Baby Sharks when they earn their full name.

28. Schönspieler, 0-3, - - .
I found it. Hehe

We will have some very good games next week. Good luck to all!

Last edited on 2020-09-06 15:17:46 by badgers

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Tokyo 2020
posted: 2020-09-08 18:55:46 (ID: 100152532) Report Abuse
fe fi fo fum, BOT !
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posted: 2020-09-09 23:07:20 (ID: 100152574) Report Abuse
Well, lots of division rivals and other good teams played today, giving us a better understanding of this season’s hierarchy. With that, here are your week 4 power rankings.

1. PR Chaser, 4-0, —. I was considering moving my team up to #1 after beating Lunatic, but then I saw this dominant shutout victory by PR against a team that not many can shut out, even if they can beat them. Absolutely torched the Gamecocks.

2. Green Bay Hackers, 4-0, —. Very pleased by my team’s performance today. Other than my offense being a bit sloppy, that is a performance I will accept any day.

3. GLADIATORI ROMA, 4-0, —. Took care of business at home against Novosibirsk. Russia’s finest Lions weren’t enough to get by the Gladiators, who will spend the rest of the night cleaning up the mess they left in the Colosseum.

4. Neuseen Buccaneers, 3-1, +1. Despite a severely limited lineup due to some financial troubles, the Bucs win and climb a little higher in the power rankings.

5. Sacko Del Toros, 3-1, +1. A blowout victory against a good division rival in Andorra bodes well for this team’s future this season.

6. Lunatic Purple Cowboys, 2-2, -2. Second straight loss for a Cowboys team that’s considered a contender for promotion. They will need to bounce back quickly to keep those hopes alive.

7. BoneCrushers, 4-0, —. The Crushers have now beat all of their division rivals once, and another division title seems likely. The margins of victory have not been as wide as a team of this caliber should have been expecting, but hey, wins are wins and you can’t complain about that.

8. Watford Hornets, 3-1, +2. The Hornets take care of business at home to distance themselves from the Acorns in the division. Next they have their sights set on neroverde, whom they look to catch in the next couple of weeks. It will be a tough road, as they have to fight through PR next week.

9. Novosibirsk Lions, 2-2, -1. At 2-2, this team somehow sits dead last in the division. I’m sure that will change.

10. Andorran Castellers, 3-1, —. At 3-1, this team somehow sits 3rd in the division. Man, the NC is tough this season. It’s crazy what can change in one season.

11. neroverde, 3-0, —. Fun fact about neroverde as they enjoyed their bye: they still haven’t fully built their stadium. Instead, it seats about 136,000-ish. Why didn't they fully build their stadium? I don’t know, and we’ll probably never know.

12. BETIS SANPOL, 2-2, —. Fell to the Bucs in a game I thought would have been closer given Neuseen’s financial troubles. They remain atop the weak AC North.

13. Fargo Knights, 2-1, - - . Another team enjoying a bye this week. The Knights have won the division in Fire 1 9 times, including one trip to Elite in season 29.

14. AB Misawa Stars, 2-2, - - . Fe fi fo fum, here does Misawa come… to a bot. Get back to .500 on the season.

15. Carbon Bay Baby Sharks, 2-2, —. A bot is not enough to earn your full name, but it is enough to stay within striking distance of the division lead.

16. Hainaut Gamecocks, 1-3, —. Got pushed around by PR, shutout at home. I expect them to figure it out only because there are a lot of new teams in the league.

17. Mikey’s Pounders, 2-2, - - . The Pounders took a bit of a beating at the hands of their biggest division rival. We will see how much they can close the gap by the time they face off again later in the season.

18. Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers, 1-3, - - . Pick up their first win of the season against an easy opponent. Ngl it’s weird to see them at the bottom of the division. I doubt they stay there for long.

19. Dolphins Pisa, 2-2, - - . Won by less than a TD against a weak opponent. We won’t be seeing them as a contender this season.

20. Venice Winged Lions, 0-4, +1. Kept it close to a team that’s better than they are. Those Lions are starting to grow wings.

