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posted: 2022-12-16 19:27:40 (ID: 100171018) Report Abuse
It's been a while since I've scrimmaged myself, and I've noticed all of my passes include one of the three phrases: nearly intercepted, receiver's skills destroy chance at interception or intercepted. Is my QB that bad, or is it just in the wording and not something I should be alarmed by?
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posted: 2022-12-16 19:32:47 (ID: 100171020) Report Abuse
If your QB is bad so mine is too. In my case I only see the "nearly intercepted" phrase.
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posted: 2022-12-16 20:32:14 (ID: 100171021)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
"(MLB) seems to go for the blitz, nearly intercepted, the receiver of this inner right pass catches the ball, the complete defensive backfield is missing the tackle opportunity, the result is a 15 yards pass, touchdown"

Yep, even when the entire defensive backfield is nowhere to be found, it's still nearly intercepted.

Missed at least one option in your list, though, destroyed by passer skill.
"the possible chance for an interception was destroyed by the passers skills, the receiver of this inner right pass catches the ball, there is no defensive back around to tackle him, the result is a 49 yards pass, touchdown"

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