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posted: 2020-11-16 10:39:54 (ID: 100154322) Report Abuse
That's a real pity.

I remember a couple of trash talk gems on the forum that will be missed!

I hope that after a couple months, you'll realize you miss the game anf that you will come back.
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posted: 2020-11-16 12:04:38 (ID: 100154338) Report Abuse
Kanar wrote:
So several recent managers have to pledge for the mediacenter for the first time.

We already reached the threshold for a guaranteed benefit at the end of the season. If we reach 90% overall, that’s 19 millions benefits. Right now it’s about a few, better than nothing, but it would be a pity to stay at this level.

Hello fellas no way to reach at least 75% we are below of about 100M

If you pledge 50M before Wed, you will receive back on Thu 2.5*5 =12.5 M
So it would be like pledging 37.5M ....
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posted: 2020-11-16 17:37:12 (ID: 100154352)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Thanks for playing Ashlee and Pippo. Its been fun!

Also, before you quit, send me your playbook please. I'm still running the default one with zero intentions of building my own.

Also, I just pledged so we're at 75% now. All good.

Last edited on 2020-11-16 17:38:12 by WorpeX

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posted: 2020-11-16 17:56:51 (ID: 100154353) Report Abuse
Actually we need 5 more millions to reach the next stage.
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posted: 2020-11-16 20:24:12 (ID: 100154355) Report Abuse
Damn. Verona missed the contract nego as well. 17 players left in the team.
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posted: 2020-11-17 07:11:46 (ID: 100154376) Report Abuse
Kanar wrote:
Actually we need 5 more millions to reach the next stage.

We are at 78% so +20M, far from 90% but not bad.
Thanks all of you guys
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posted: 2020-11-18 05:56:10 (ID: 100154440) Report Abuse
I was hoping better than my 9th choice. Not a bad player, but already have many of those...
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posted: 2020-11-18 06:37:27 (ID: 100154442)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Kanar wrote:
I was hoping better than my 9th choice. Not a bad player, but already have many of those...

Yeah, same. Got an OL player which will be a need next season, but needed some help on defense for right now. Ah well, thats what happens when you draft high!

Last edited on 2020-11-18 06:37:50 by WorpeX

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posted: 2020-11-18 19:00:57 (ID: 100154518)  Edits found: 4 Report Abuse
Been years since i've done one of these but hey, we got the Hall of Fame back working again, why not this too? Not planning on doing anything past R1 though.

Like real-life Draft Grades, these are completely based off of what these guys are like while entering the Draft. The players could end up being a bust or steal over time depending on how the manager trains them and their caps.

S40 R1 Draft Grades

Bot Picks 1-10 - Unfortunate for us drafters, these pesky bots ended up stealing away some decent first round talent including Lilian Madurasinghe (DL), Federico Castro (LB), Lamon Pridi (DL), Gavrylo Kravchenko (OL) and Jacobo Molina (DL). All 5 of which I had between 6-16 in my draft board.

The Chicago Cubs - Abraham Martinez (LB) - A-
Great pick and a player who will be very good for a very long time. It's hard to go wrong picking a 50 speed, 50 strength player. However, with what is essentially the #1 overall pick for the Cubs, picking the #2 LB in the draft is a bit of a letdown so no perfect grade here.

Konjarnik HighTowers - Arno Alberts (TE) - F
Yikes, someone forgot to set their draft board. This guy will go down as a pretty big draft bust! Fan's will be upset by this choice for sure as they see much stronger, younger and faster options still on the draft board.

Advancetown Kookaburras - Gharib Antikulapo (LB) - A+
Hands down the best player in the draft! Advancetown did their homework and fans have to be loving their manager after coming away with this steal! They've got a fearsome LB with nearly perfect stats to cheer for and hes only 19 years old!

BC Bombers - Zeki Mohammad (CB) - B+
In a weak defensive back draft class, BC picks the top player and it was almost certainly a need pick. Zeki is a Sure Tackler and is touted as one of the fastest players in the draft. However, his benchpress was very weak. BC is taking a bit of a risk in hoping they can bring his strength up, but if they do, this guy will be a stud! I would argue that there were safer picks in DL and LB players still on the board though.

Bavarian Lions - Eckhart Muller (WR) - C
Another need pick for sure. This guy would have been available in the 2nd round though. Very few teams pick anyone over 20 in R1 as you want to get players who will be on the team as long as possible. Still, you could argue that Eckhart is the top WR in this very weak receiving class. He has Sticky Fingers and 50 speed. However, he scored very poorly in intelligence tests which is an important skill for WR players.

Munich Dragons - HuiK'o Hunh (DL) - A+
With the two best players off the draft board, the veteran manager of Munich goes for the next best defensive player - HuiK'o! This man Stripped Balls from QBs in college like no one else and scored the highest possible grade on Benchpress! For someone as big and strong as him, he is extremely fast as well. Great pick and this player will be a star!

SH Cougars - Gavin Murray (LB) - B
Gavin stayed in college longer than most players, but in doing so he played more snaps then most and is billed as the most intelligent and experienced players in the draft. His Strength and Speed aren't too shabby either. His biggest knock against him is his age. With younger draftees you're expecting to put them into the starting lineup at 22yo, not be starting their non-physical training. He'll be 24 or 25 before he even sees the field and thats a shame.

mystics - Dante Ashley (DL) - A
The Mysitics have already made public that they plan to use Dante as a DL, despite the player player LB in college. He's a fast, intelligent player who is well loved for his teamwork in the locker room. For a DL, you'd like to see more strength out of him and i'm sure the mystics will work on that with him first.