21. Bonaval Acorns, 2-2, -1. Got beat up by a nasty swarm of Hornets. Surprised? No. Acorns aren’t known to fight back.

22. Watersmeet Nimrods, 2-2, - - . Their week 2 upset is starting to look like a fluke. If the Nimrods had a team this year, a victory in this game would have been expected.

23. negbone, 2-2, —. Snuck by their new division rivals, barely. Maybe they aren’t as far along as I thought.

24. Arsago Seprio Boars, 2-2, +1. Defeated the Towncars, who were out for a little stroll and didn’t realize they were on the field and supposed to be playing.

25. Lincoln Towncars, 1-3, -1. New team bumps and bruises, as expected. Too bad you had to do it to such a nice car.

26. Os Turtles Ninja, 1-3, —. This team has been able to keep some games close. They certainly are showing some promising signs.

27. Duluth Sharks, 1-2, —. As this is a new team, there’s not much to say about them on their bye. I guess I do have something. Their manager rank is still at rookie, so if y’all want to DM them and try to give them a couple tips that would be great. I sent one a while ago but haven’t gotten a response.

28. Schönspieler, 0-4, —. If anyone needed any more proof of how bad this team is, look no further than this game. They just lost to a bot, and that team was never very good when they were still managed. I don’t understand why someone would play if they’re going to be this bad, but idk man, whatever floats your boat.

This week has quite a few good games, but *cue Monday Night Football theme* this week’s FIRE 1 GAME OF THE WEEK is Watford Hornets at PR Chaser. It’s the dominant veteran defending home field against the upstart stud (and rich boy, apparently, I mean, have you seen those salaries?). Who will come out on top? Tune in to find out!
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posted: 2020-09-11 11:24:15 (ID: 100152615) Report Abuse
An argument could easily be made to make your team the top ranked team. Barring an upset, right now it looks like we are going to decide it on the field in the championship.

I guess Schönspieler really wants the first draft excuse getting blown out by a bot

As for neroverde's stadium situation, I wonder if that is a calculated decision. I believe an unfinished stadium never needs to be repaired. So if your attendance would never get into the 140,000 numbers anyway, then an unfinished stadium might not be a horrible idea
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posted: 2020-09-11 20:17:30 (ID: 100152622)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
After several days of hard thinking, I have come to a difficult and sad decision. I will be leaving RZA for a while (for a time measured in years, not months, weeks, or days). It is just too hard for me to maintain a team here when my life drastically changes every September due to the start of school. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I have spent here, and 100% plan on returning once my life starts to become more consistent, and not have 3 months out of the year when I have endless amounts of time on my hands and 9 months where I'm lucky to have the amount of time it takes to write this post.

I just want you all to know that I really enjoy you guys; this has been a really hard decision for me to make because of you. It hurts to leave you guys.

In the meantime, I will be first selling all of my players, and if they are not sold the first time I will cut them and turn them into free agents. I have lots of good players and a boatload of exciting prospects, so be sure to check it out in the next week or so. Note on the YA players: they are listed in those positions for physical training. Their positions in the YA are not indications of what position they will actually play on the field.

Good luck to you all and I wish you all the best IRL and in this game.

P.S. I haven't done this yet so I feel like I must before leaving. This week the Carbon Bay Razor Sharks take on the BoneCrushers on the road. It will be a good test for the Razor Sharks. Don't disappoint Osta9er

Last edited on 2020-09-11 20:20:47 by badgers

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Social Distance Runners

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posted: 2020-09-12 01:50:09 (ID: 100152629) Report Abuse
These are truly bad news. You took the right decision 5hough. Real life has to come first and I applaud you for taking this step. All the best to you. See you back here in nine months then.
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posted: 2020-09-12 03:35:23 (ID: 100152630) Report Abuse
Buziano wrote:
These are truly bad news. You took the right decision 5hough. Real life has to come first and I applaud you for taking this step. All the best to you. See you back here in nine months then.

I think you misunderstood. I’m not coming back once school out this summer, because otherwise next year at this time I’ll be in the same situation as I am now. I fully intend on coming back, but it will be several years, at least until I finish all of my education.
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