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posted: 2022-03-12 15:46:38 (ID: 100165938) Report Abuse
See you soon!
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posted: 2022-03-13 08:39:10 (ID: 100165976) Report Abuse
Welcome back. hehe Yo-yo.
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posted: 2022-04-05 22:07:19 (ID: 100166549) Report Abuse
Last call for Mediacentre bonus! Even a few million will help.
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posted: 2022-04-19 11:19:03 (ID: 100166856) Report Abuse
FYI, I just sent this to Pete yesterday (posting just in case my account gets deleted before I can post anything here):

RonaldVennegoor wrote:
Hey Pete,

Wanted to give you u p d a t e on my situation. My wife has been off sick for 3.5 months now and been bedridden for this time. It's nothing life threatening fortunately but it does look like another 3 months minimum of rehabilitation. I've had to take care of our two young daughters (1 and 3) for this time and reduced my working time by half.

I've not had the mental capacity to 'play' RZA for the last few months as in the evenings I have a couple of hours and I really want to turn my brain off instread of on. I do feel the urge to keep up with training, match planning, etc etc but the truth is that despite my best intentions I've spent probably two hours on RZA in the last Re

Reason I am telling you is that my team is kinda at that sweetspot of making a run for it in terms of talent and salary. However I don't want to be that guy that doesn't really play but does impact competition.

I am therefore asking you if you can turn my team into a BOT team instantly and close the account. It's a tough request but I think it's the fairest I feel. I am not worried about lost credits or supporter time.

When that is done, I will start a new team again when the time is right , I will write a story like the one I started with the Deventer Devils.

I might just make a new account after deletion to keep up with forum but no active team development.

It's with a heavy hart I write this request but I hope you understand my reasoning.


Really sad to post this but I do feel it's the right thing to do for now

(btw I am former Thunder manager Cheesehead of the Amersfoort Alligators :-) )
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posted: 2022-04-19 17:27:40 (ID: 100166859) Report Abuse
Your contributions to RZA will be sorely missed. I hope for a speedy recovery for your wife. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well.
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posted: 2022-04-19 22:58:01 (ID: 100166870) Report Abuse
Sending prayers from the middle of the Pacific - you will be missed.
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