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posted: 2012-05-17 00:36:13 (ID: 40494) Report Abuse
Just for fun, since the picks are now locked, anyone want to post who their first, second, or third choices are?

I will start:

My first overall choice was Thad Yazzie LB. If I get him people were sleeping, lol. I'm sure he will be picked before I get my turn.

the rest in order are:
Abelardo Hernandez OL (One of the top 2 ol who stand out above the rest of the ol)
Dacey MacQuarie LB (Very versatile, could play any def position)
Avinesh Dunamadu OL (ol choice 1b)
Blaze Nikolovski QB (his youth combined with stats is great)
Damiano Formica QB (older version of Blaze)
Kurtis Downing WR (Big gap between him and the other wr's imo.)
Rubanza Cisse LB (although if I got him I'd move him to DL)

I'd be shocked to get any of these....
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posted: 2012-05-17 00:49:06 (ID: 40499) Report Abuse
I'm going for a QB but after talking to a few people it looks unlikely. Mark, Ruhi, Formica, and Blaze are 1234. After that I went Abelardo, Avinesh, and Thad Yazzie

EDIT: I like Kurtis Downing but I couldnt bring myself to put him above some of the better impact position players

Last edited on 2012-05-17 00:52:37 by huskerbrave

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posted: 2012-05-17 04:57:08 (ID: 40548) Report Abuse
Thought just for fun I'd post an award for the best overall draft for a team, the best picks, and the biggest head scratchers. Mind you, I might find a pick puzzling but in a season it might be me that looks like the idiot. This is entertainment purposes only! lol

Some of the best picks in my opinion:

1st round
Nebraska Cornhuskers getting an absolute stud OL in Abelardo at pick number 15!

Les Mouse getting the best wr in Kurtis Downing with the 19th pick. Downing was heads and shoulders above the other wr's.

Malakas getting Avinesh at the 24th pick when I had Avinesh as the 2nd best OL player in the draft.

Mystic getting Aron at that late pick was very good indeed.

Without patting myself too much I 'm quite pleased getting my number 3 overall choice at pick 31 in Dacey the LB.

2nd round

Malakas getting the TE with a Z in his name was an awesome choice.

Girona got a great OL in Benito late in the second round.

Panoramix getting Phillip Marvin with the last pick in the second round was brilliant!

Kolin getting Rubanza Cisse in the second was outstanding value, I'd make him a DL player if he were mine with that trait of his.

3rd round

Nebraska getting Antoni Gruca was outstanding in the third round.

Oldham getting Gastone Polk the OL was an excellent choice indeed.

Best overall draft goes to....a tie to me between Malakas Bull and Nebraska Cornhuskers!


Les mouse got a great wr in the first round but also got a wr in the second, and third. 3 wrs in the draft seems like a lot.

Sweaty, have you been drinking again? I ask because you drafted a drafted both kickers that were in the draft with your first 2 choices.

Essen Panthers taking that OL C Pibul in the first round before Abelardo or Avinesh had me scratching my head.

Fajny picking up 3 rb seemed odd.

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posted: 2012-05-17 13:16:54 (ID: 40682) Report Abuse
sfniner08 wrote:
Fajny picking up 3 rb seemed odd.

that's just my awesome luck...but it looks like they can be moved for WR with just one or two seasons of training at most..

Last edited on 2012-05-17 13:20:27 by bagss

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posted: 2012-05-17 19:10:37 (ID: 40804) Report Abuse
not happy with my draft
2 DBs and Oline with strenght yellowed at 41 :/
at least some nice traits
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