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posted: 2012-05-24 22:39:59 (ID: 42368) Report Abuse
Due to the very small positive response I received for the game of the week contest I have decided to just pick a few game of the weeks myself for 1.1 and post them for your entertainment. I had received some feedback through pm's with a few people that were interested and some that definitely were not. I am mildly disappointed but ahead we go....

1.1 Inter conference game of the week

Yurop Lions vs Valhalla

Interesting game to me as Yurop for sure showed signs last season of competing with top teams and then the surprising 20-3 win over Horada...well this next game here is indeed another test for Yurop. Horada is a run run team. Against Valhalla Yurop defense will need to be flexible as Valhalla has a balance run/pass approach. Against Yurop's offense the Valhalla secondary defense better be on it's toes!

1.1 AC conference game of the week:

Steely phils vs Zaragoza

Zaragoza seems to have woken up and shaken off that last season slide while Steely has stepped up and shown they can get the win against anyone here. Steely is showing to have a pretty good balanced defense which is good since Zaragoza is balanced with the #16 rush offense and # 7 pass offense. I'm sure Zaragoza is enjoying his new draft QB. I'm not sure if Steely has the offense to keep up. Will be fun to watch. It is too early to say any game is a "must win" but I think it would be a real statement for Steely to win this game and have a tie with Zaragoza in record.

1.1 NC Conference game of the week:

Before I post the game I have to say I think the AC is much stronger than the NC is, from top to bottom. There were several AC games to choose from but in the NC I couldn't find any games that stood out as super interesting. The one I've selected is interesting to me so long as he doesn't go bot soon...

Norther Riviera vs Dundalk

Now Dundalk looks like he is going to go bot. Dundalk was a very good team last season in 2.1. If I remember correctly he lost in the bowl championship game (I'd hate to think that is the reason he hasn't come back yet....). As of right now he has 97% PC, 100% morale, 99% TC, and he has the same players/playbook as last season still in effect. So all in all it will still be a good team on the field. In terms of team ratings both squads have about the same numbers. Riviera has been up here since last season and has shown some steady improvement. Riviera seems to constantly be down on their team so this game would help to establish that they have a good squad with a win. It would be a quality win too. Dundalk, even though the manager has been gone for quite a while still managed to keep it close with Valhalla and beat Rabbits.
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posted: 2012-05-25 03:03:42 (ID: 42380) Report Abuse
are you going to write anything for us in the 2.1 and 2.2?
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posted: 2012-05-25 12:04:54 (ID: 42420) Report Abuse
Game of the Week in 1.1 ?

you need some new spectacles mate, surely the cliff-hanger of the week will be ........

Hangover Manatees vs Sthlm Eagles

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posted: 2012-05-26 21:21:43 (ID: 42547) Report Abuse
turnovers killed me
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