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posted: 2020-08-31 15:33:52 (ID: 100152309) Report Abuse
Predictions are always fun. Bowl prediction after week 1:
Norfolk Dumplings over Juggernaut

Other thoughts: NC West is shaping up to be an interesting division. Waukesha's young stars from prior drafts should be coming into their own now and that team rating is starting to climb. They're my team to follow this season for pure interest. Meanwhile, Destroyers showed last season they can beat anyone if they can keep the roster together. Add in a Boonley team returning from Elite and that's some interesting division matchups.

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posted: 2020-08-31 15:43:44 (ID: 100152310) Report Abuse
Mantis have decided they don't want to play once they get on the field already this year. My prediction on the Narran vs. Mantis game will be Narran 30-Mantis 7 (unless my team shows up, then we may score 21 points).
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Tullo Ostilio
posted: 2020-08-31 17:42:43 (ID: 100152315) Report Abuse
Bowl prediction:
Norfolk Dumplings over Thunder Bolts
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posted: 2020-09-01 11:19:07 (ID: 100152345) Report Abuse
NFC is not very deep this year so Norfolk Dumplings seems obvious choice there.

I am picking Deflators as they had a down year (for their doing) and am expecting them to be at the top of the pack once again.

So Bowl would be then: Norfolk Dumplings vs Deflators.

Winner: Norfolk Dumplings
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posted: 2020-09-01 11:24:50 (ID: 100152346) Report Abuse
dumpling wrote:
Destroyers 28:16 Bulldozers - The Bulldozers returned to Thunder from Elite and lost to a Destroyers team who are in financial trouble. With Donell Connell gone the Destroyers turned to QB Nigel Fanny who had a mixed game and was glad his defence chipped in with 3 Ints.

The win is even more surprising considering the TC and Morale of the Destroyers. They are at 90% now and probably a bit less before the Bulldozers game. This is a real upset in my books and I expect Destroyers to bounce right back.

dumpling wrote:
Next weeks big games:
Deflators @ Alligators

See my bowl prediction. We'll see if Deflators can clear the first hurdle. Obviously I am not expecting myself to win here.
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posted: 2020-09-01 12:23:09 (ID: 100152351)  Edits found: 2 Report Abuse
Cheesehead wrote:
See my bowl prediction. We'll see if Deflators can clear the first hurdle. Obviously I am not expecting myself to win here.

I think this is the most complete and perfect game my team have EVER played! But that makes this an outlier so don't take too many conclusions from this game. I had:
- only 1 punt
- 10 out of 14 3rd down conversions
- best rushing game ever in the history of the team
- 10 sacks
- 2 picks
- no picks given away

Those kind of stats are not sustainable over more games let alone repeatable. I am still enjoying this however!

And to IMGregory I say: throw the game tape in the bin and move on to the next game!

Last edited on 2020-09-01 13:59:22 by Cheesehead

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posted: 2020-09-01 14:32:24 (ID: 100152363) Report Abuse
Great game today Narann.....that turnover at the beginning of the 4th really helped me out. I did give the ball back to you on a turnover as well, but you just could not move the ball much into my end of the field. This was a VERY close game all the way throughout the game!
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posted: 2020-09-02 12:49:15 (ID: 100152408) Report Abuse
Dumplings big match reviews of week 2:

Deflators 13:51 Alligators - Jumping Jack Flash what happened here !!! Despite protestations from the Alligators that the team might not be good enough for a championship run we think that this result proves otherwise. It may well be an 'outlier' result for both teams but with a wage bill of $5.7m this Alligators team is stuffed with talent

Mantis 34:24 Narann - A tight first half with the scores level 10:10 at half time before the game burst into life with a 70yd TD pass for Mantis in the first drive of the 3Q. Boom next drive for Narann and a 86yd TD pass. Next drive for Mantis and they are intercepted by Narann and that drive ending in a TD. Narann then fumbled on the first play of the 4Q with Mantis ending that drive with a TD. Mantis then closed out the scoring and sealed the game with a further TD. After their close 4pt loss to Bolts in the last game it seems that watching a Mantis game is value for money

Xu Da 16:30 Wild Thangs - Was this game an indication of how the AC South will play out? Last season Wild Thangs won the division and Xu Da made the playoffs. The Wild Thangs offensive line looked good and the RB got 121yds and a touchdown in this win.

Next weeks big games feature a clash of those still unbeaten:
Renegades @ Juggernaut
Frogs @ Dumplings
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posted: 2020-09-02 15:40:02 (ID: 100152410) Report Abuse
Great games upcoming for sure, but gotta love that Jumpin Jack Flash line!!! have to agree...the Alligators are going to be fun to watch this year.
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posted: 2020-09-03 13:55:51 (ID: 100152440) Report Abuse
I already know a couple of you have written a review or left a rating, but just in case anyone doesn't check "discussions."

Help generate more buzz to bring in new teams. Takes just a couple minutes to write something, or a few seconds to give a 10 rating!

gm games reviews conversation
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