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posted: 2012-06-23 22:41:09 (ID: 45370) Report Abuse
If the playoffs started today the playoffs would be....

1. Girona
2. SF
3. Yurop
4. Shoutin the Odds
5. Mystic
6. Horada

Teams still in it:

NC East

Salamanca ( hasn't logged on since 6/14...) 2 games and 137 pd behind Shoutin
Kolin (hasn't logged on since 6/17) 1 game and 98 pd behind Shoutin
Oldham 1 game and 31 pd behind Shoutin

There isn't a single easy game on the schedule for any of these teams. I'm sure that this division will be close to the very end. My initial thought is that if Kolin doesn't go bot could be the one that wins this one. They have at least one game I think they can breeze through.

NC West

Girona has already clinched its division!

NC North

Mystic has one tough game left vs Malakas that could impact the seeding.

Barring an epic upset I should lock up my division and I don't think I'm going to lose any more games although there are a few of concern for me coming up (Shoutin the Odds, Oldham, and Nebraska).

I think the 1 and 2 are set.

NC South

I think Yurop will win this division. He is one game up with his final games vs 3 bots, 2 teams with 4 wins combined between them, and Oldham.

Horada has to play 3 bots and a team with a poor record too, however he also has Sweaty and Valhalla on the schedule. In fact, Horada is only up on those NC East teams by a game, so if he loses 2 more games he could possible not make the playoffs. That would have shocked me before the season.
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posted: 2012-06-30 02:50:22 (ID: 45933) Report Abuse
ah i'm the new kid up in here, what do I do?

Houston TEXANS!

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posted: 2012-07-03 21:35:39 (ID: 46414) Report Abuse
Picture as of now...

1. Girona
2. Sf
3. Yurop
4. Shoutin
5. Mystic
6. Horada

So the top 6 haven't changed at all in several weeks. But they could.....

Is Girona a lock at 1? Not anymore thanks to the amazing performance by Norther Riviera who blanked Girona 24-0! I am one game and 71 pd behind Girona. Girona's next game? Panoramix! With a Panoramix win and me gaining in pd due to 2 of the final 3 games for me are vs bots...and I could leap into 1st. That is a lot of what if's though. If Girona holds on well they deserve it.

Teams still holding on are Kolin and Oldham. Both are 6-7, 2 games back of Horada who is 8-5. It is extremely unlikely that Horada lose more than 1 game. His final 3 games are against Rabbits (no disrespect intended but Horada should cruise in that game), Valhalla, and a bot.

My prediction at the end will be:

1. SF
2. Girona
3. Yurop (mathematically Horada has a shot but Yurop has 2 bots left)
4. Shoutin (the only way they could drop is if they lose to Salamanca next)
5. Mystic
6. Horada.

So playoff slots are mostly locked up...
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posted: 2012-07-04 21:08:51 (ID: 46593) Report Abuse
sfniner08 wrote:
So playoff slots are mostly locked up...

but the relegation battle isn't .... how about showing some love for the lower half of the table and writing a "Dragons 1.1 Relegation Picture" ??
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posted: 2012-07-05 00:16:59 (ID: 46599) Report Abuse
Well right now it is 3 bot teams and Fenton at the bottom. Not much to write. You aren't even really close to relegation.
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posted: 2012-07-05 07:01:53 (ID: 46616) Report Abuse
sfniner08 wrote:
Well right now it is 3 bot teams and Fenton at the bottom. Not much to write. You aren't even really close to relegation.

lol ... I wasn't looking at this from a "me , me , me" point of view .... I was also thinking of the whole relegation process which also involves the Relegation/Promotion playoff games/places , which are positions 25,26,27 and 28 , If I remember correctly...... not just the automatic relegation.

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posted: 2012-07-05 07:38:53 (ID: 46620) Report Abuse
I want to congratulate The Northern Riviera and sh8888r for the great victory to my team. 24-0 is a result that can not be disputed.

I have said many times that my team is (slightly) overrated. I have a lot, my division is not very strong and my regular league games are not very difficult. It is logical to finish regular season with 14-2, 15-1 ou similar, but when they really matches... nothing.

I do not want to say that my team is bad, that's not true. But I'm still far from the elite level. And my results confirm this opinion.

