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posted: 2012-05-13 20:32:09 (ID: 39852) Report Abuse
So I will, again, post some predictions and comments about the upcoming season. It will be a work in progress until Friday....

AC East

Malakas Bull
Zaragoza Manos
Steely Phils
Nebraska Cornhuskers

I believe the above is the final order of finish by season's end. Malakas is the current champ and until he is unseated then he remains the favorite. Zaragoza started off very strong last season but had one of the biggest fades I've seen to finish the season. The Phils come into this division as the season 3 League champ for 1.1. So the best of the best from 1.1 is now in this division. I wouldn't put it past them to finish 2nd. Nebraska finished 3rd last season, but they are 4th in the predictions simply by the addition of the Phils who have a better rating as well. This will be a tough division to handicap games for.

AC North

Fenton City

Valhalla was the champ last year and improved themselves this offseason. They had the #8 rush offense last year but they purchased from me my number 1 RB who finished last year #4 in rushing yards, #7 in rush td, and #11 in MVP awards. Fajny/Sweaty was a close race and could go either way. Fenton, dude, you ended up in one of the tougher divisions in 1.1, well in terms of balance.

AC South

Les M

Wow, best case scenario for Lokkier! Lokkier (stuttgart) is my preseason pick to win this division. No offense or disprespect intended for the 2 returning teams but this was one of the weakest division last season with 2 teams going bot and the 2 returning teams getting their feet wet. The returning division champ is going to have to fight their way through a tough road to repeat. Amerifats is also a strong team that has come up. The above is the predicted order of finish.

AC West

Pink Panthers
Majalorca Pigs
Comedy Gold Miners

Sorry Gold Minors but you ened up in perhaps the toughest division to win in all of Dragon 1.1! Pink Panthers dominated a lot of last season and Majalorca is the returning champ from season 3. Panthers or Pigs could win this division. Tough call as Panthers won division last season and Pigs won the whole league.....Hangover is a brand new team, tough draw man...

Prediction is these teams make the playoffs:
the last spot is too tough to call...but if I had to....Fajny...but I wouldn't be surprised to see Amerifats, Sweaty, Steely, or Zaraogoza there.....

NC East


All 4 teams are in the same general ratings so this is a hard division to get a handle on...but the returning champ Kolin has to be the favorite until otherwise proven. It will be fun to watch and not participate in this race. Salamanca and Shoutin recieved a pretty good draw in terms of the ability to compete in the division. If say amerifats or Steely ended up here I might have made them the favorite.

NC North


I am relieved but at the same time disappointed at our new division teams. Sandstorm is a brand new team so they start out with the basics. Toxic hasn't logged on since 4/21/12 so they look to be bot teams, but I hope not! it comes down to me and Mystic. I've beaten Mystic the last 2 games by a decent margin so I think I'll take the risk of jinxing myself and making me the favorite...but I did sell my number 1 rb, # 3 ol, and my starting fb. I may have weakend myself enough that Mystic rolls right over me. BTW the conference championship participating teams were from this division and the AC West division.

NC South

North Riviera

This division just got very interesting to me. Horada was the first to win his division last season, I don't think he will be first this season. Horada has a fantastic team, but if a few of these teams here use MOTY they are good enough to take him down for a few more losses. All three other teams are in the same general ratings range but I gave the returning teams the edge. I think Horada still wins the division but it will take a little more effort than last season when he had 2 teams just cutting their teeth. I can see the order of finish being any combination of the three teams after Horada. Wll be fun to watch.

NC West

Mad Rabbits

This is the only division to keep all 4 teams the same from last season. Eagles haven't logged on since 4/23 so the possibility of bot hood looks likely. Mad Rabbits have financial problems...don't know how much that will affect them. Apologies to others in the division but I think Girona walks away with the division pretty easily. After all they dominated last season with the same 4 teams in the division, why expect a huge difference? Inland is the only team that has improved their ratings significantly, stayed out of financial trouble, and is active outside of Girona.

Playoff team predictions:


The first 5 are the same as last season

The final spot will come from the NC South...perhaps North Riviera? I wouldn't be surprised to see Yurop or Dundalk get in.

