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posted: 2012-02-24 09:36:18 (ID: 29567) Report Abuse
Same me, I had nice QB already in the basic team and drafted last season very nice one.
And passing game is very powerfull one :-)
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posted: 2012-02-24 10:45:06 (ID: 29577) Report Abuse
Laudis wrote:
Same me, I had nice QB already in the basic team and drafted last season very nice one.
And passing game is very powerfull one :-)

I'm a scared a little bit. I hope my DB can compete with your WR for the ball in the air.
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posted: 2012-02-24 19:23:05 (ID: 29686) Report Abuse
Hopefuly not
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posted: 2012-02-26 04:11:45 (ID: 29954) Report Abuse
I just checked the draft board for season 3. Definitely heavy on the Offense. I can see the defensive needs going for a premium.
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posted: 2012-05-10 07:13:28 (ID: 39114) Report Abuse
Here is the draftorder for the Draft 3 for all human teams.

#3 Pennsylvania State University
#9 Gvozdeni Puk
#16 Black knights
#17 Devon Warriors
#18 Raiders Tirol
#19 Civitanova Chargers
#20 Central Florida Panthers
#23 Ninja Hamsters
#24 Lucea Cardinals
#25 Monster Piskots
#26 Konjarnik HighTowers
#27 Paradise Regained
#28 Nova Gorica Gamblers
#29 Hurricanes
#30 Naprzód Marsz!
#31 Wesley Crushers
#32 Leeds Celtics

With only 17 humans teams left everyone will have a good chance to draft a good player in the first round. Hopefully the bots draft not the good players in the 1st round.
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posted: 2012-05-10 07:30:20 (ID: 39116) Report Abuse
Stats of the last year first round draftees of League 1.1.

1. Szymon Muszynski - Naprzód Marsz - RB (1st rd, #31)
542 carries for 3686 yards and 50 TDs

2. Jorge Wolford - Wesley Crushers - WR (1st rd, #32)
236 receptions for 1899 yards and 21 TDs

3. Chimalsi Obi - Hurricanes - LB (1st rd, #29)
115 tackles and 12 lost tackles. 3 Sacks and 10 Interceptions for 6 TDs

4. Hyman Graves - Leeds Celtics - DL (1st rd, #30)
159 tackles and 34 lost tackles, 2 sacks and one recovered fumble for a TD

5. Lev Gorbachev - Black knights - WR(1st rd, #19)
109 receptions for 663 yards and 3 TDs

6. Martin Small - Lucea Cardinals - DL (1st rd, #28)
107 tackles and 61 missed tackles

7. Mshindi Fagbure - Paradise Regained - OL (1st rd, #24)
1674 blocks with 1209 Pancakes and 519 broken blocks

8. Stanislav Jarolímek - Monster Piskots - SF (1st rd, #26)
27 good tackles and one missed tackle
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posted: 2012-05-10 09:18:37 (ID: 39132) Report Abuse
3rd draft for me, and 2nd time I've had last pick... wonder what it will be? Quarterback? Kicker? I already have those spots filled
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posted: 2012-05-10 09:23:02 (ID: 39133) Report Abuse
JonnyP wrote:
3rd draft for me, and 2nd time I've had last pick... wonder what it will be? Quarterback? Kicker? I already have those spots filled

In my 2 first drafts Mr. Irrelevant was twice a OL. This year I predict a FB or SF for you.
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posted: 2012-05-11 04:41:40 (ID: 39348) Report Abuse
It'll be a QB.... theres like 25 of em...
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posted: 2012-05-17 06:50:56 (ID: 40566) Report Abuse
Buffalos Draft analysis for the teams, who were in 1.1 last season

Devon Warriors Grade: B

Best Pick: Salim Okpara SF (1rd, #17)
This was a really good pick. The has great Speed, is smart and a good Tackler.

Questionable Pick: Karim Hussain SF (2rd, #49)
Need more speed to be a FS or more strenght to be a SS, but he is a weapon for blitzing out of the SF-position

Sleepy pick: Víctor Prieto QB (3rd, #81)
This QB will be their starting QB. He has good armstrenght, but in the future he will be not the best QB in the League.

Konjarnik HighTowers Grade:B+

Best Pick: Kazuki Higuchi CB (1rd, #26)
This guy has outstanding speed, but was for me only the 2nd best CB. Rasin Rasheed was also avaiable at this position (50 Speed+ Trackstar)

Questionable Pick: Vishon Grey OL (3rd, #90)
He is a very smart guy, but he is not a hard worker in the practice. With more strenght he can turn into a good 3rd pick.

Sleepy pick: Dayo Osei DL (2rd, #58)
He has really good strenght and will find his spot in the inside of the D-Line.

Black knights Grade:C

Best Pick: Tumaini Keita QB (2rd, #48)
This QB is very quick, smart and has a lot of Talent. He can develope his arm and can be a very good QB

Questionable pickaudi Eze WR (1rd, #16)
This pick is unintelligible, because at #16 all other WR were avaiable and the were player with more speed and better hands.

Sleepy pick: Heshimu Okorie RB (3rd, #80)
He need more speed to be a good RB. At this position were better players avaiable.

Hurricanes Grade: B+

Best pick:Begli Otabayev WR (1rd, #29)
He is fast and Strong an could be also a good TE. For me he was the 2nd best WR, but the best was still avaiable.

Questionable Pick: Samy Sabatier (3rd, #93)
They had the choise between a bad SF or a bad FB. I think the FB would be the better choise.

Sleepy pick: Kenmaur Dinaparna WR (2rd, #61)
A really good pick with another speedy WR. This duo can make the difference in a tough division

Nova Gorica Gamblers Grade:C

Best Pick: Shigeo Laine FB (3rd, #92)
This is the best pick, because of his pick late in the draft. He has good Speed and when he train more carrying, than the will be a threat in the shotgun.

