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posted: 2012-04-21 15:49:08 (ID: 36631) Report Abuse
By request....

Sfniner vs Mystic Mystic by 7pts.

Mystic has owned me and I don't see that changing this game. sigh. A win by Mystic does not change the playoff picture, a win by me could cause Mystic to be a number 2 seed.

Les vs Bot...duh Les by 35pts

LOL (who went bot while leading the division with a week to go, damn) vs Essen. Essen by 2 td's

The Deal with these two games is that Les is now one game behind LOL in the division race. What sucks for Les is that LOL had a 150ish pd advantage and owns the tie regardless of these two games LOL will still go into the playoffs as the division winner.

Fajny vs Valhalla Vahlhalla won by a field goal last game. coin flip
A loss by Valhalla combined with a win by Malakas will cause those two to switch seeds from 2,3 to 3,2. So essentially a win guarantees Valhalla a first round bye. Fajny is fighting for the final playoff spot. He is one game up on Sweaty but Sweaty plays Dream Team. Sweaty beat Dream by 30 points earlier this year. For Sweaty to get in the playoffs he needs Fanjy to lost this game and outscore Fajny's pd by 60. Tall order but possible. Both teams in this game would like to win this one to lock up some playoff positioning.

Girona vs Eagles Girona by 3 td's

This could be a big game for both clubs. Girona with a win and a Mystic loss would assume the #1 seed. A win with a mystic win has them still the #2 seed. A loss here could knock them to the 3 seed. Eagles need this game in a bad way. Eagles have the last playoff spot at the moment but are one game up on the bot team Dynamos. The bad news for Eagles is that Dynamos are up against the Atlantis Cowboys bot team. A win by Dyanmos and loss by Eagles has Dynamos getting last playoff spot.

Hasta the Bot vs Alice the Springs Alice by 45 pts

Well it will be a nice way for The Barbarians to finish the season out at an 8-8 record. A very solid showing for the first season in 1.1.

Horada vs Yuop Horada by a field goal.
The result of the game will make no changes to the playoff picture as Horada is locked into his playoff seed. Yurop intrigues me and I look forward to see how he does vs Horada in this game. Yurop has given several of the big boys all they could handle recently. Watch out next season!

Norther Riviera vs Bot Panteri Riviera by 4 td's
Easy win for Riviera for them to finish at 6-10.

Mad Rabbits vs Inland Emperors Emperors by 7pts

Loser gets a higher draft pick? 3-12 vs 4-11 and the pd's are -178 and -177

Cornhuskers vs G Dragons Cornhuskers by 3 td's
A win by Cornhuskers gets them to 8-8. Another step forward for them.

Oldham vs Kolin Kolin by 10pts
Kolin has built up enough point differential that a loss here wouldn't change his playoff spot. There is no way a bot vs a bot will rack up over a hundred point differential to overcome that deficit. Oldham was in this division race but have lost 4 of 5. If Oldham does win then they will finish at a respectable 8-8.

Panthers vs Pigs Panthers by a TD? Depends if Pigs play starters.
For a while I had thought this game was going to be very significant, but as we have now arrived the game is now meaningless. The outcome does not affect the playoff picture at all. Both squads are locked into their playoff seeds. Panthers will be the #1 seed and Pigs are in the same boat as me, a wild card with only a few losses. The only thing on the line for the Panthers is a chance at a perfect regular season record. Other than that this game would be great for getting experience and TC for players who need it.

Dynamos vs Cowboys Coin flip, but Dynamo is who I think wins.
Well I never thought I'd see a bot vs bot in week 16 that would hold the fate of human team, but here we are. Dynamo win and Eagle loss means Dynamo is in the playoff. There COULD be 2 bot teams in the playoffs, one from each conference. Perhaps we should have a change for how these bots are handled in league games. What I mean is, if a team goes bot past the half way point then instead of it going bot and super vanilla, it should go bot but retain the settings and players it had for the remainder of the season until the team is bought or rollover. That way it wouldn't be such a huge factor for teams getting lucky at the end of the season vs a bot when their rival lost to that team early in the season...anyways...

Sweaty vs Dream Team Sweaty wins comfortably.
Sweaty needs a win here and a loss by Fajny (possible) to get the last playoff spot. Sweaty should win against the 2 win Dream team.

Shark bot vs Titans Titans win easy.
So how does a person have a team since Dec 22nd, still be active and have only 1 win? Perhaps we will all fall for the Titan master plan next season.

Zaragoza vs Malakas Predict Malakas victory by 2 TD's
Much like the panther pig game, I had thought this would have been a very meaningful game for the division title. Alas, I was wrong. Malakas can lose and keep the current playoff seed, but, if Valhalla loses to Fajny and Malakas wins then Malakas will get the #2 seed and a first round bye. That Valhalla Fajny game looks to hold the fate of 4 playoff teams. That would have to be the game of the week. What happened to Zaragoza who after going 6-1 to start the season finished the remaining games thus far at 2-6? I mean Damn, they beat Mystic the number 1 seed in the NC, beat Malakas, then they lost to a team that was about to go bot a few days later. They barely got by Godger Dragons, not disrespect intended to the Dragons. This is a mystery to me.

Last edited on 2012-04-21 14:39:24 by sfniner08
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posted: 2012-04-21 16:13:43 (ID: 36636) Report Abuse
i dont know whats the panoramix attitude, but i would never play backups in a clash like this, especially when our league record is 2-2 (including playoffs). i want to get the bragging rights till the next game

and luckily i dont need to alternate my DC yet, as i have less then 55 players on my roster.

Last edited on 2012-04-21 16:14:42 by jodla

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posted: 2012-04-21 21:04:44 (ID: 36693) Report Abuse
grats to pigs, it was kinda opposite of our last game. you got long touchdown, and my kicker was missing now
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posted: 2012-04-21 21:06:56 (ID: 36694) Report Abuse
So I was 13-3 on guessing the winners...

I missed on Panthers/Pigs game, Cornhusker/Dragon game, and me/Mystic game. Although I think Mystic had to have thrown the game based on the score. lol

Nice regular season everyone.
2 bots did get into the playoffs.
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posted: 2012-04-21 22:16:22 (ID: 36704) Report Abuse
Cornhuskers went easy on Godgers it seems.

I think using my MotY on Riviera meant that my players were really tired by the end of the match against the Blues, and you can see that's where they lost the game. Horadada has improved over the last few weeks so I didn't expect to win.
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