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posted: 2012-05-22 02:54:42 (ID: 41659) Report Abuse
Since our forum seems to have died outside of bot alerts I thought it time to wake you people up! lol. I will do a game of the week for each league, if i get ambitious later I might do one per conference per league...but for now it is just one game per league.

I will choose the first games since our games are tomorrow. After tomorrow's games we will start the new format. It is as follows:

I will s e l e c t a handful of games per league that could be the game of the week and you will vote for your choice as what the game of the week should be.

That will be the game that I handicap and do a write up on.

If there happen to be multiple great games I might do more than one.
That would be closer to playoff time most likely.

If there is a game I didn't list that you want included then post that game and it will be taken into consideration.

By 0:00 server time the day of the game I will count up the votes and proceed with the write up.

New Contest information

Ok, after I make my write up right after 0:00 server time of game day I will also list a point spread for the game.

It would be very cool if I could get as many people as possible to participate in picking the game winners based on the point spread as possible. I will keep an overall standing on this thread in a new post. If you have questions about what a point spread is then let me know and I will explain it best I can. Peter agreed that if there is enough traffic, that is participation, in this then he will find a way to honor the winner of the contest. This contest will go through to the championship game. For the championship game a total number of points predicted also must be given for tie breaker purposes. So...that is 3 games per week to pick per week, plus playoff games and the championship match.

Finally, I will make a new thread for each week as it will otherwise get very cluttered.

These are the ground rules of the weekly contest. I am going to ask Peter if he can sticky this thread for me. I will make a new thread for the new thread.

Please participate, I'm doing all the work, you just have to:

1. Vote for games of the week before 0:00 server time of game day.
2. Pick winners of those games.

Good luck!

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posted: 2012-05-22 18:50:32 (ID: 41831) Report Abuse
How can we make picks ATS if we don't know what the spread is? If there will be a point spread listed, how will it be created? That's all very important to this.
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posted: 2012-05-22 18:53:47 (ID: 41836) Report Abuse
I made a point spread for the games this week for examples. It is on that thread. Is there some insane formula for me picking a point spread? No. I make an...educated guess. It is all for fun, you risk nothing. lol. If you think my spread is off then take the team you think fits what your prediction would be I suppose. The purpose of the point spreads is to make it a little more interesting but also to reduce a bunch of people all with the same record. It is easy to pick the winners in most games so many people would have the same record if picking straight up.
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posted: 2012-05-26 21:02:11 (ID: 42545) Report Abuse
had about the same number of yards as MALAKAS BULL yet lost 27-3
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posted: 2012-05-29 10:33:40 (ID: 42779) Report Abuse
Games to watch today in my opinion are:

FAJNY TIM @Sweaty Bulls Padova

Oldham Typhoons @Shoutin' The Odds

Scarlet Scorpions @Dundalk Football Club

Stuttgart Supernovas @Essen Panther

Zaragoza MaƱos @Nebraska Cornhuskers

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posted: 2012-05-29 14:50:20 (ID: 42794) Report Abuse
fajny vs sweaty, looks like a nice rivalry is starting
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posted: 2012-05-29 17:08:25 (ID: 42812) Report Abuse
it looks like a coin flip for me
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posted: 2012-05-29 19:16:00 (ID: 42830) Report Abuse
FAJNY TIM @ Sweaty Bulls Padova

Fajny winning by a TD

Last edited on 2012-05-29 19:16:36 by Frank

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posted: 2012-05-29 20:32:04 (ID: 42841) Report Abuse
Oh wow, Amerifats is doing very well against Pink Panthers.
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posted: 2012-05-29 20:53:56 (ID: 42842) Report Abuse
RIP Amerifats

But what's this?

MALAKAS BULL in trouble?
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