Questionable Pick: Yaver Murat (1rd, #28)
He is a natural passrusher as DE. But he has actually not enough speed and strenght to be outstanding.

Sleepy pick: Haki Sylla DL (2rd, #60)
Speed and Strenght are good, but he has not enough talent to be outstanding in the future. He is smart enough to play OLB.

Wesley Crushers Grade: B-

Best pick: Joan Coleman RB (2rd, #63)
The Crushers had the focus on Backs. They found the best in the second round with good Speed.

Questionable Pick: Sofronije Berner RB (1rd, #31)
This guy miss actually some speed to be a every down RB.

Sleepy pick: Clemente Benítez FB (3rd #95)
They had the choise between a FB with more speed or more strenght and picked the stronger one. He can protect his QB, but he should not run to much with the ball.

London Silk Grade:B-

Best Pick: Suhuba Danjuma QB (1rd, #23)
He can be a Michael Vick, if he can train his armstrenght. This QB should lead them to the Division title

Questionable Pick:Ahmed Hossein OL (3rd, #87)
This was not a good OL Draftclass. It is questionable, if Hossein will have enough strenght against strong DL in this League.

Sleepy Pick: Dogan Vest QB (2rd, #55)
The got a second QB talented QB. He can be a great backup for Danjuma or bring much money on the TM

Gvozdeni Puk Grade: C

Best Pick: Zippor Myer LB (rd1 #9)
I understand this pick. The can be the captain of you Defense and a gamechanger. The opponents should not pass in his direction.

Questionable Pick: Abayomi Okonjo (2rd, #41)
They had so many opportunities with this pick. Okonjo must be more physical, than he could be a good Strong SF.

Sleepy pick: Fermín Ortega (3rd, #73)
They need so many players on every position. Drafting a QB in the last round is good, but there were better. Maybe he will develop into a good QB.

Monster Piskots Grade: C-

Best Pick: Benjamín García OL (1rd, #25)
They took only the second best OL in my opinion and the better one was avaiable. With more strenght he could be outstanding.

Questionable Pick: Hans Mcnally (2rd, #57)
The same problem here. His was not the best avaiable OL at his pick. Hans need definitly more strenght

Sleepy pick: Ki Seon FB (3rd #89)
A FB with good speed, but also a FB with more Speed was avaiable.

Paradise Regained Grade:C

Best pick: Resul Sulaiman WR (2rd, #59)
This was a solid pick. If he get more Speed he can be a star.

Questionable pick: Djamal Salah DL (1rd, #27)
Very surprising. This player seemed to be overdrafted. Aaron Bambury would have been definitly the better choise.

Sleepy pick: Adeniji Igbinedion P (3rd, #91)
To have a good Punter is allways good. If he train his leg than could be this a good pick.

Leeds Celtics Grade:B

Best Pick: Udom Chalor (1rd, #32)
They can be happy that the best OL of this draft droped so far in the first round. He has everything what a OL need.

Questionable pick: Sean Kautz DL (2rd, #64)
He is a speedy passrusher, but is he strong enough to play as DE? He has definitly enough intelligenze to play at OLB.

Sleepy Pick: Klaus Tajani FB (3rd, #96)
Mr. Irrelevant is a FB (My prediction was right ). Leeds play often in a shotgun formation, so it is not bad to have a good blocking FB. With more carrying he can also take the ball and run.

Civitanova Chargers Grade: B-

Best Pick: Cathal Van P (2rd, #51)
Yuu might be surprised, that his might be the best pick of them. This player was for me the best avaiable special teamer and a very solid pick in the 2nd round.

Questionable pick: Gabriel Suárez SF (1rd, #19)
A good pick, but Lehmann would be the better pick at this position. He has enough Speed to be a great FS.

Sleepy pick: Karim Hanna RB (3rd, #83)
His was a great pick. This guy has speed and could improve their rush offense.

Naprzód Marsz! Grade: A-

Best pick: Tahir Abdulah WR (1rd, #30)
Unbelivable, that the best receiver in the draft droped to far in the first round. This pick is a real steal.

Questionable pick: Mats Tomczak LB (2rd, #62)
A real solid pick. This guy has everything to be great, if he can improve his physical skills.

Sleepy pick: Mihail Rusakov FB (3rd, #94)
The best of the rest. He was the fastest of the last 3 guys (all FBs)

Raiders Tirol Grade: C-

Best Pick: Natia Tamanisau CB (1rd, #18)
The need a CB to counter the pass offense of Naprzód Marsz!, but they took only the 3rd best CB.

Questionable pick: Guvançmuhamed Urunov RB (2rd, #50)
To improve the rushing game was important, but there were faster RBs avaiable in the 2nd round

Sleepy pick: Marcelino Palacios RB (3rd, #82)
This is a real raw diamont, or not? With a good development he can be better than Urunov.

Central Florida Panthers Grade: A-

Best Pick: Abram Boßhart LB (2rd, #51)
This player can be a star. He can play every LB position. A good weapon against the pass and rush.

Questionable pick: Tahsin Hasan SF (3rd, #84)
This player must play more physical or strong RBs and receiver could overpower him.

Sleepy pick: Kavakava Lehmann SF (1rd, #20)
His player can make the difference in the backfield. He has everything to be a star

Lucea Cardinals Grade: B-

Best pick: Natrick Whylie (3rd, #88)
This was a steal in the last round. He has not the best arm, but the talent to be a great QB

Questionable pick: Turell Dyer (1rd, #24)
They needed definitly a QB, who can lead their team. But is his arm stong enough for deep balls?

Sleepy pick: Lamarr Gordon TE (2rd, #56)
This player has great hand and will be a threat in short distances, but can he also be a threat down the field?

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