Last edited on 2012-05-14 01:30:56 by sfniner08

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posted: 2012-05-14 01:31:51 (ID: 39864) Report Abuse
Final, updated! Enjoy and feel free to let me know how wrong I will be! My wife already does, lol.
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posted: 2012-05-14 13:40:10 (ID: 39933) Report Abuse
Great write-up Sfniner ..... I hate to agree with you , but I can't find anything to differ regarding your predictions.
I've just got the feeling that it might be Pink Panthers this year ...I can't believe that Panthers didn't win any trophies in Season 2 or 3 I think Season 4 is where they put this right.

Majalorca Pigs,Mystic,5x San Fran blah-blah etc,Valhalla,Horadada will all be in the picture, for sure ....but I think the dark-horse might be Girona Dragons ....I suspect plans are being planned and schemes are being schemed at this very moment in sunny Catalonia don't be surprised to see a big threat from Girona this season.

The relegation fight is gonna be close too, there are plenty of teams that might be in the relegation dog-fight, I include my own team in there ... a 6-10 season is my target and 24th place (thereby avoiding relegation) would suit me fine.
The Email that I sent to Admin was obviously misread, when I said "Please please please Pete, do not put Dundalk in my division, they're too strong" , he obviously misinterpreted the "do NOT" ....and the rest is history

p.s. ...there are now so many strong Spanish teams in this league .... Valhalla, Horadada,Malakas etc .... if I classed Girona Dragons as "Spanish" would you be upset, Quim ??? .... I don't want to say the wrong thing and cause a diplomatic incident !!!

Last edited on 2012-05-14 13:48:01 by sh8888

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posted: 2012-05-14 16:14:36 (ID: 39946) Report Abuse
Thank you for considering a strong team, but I do not have a season q very easy because in AC North, Fajny, Sweaty and is not going to be hard to Fenton City, see how close we were the last three teams to the games.
I consider the toughest division of the Dragons because any fault you pay dearly.

Good luck this season everyone and Sfniner08 still no failures so far and entertain us all a lot GREAT JOB
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posted: 2012-05-14 16:52:21 (ID: 39950) Report Abuse
sh8888 wrote:
p.s. ...there are now so many strong Spanish teams in this league .... Valhalla, Horadada,Malakas etc .... if I classed Girona Dragons as "Spanish" would you be upset, Quim ??? .... I don't want to say the wrong thing and cause a diplomatic incident !!!

Very good question, and difficult to respond quickly.

To summarize briefly: I believe in a Europe of Nations, where Catalonia has its own space with other nations such as Scotland, Flanders, Basque Country, etc, etc ....

Catalunya is an ancient country with more than 1000 years of history, language and culture very dense, which deserves a proper status in the United Europe.

But I respect very much to my Spanish friends who do not believe the same.

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posted: 2012-05-14 17:23:16 (ID: 39954) Report Abuse
yeah I also just can't wait for first game, this season looks like hard battle to avoid relegation for me, since I've got strong feeling last season was pure luck out of my team and now I even got less time to buy some quality players so if I don't score huge in draft it looks like I'll stay far behind...
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posted: 2012-05-14 19:29:59 (ID: 39980) Report Abuse
blah blah blah bagss, same old cheap talk, we all know you have a good team

as for my team, i did some offseason moves, and if i draft good, i should have a good season.

Last edited on 2012-05-14 19:30:58 by jodla

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posted: 2012-05-14 20:03:52 (ID: 39991) Report Abuse
you might think that I sound like a broken record but it's really what I feel about my team and it's not even half strong as I would like it ;p
but you'll see
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posted: 2012-05-14 20:19:19 (ID: 39999) Report Abuse
Looks like it will be a relegation fight again in an even stronger division
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posted: 2012-05-18 21:58:45 (ID: 41119) Report Abuse
I can see myself finishing last in my division. I hope the defeats in the first half of the season won't affect the important games in the second half. Hopefully my draft players will be ready and playing well by the second half, though I doubt they will be.
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