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Missouri Misery


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posted: 2023-02-17 15:07:30 (ID: 100172253) Report Abuse
pete wrote:
it is just the NFL making money and gaining attention, but nothing game-changing. If the NFL could, they would play 7 days a week all year long ;/

Oh, you're absolutely right about that! They are a huge business and know what they're doing.
The reason people enjoy the draft so much I think is because of fan love and hope for their team. This is where they get their next star, their next difference maker, especially in the first round. Big football fans also watch or at least pay attention to college ball, so they know who the stars coming up are. And this is some of why the draft here sometimes feels less exciting; the players drafted aren't instant stars, and unless you're a just starting manager with an undeveloped team, they're not even starters for a season or two. In the first round of the NFL draft, almost all of the draftees are immediate starters, even on the most elite teams.
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posted: 2023-02-17 15:49:27 (ID: 100172256) Report Abuse
I guess, I am just missing that gene to get excited about the draft. No worries, I am OK beside that
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Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin

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posted: 2023-02-17 16:12:03 (ID: 100172257) Report Abuse
Draft nerd here. I absolutely love the draft. As soon as the live feed became available online years ago (before it was picked up by TV here in the UK) I watched it from start to end and still wanted more.
Next suggestion - televise free agent signings as and when they happen
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Main / Suggestions / Make the draft live! (-ish)