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posted: 2022-12-13 17:15:33 (ID: 100170919) Report Abuse
Hey guys, with the new season fast approaching I figured I'd try and start up a thread for it. How are we all feeling for the season? Personally, I'm thinking I see five wins max on the schedule. Looking forward to this season's beatings though
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Captain Jack
posted: 2022-12-13 21:58:49 (ID: 100170920) Report Abuse
Thanks for doing this. I am 'sort of' rebuilding. I got into financial troubles a couple of seasons ago and had to let some players go. I also had to accept some into the team who did not have the best skill set, but their wages were reasonable.

Fortunately I still have some good players left as well as the experience of playing a good few seasons and so I am hopeful of making the playoffs.
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jonathan birney
birney's weekenders

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posted: 2022-12-14 01:28:55 (ID: 100170923) Report Abuse
hi, first time posting in a forum, so here goes, looking forward continuing to build up. I got into major financial trouble 6? seasons ago and had to dig out. won the division last year, hoping to repeat, but SARMIS will have something to say about that. hopefully in the draft I get a few of the players I am looking for. good luck to all.
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posted: 2022-12-14 04:13:48 (ID: 100170927) Report Abuse
Well, first round of the draft and I got who I had pinned as No. 1 on my draft board (Monarchs 2 pool). Good start to the year
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Paxtang Black Panthers

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posted: 2022-12-14 05:36:16 (ID: 100170929) Report Abuse
After a couple of seasons with a bloated roster, it's time for some house cleaning.
The more talented players are going to market, while the others are getting their walking papers.

I didn't spend as much time as usual sorting my draft board this season, but I landed a DL/LB type. Where he'll play depends upon his max speed.
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Leverkusen Leopards

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posted: 2022-12-14 06:56:00 (ID: 100170930) Report Abuse
Playing in Elite, but of course have to draft this season from D1, I got a LB with INT 50, unfortune, his physicals are already capped, but OK, both > 45.
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posted: 2022-12-14 08:37:09 (ID: 100170933) Report Abuse
I picked No 5 of my wishlist, but also str capped already.
Otherwise, this is only my second season, so I'm still trying to improve the squad and work on the playbook.
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Captain Jack
posted: 2022-12-14 12:55:45 (ID: 100170940) Report Abuse
I got my #1 pick a 19yo CB with speed (capped) 49.6 and talent: Ball Stripper. So can't complain about that.

Also got a tidy sum of 11m from Mediacenter which will help my finances a bit. I was only able to commit 40m to it this season but that is a great improvement on last when I could only manage to pay in 10m at the start of season and so my payout was poor. I did manage to put in another 10m during the season but overall it was a season of poverty for me.

Now, like Jonathan, I am back (I hope) from my financial worries and looking to win the division again. I am also doing well in the Monarchs Friendly Cup where I have reached the semi-final (to be played on Sunday). I would encourage all managers to join the next one, whenever it comes up, as with teams in Power Mode it means we are all equal in skill levels.

Finally if any new managers want any advice on the game put a post in the Rookies Forum or in Monarchs. At least two of us also will be able to give advice on getting out of financial difficulties!
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Orono Ancient Snappers

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posted: 2022-12-14 15:07:41 (ID: 100170949) Report Abuse
Hi everyone, especially new writers to Monarchs thread

I also got whom I wanted as number 1 from the draft (how come IRL it's never like that - it's always only one person is happy, the rest are not :-D ).
CB, dual talent (BaSt + TrSt), very good tal, 50 speed, everything else reasonably good. A year older than your CB, though, Captain Jack.

Have a great season, everyone (wish it was possible the match results at the end of the season were exactly like everyone wanted them to be, too :-D ).
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posted: 2022-12-14 16:27:40 (ID: 100170955) Report Abuse
Captain Jack wrote:
Also got a tidy sum of 11m from Mediacenter which will help my finances a bit.

I saw that money and had dollar signs in my eyes with that little boost I'm hoping to have my stadium maxed by this time next week
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