Greetings from Girona!
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posted: 2012-07-05 09:00:37 (ID: 46627) Report Abuse
It looks like the 6 bots + Fenton City are guaranteed to at least play a relegation match. Scarlet currently has a relegation match spot but I think he has 2 wins left on his schedule and playing a bot will help his PD. IMO the last spot will go to Salamanca, Rabbitohs, or Essen.
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posted: 2012-07-05 10:14:53 (ID: 46634) Report Abuse
Quimriera wrote:
I want to congratulate The Northern Riviera and sh8888r for the great victory to my team. 24-0 is a result that can not be disputed.

Thanks ! .... that means a lot to me as it comes from one of the most respected (and likeable) managers in Dragons 1.1 .

Quimriera wrote:
my division is not very strong and my regular league games are not very difficult.

Lol ... I've often thought about this general situation. That's why I posted the Dragons 1.1 Bot Schedule just to highlight that the distribution of Bot games isn't as even as people may initially think.

It's difficult to know what to do about this, apart from changing the whole scheduling mechanism and the structure of the leagues (i.e. remove conferences/divisions etc).

I'm a big critic of G*I, but the G*I system of 10 teams per league (each team plays each other twice, once at home and once away) is totally fair.
I'd be very hesitant of suggesting it in RZA though, as the "NFL flavour" of the RZA setup seems to be almost universally loved, it's possibly the reason that some managers join the game.
but it would be nice to find a way of getting a more 'equal' schedule across the whole league.

I'm just thankful that I'm not in the division of Pink Panthers and Majalorca Pigs .... that division is just brutal

Anyway ... best wishes and good luck in the playoffs to the manager/team from Sunny Catalunya
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posted: 2012-07-05 16:35:28 (ID: 46670) Report Abuse
OK the relegation picture...and it would be better if I had tracked 2.x more so this season...

Current 4 that would relegate directly...

Sandstorm (bot)
Eagles (bot)

Next 4 that play a relegation game...

Amerifats (bot, had high hopes for)
Dundalk (bot, had even higher hopes for)
Toxic (bot)

The next group that is within a game of relegation games are

Norther Riviera (sorry man, I was looking at just the straight relegations when I posted earlier)

games for each left...

Scarlett has a bot team, Girona and Rabbits left.
Norther Riviera has Fenton, bot, and Yurop left.
Fenton has Sweaty, Norther Riviera, and Fajny
Salamanaca have shoutin, mystic, and oldham.
Panthers have stuttgart, oldham, and les m. left.
Rabbits Horada, Kolin, and Scarlett left.

Fenton will lose at least 2 of those three but I think he will play a relegation game still because toxic will lose all three and and bump Fenton up.

Scarlett at 3-10 will split its next two games to be at 4-11 going into the last game.

Norther Riviera does have a tough game left on the schedule but I predict he goes 2-1 to finish the season at 6-10.

Salamanaca will lose its last three, I think. That will put them at 4-12 to finish the season.

Panthers will go 2-1 or 1-2 so they will finish 6-10 or 5-11. It is feasible they lose all three and go to 4-12.

Rabbits will lose its next two to be 4-11 going into the last game of the

Predicted final records:

Northern Riviera 6-10
Panthers 5-11
Salamanaca 4-12 (currently -75 pd)

Relegation Game

Scarlett 4-12 or 5-11
or Play each other final game of season both are -130 or more pd, that is why I have Salamanaca above them.
Rabbits 4-12 or 5-11

Dundalk 4-12 bot (I have them winning vs eagle bot team)
Amerifats 3-13 bot
Fenton 2-14

Direct Relegation
Toxic 2-14 bot
Sandstorm bot
Eagles Bot
Hangover bot

Possible teams that could face them from 2.1

AC has 5 teams that could all beat each other or be close.
New York Nightmare
Dream Team
Dome Babies
London Redcoats


The Rappierz (worried about long term with such a small stadium, weak division as well)
The Luddites
Ordes Saints
Da Coolest

Only 2 from the AC look to be really good. Shocked if they aren't playing in the AC championship game.

Red Black Warriors

The NC looks to be wide open despite records. Flamingos are in a weak division and so the record is inflated. NC north with NoName and Manchester is strong so is NC west of Thurgovia and Fighters de Paris. I looked through each schedule and it was almost impossible to rule any of these playoff teams out as they have beaten or almost beaten each other.

Very Strong Kickers
Pink Flamingos
Manchester Bulldogs
Fighters De Paris
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