Hopfenperlen - Jordy Frey (LB) - A
Fearsome. Track Star. Heavyweight. These are 3 words that can be used to describe Jordy Frey's play! His intangible skills (INT,TW) are also off the charts. His physicals are above average but not record breaking. Hopfenperlen will sure hope he doesn't have low caps. If he doesn't, this guy will be Insane!

Naprzod Marsz! - José Gonçalves (TE) - F
I've heard some pretty nasty words from Naprzod fans after the draft about their favorite teams management. The team has been in a bit of a rut for a long time now and unfortunately, Jose Goncalves won't get them out of this rut. Jose is a 21 year old Slippery TE with high intelligence, poor strength and average Speed. Round 3 talent picked in Round 1.

Havertown Junipers - Tom Castro (OL) - A-
Not a flashy pick from Havertown. However, Tom was a Stone Wall in college who wasn't afraid to help out teammates whenever he got a chance. He scored a rare 49 in intelligence tests for a OL. His strength is his biggest flaw, as its just slightly lower then you'd like to see. Luckily, hes only 20 years old.

Glasgow Thisle - Bran MacDuff (OL) - A-
A pure mauler of a OL player, Bran got the max grade in benchpress and scored high in Intelligence and Teamwork. He's got all of the ability to be an offensive cornerstone for Glasgow. Unfortunately, hes already 22 and OL players take time to train up before they're truly ready to be a starter.

Devon Warriors - Tahsin Hasan (LB) - B
A good, but not great pick at this spot. LB was very deep this season and despite multiple already being drafted, there are still a few still on the board which rate higher coming out of college then Tahsin. Great Intangibles but low Physical stats are his defining traits. At 19 years old and hopefully with some cap luck, Tahsin is the right player to take a gamble on. All he needs is time to train up his stats before he'll be a game changer.

Idrosburghi Verona - Mario Fuentes (DL) - A+
Verona got the Best Player Available at this draft pick. His physical stats aren't perfect, but they're only a couple points off. He's Slippery as well! Biggest knock on Mario is his below average intelligence. For his postion though, its not exactly a deal breaker.

Bautzen Greywolves - Masanori Tokaji (CB) - A
Masanori has an ability to high point the football like no one else in this draft, this Long Reach gave him many interceptions in college. His speed and Intelligence are also exceptional, allowing him to give WRs a challenge. His strength is acceptable for a CB. For a late round 1 draft pick, you can't really do much better. At 22 years old though you'll be starting to train his replacement only a few seasons after he finally gets into the starting line-up.

Rainbow Warriors - Rehor Hernandez (CB) - D
Rumors have been swirling about the Rainbow Warriors selling their team. With draft picks like this, I can see why this may happen. A 22yo CB with poor strength, average intelligence and mediocre experience. His high speed makes this pick a bit easier to swallow, but thats about all he's got going for him.

Wasteland Wolves - Taha Bouchaala (TE) - D
Another poor pick. Poor speed, mediocre strength, no much expereience and below average intelligence. Apart from not having a single fumble in his career (a true Ball Manager) and only being 20 years old, I don't see much to like about Taha.

Schrodingers Cats - Leekpai Congppandy (FB) - A
Leekpai has been asked to change his position many times throughout his career thanks to his max speed. Coaches quickly realize he stays at FB because of his incredible Pass Blocker ability. There is a lot to like about this young offensive player. None of his stats are bad and while its certainly not a flashy pick, this is a fantastic late round 1 pick.

Old England Redcoats - Mathis Nuytinck (TE) - C+
It wasn't a great TE class but that didn't stop Mathis being the 4th TE taken. It's not his Strength, Speed, Intelligence, or Teamwork whcih got Mathis drafted because none of that is impressive. Its his Sticky Fingers catching ability, Slippery tackle dodging and Track Star credentials which got him drafted. 3 special traits in one man who is also very experienced.

The Masked Ducks - Jean – Philipe Laporte (OL) - A-
Jean has all the traits of a strong RB pick... wait, hes an OL player? uhhh what are the Ducks doing!? Anyway, Jean has 50 speed and was known as being very Slippery in college. His benchpress was also mediocre. His Intelligence and Teamwork are above average. This guy has all the making to be an incredible RB and KR. Perhaps the ducks intend to make him a FB in a few seasons because I don't see much potential in him ever being on the OL.

Leeds Celtics - Clemente Torres (DL) - A+
Fearsome max strength defensive line player still on the board at 31? The Celtics say, "yes please!". Apart from the strength, he has good speed, average intelligence and average teamwork. At 20 years old, this draft pick is a STEAL!

Vaxjo Gladiators - Elliot Lindbom (LB) - B
A TE out of college, Elliot is currently listed as a LB now. He hadn't had a fumble in college thanks to being a true Ball Manager. His speed is above average and his football experience is rather high for someone at 19 years old. Teammates LOVE him. On the flip-side, his benchpress was laughably bad. He needs work and i'm sure hes only listed as a LB for training purposes as I doubt he'll ever see the field in that role.

Last edited on 2020-11-18 19:36:45 by WorpeX

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posted: 2020-11-18 19:22:52 (ID: 100154520) Report Abuse
Nice reading!

My pick is an OL because he is not fully capped yet at STR. He will change position later. Which one, I don’t know yet.
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