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posted: 2023-02-06 20:33:38 (ID: 100171931) Report Abuse
Debatable Statement from a Questionable Figure

The one true Graig? Debatable.


Albanian: Grigor, Gërgur
Amharic: ጎርጎሪዯስ (Gorgorios)
Arabic: جريج (Jurayj), جريجوري (Jirījūrī), غريغوري (Ghirīghūrī)
Armenian: Գրիգոր (Western Armenian: Krikor; Eastern Armenian: Grigor)
Belarusian: Рыгор (Ryhor)
Bengali: গ্রেগরি (Grēgari)
Bulgarian: Григор (Grigor)
Catalan: Gregori
Chinese: 格雷戈里 (Géléigēlǐ), 格里高利 (Gélǐgāolì)
Croatian: Grgur, Grga or Grgo
Czech: Řehoř
Danish: Gregers
Dutch: Gregoor, Gregorius
Estonian: Reigo
Faroese: Grækaris
Finnish: Reijo or Reko
French: Grégory or Grégoire
Georgian: გრიგოლი (Grigoli, Grigori)
German: Gregor
Greek: Γρηγόριος (Grigorios, Gri̱górios, Gregorios), Γρηγόρης (Grigoris, Gregoris)
Gujarati: ગ્રેગરી (Grēgarī)
Hebrew: גרגורי
Hindi: ग्रेगोरी (Grēgōrī)
Hungarian: Gergely, Gergő or Transylvanian: Gerő
Icelandic: Gregor
Indonesian: Gregorius
Irish: Gréagóir
Italian: Gregorio
Japanese: Guregori (グレゴリー)
Kannada: ಗ್ರೆಗೊರಿ (Gregori)
Korean: 그레고리오 (Geulegolio)
Latin: Gregorius
Latvian: Gregors
Lithuanian: Grigalius, Grigas or Gregoras, Gregorijus
Macedonian: Григориј, Grigorij
Marathi: ग्रेगोरी (Grēgōrī)
Mongolian: Грегори, Gryegori
Nepali: ग्रेगरी, Grēgarī
Norwegian: Greger or Gregers
Persian: گرگوری
Polish: Grzegorz
Portuguese: Gregório
Romanian: Grigore or Gligor
Russian: Григорий (Grigoriy, Grigori, Grigory), with diminutives Гришa (Grisha), Гришка (Grishka)
Scots: Gregor
Serbian: Grigorije (Григорије), Gligorije (Глигорије), or Grgur (Гргур)
Slovak: Gregor, Jerguš
Slovene: Grega or Gregor
Spanish: Gregorio
Swedish: Greger
Tamil: கிரிகோரி (Kirikōri)
Telugu: గ్రెగొరీ (Gregorī)
Thai: เกรกอรี or เกรกกอรี (Gregori, Greggori, Krekori, Krekkori)
Turkish: Krikor or Grigor
Ukrainian: Григорій (Hryhoriy), Гриць(ко) (Hryts(ko))
Urdu: گریگوری
Welsh: Grigor
Yiddish: גרעגאָרי, Gregori

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Missouri Misery


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posted: 2023-02-06 21:38:02 (ID: 100171934) Report Abuse
How about in binary: |01000111|01110010|01100101|01100111|

(or how about pig-latin?)
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posted: 2023-02-06 21:48:35 (ID: 100171935) Report Abuse
Olband wrote:
How about in binary: |01000111|01110010|01100101|01100111|

(or how about pig-latin?)

If that's how the Gregg spirit moves you, then that's how the Gregers spirit moves you. I'm not going to be some pompous judgemental clown out here telling you how to Geulegolio and which Reigo is superior when all Grishkas have their place in somebody's heart.
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Europe   pete owns a supporter account   pete is a Knight of

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posted: 2023-02-06 22:23:03 (ID: 100171936)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Couldnt help myself, had to upvote this post just because of the poetry that is in these sentences you put in there

Last edited on 2023-02-06 22:23:22 by pete

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Space Kraken

Usa   Rufio13 owns a supporter account

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posted: 2023-02-06 22:36:28 (ID: 100171937) Report Abuse
And yet none of them are Graig....
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Barossa Bulldogs

Australia   waky53 owns a supporter account

Joined: 2017-12-07/S28
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posted: 2023-02-07 08:00:04 (ID: 100171938) Report Abuse
Don't think I saw a Grieg, like the famous composer
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posted: 2023-02-07 08:46:54 (ID: 100171940) Report Abuse
waky53 wrote:
Don't think I saw a Grieg, like the famous composer

or a Greggs - like the famous British pasty shop
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Leverkusen Leopards

Germany   jack6 owns a supporter account   jack6 is a Knight of

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posted: 2023-02-07 10:41:45 (ID: 100171943) Report Abuse
waky53 wrote:
Don't think I saw a Grieg, like the famous composer

That's his surname, not sure that counts.
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Rio Galaxy


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posted: 2023-02-07 10:54:40 (ID: 100171945) Report Abuse
Let's start a poll to decide which one is the correct!
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Constanta Ravens

Romania   Radu91 owns a supporter account   Radu91 acts as Mentor for beginners

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posted: 2023-02-07 13:34:48 (ID: 100171948) Report Abuse
I was shocked to learn that the name Gligor actually exists in Romania. Didn't know untill today. And it is used both as a last name and as a first name.
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