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posted: 2012-07-07 02:29:34 (ID: 46852) Report Abuse

AC if the playoffs ended today (who is left on the schedule)

Bold is vs a current playoff team
Italics is vs a team who has a chance to make the playoffs.

1. Dome Babies (The Luddites, London Redcoats, and gajahmada)
2. New York Nightmare (Nordiques de Québec, Geelong Cats, and warhawks)
3. Duran Durans (Birka Loggers, gajahmada, Godger Dragons)
4. London Redcoats (MeLittleMenOnThePitchHitchin, Dome Babies, and Spaz 12's)
5. Dream Team *last log in 6/30 (The Vampires, Birka Loggers, and Lightworks)
6. Lightworks (gajahmada, Doedsman who went bot, and Dream Team)

Wow, the AC west is tough! Dome Babies, Dream Team, and Lightworks all come from that division.

Dome Babies have lost only to the Dream Team, but the wins vs Lightworks, Dream Team earlier in the season, and Nightmare were close games. It will be difficult for them to win all three games, 2 is more realistic. They need to win all three games because...

Dome Babies at 12-1 are only one game up on Lightworks and Dream Team who are both 11-2. They both also have much higher pd then Dome Babies. Dream Team and Lightworks will both win their next two games with their final game vs each other. I think the winner of that game might actually be the division champ and consequently the #1 seed.

Duran Duran are the 3 seed but they might not make the playoffs. Godgers Dragons are one game back with a significantly better pd. Last game of the year for Duran Durans? Godgers Dragons! The first meeting Duran Duran won 13-0. However Godger has barely lost to dream team and lightworks with much closer scores. I think Godger gets into the playoffs.

With a win the Redcoats lock up their division and the 4th seed.

Two wild card spots will be a combination 2 out of 3 of Lightworks, Dream Team, and Dome Babies.


1. The Rapierz (The Vampires bot, Radnicki Nis, SwagDolphin)
2. The Luddites (Dome Babies, The Vampires, Colwyn Bays)
3. Ordes Saints (Spaz 12's, Winners, The Texans)
4. Winnipeg Prairie Dogs (Workers Football Club, Colwyn Bays,Radnicki Nis)
5. The Texans (SwagDolphin, Suits and Sandwiches, Ordes Saints)
6. Da Coolest (Colwyn Bays, Scuffles Patriots, Winners)

Much like in the AC there is a division with 3 in the playoffs, this time it is the NC South with Ordes Saints, The Texans, and Da Coolest.

The 1 seed is locked up.

The Luddites and Prairie Dogs have clinched their divisions. The Saints are tied with the Texans at 9-4 but own a better pd 25 vs 7. The Texans play the Saints last game of the season. Winner take all? Da Coolest is waiting in the wings here at 8-5 with a pd of 112. It just takes a loss by each of the other teams for Da Coolest to leap frog to the division win.

In the end I think all the playoff spots are locked up, it is just a matter of seeding...

Last edited on 2012-07-07 04:16:44 by sfniner08

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posted: 2012-07-07 04:16:58 (ID: 46855) Report Abuse
All Done.
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posted: 2012-07-07 10:46:09 (ID: 46874) Report Abuse
Damn, I was hoping Doedsman wouldn't go bot til after today's game. Even uncontrolled, they might have pulled something off. Oh well, last game of the season(for one of us, anyway) should be a blast.
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posted: 2012-07-07 21:40:22 (ID: 46922) Report Abuse
Thanks for this breakdown niner, its awesome.

How about that chokejob by duran durans?
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posted: 2012-07-08 06:12:29 (ID: 46944) Report Abuse
u p d a t e after the last set of games.

AC NEW order

1. Dome Babies
2. NY Nightmare
3. London Redcoats
4. Godgers Dragons
5. Dream Team
6. Lightworks

The only changes were Godgers Dragons are in and Duran Durans are out for now...the only chance they have to get back into the playoffs is the final game of the year vs Godgers.

The other pivotal game the rest of the season is Dome Babies vs Redcoats. If Redcoats win then wither Dream Team or Lightworks will win the division and the #1 seed.


New Order

1. The Rapierz
2. The Ordes Saints
3. The Luddites
4. Winnipeg Prairie Dogs
5. Da Coolest

The changes were Ordes and Luddites swapping places because Luddites lost to Dome Babies 3-27 and Ordes won 20-0 vs Spaz 12's.

Da Coolest Swapped with The TEXANS due to the Texans losing to Dolphinswag.

Looks like the playoff spots are locked except:

If Texans beat Ordes last game of the year I think Da Coolest Wins Division and the #2 seed.


If Texans lose the last 2 games then Nordiques de Québec might take that last playoff spot. I'm impressed with their recent win vs NY Nightmare!
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posted: 2012-07-08 07:44:08 (ID: 46949) Report Abuse
booyah! Don't think i'm lucky nuff to get to confernece championship game though. my stadium will be finished soon, just need a roster with good young players
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posted: 2012-07-08 11:28:43 (ID: 46965) Report Abuse
Truly that was some epic choking, I was better in every way and still lost. The loss doesn't really change anything for me or Godgers though. We both still have to win as I was never going to beat him on point difference.

Hopefully I've spent all my bad luck on that and I won't go fumbling around in the last game.
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posted: 2012-07-14 21:03:22 (ID: 47716) Report Abuse
We playoffs nao!
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posted: 2012-07-14 21:19:42 (ID: 47719) Report Abuse
yeyeye wrote:
We playoffs nao!

What about Godgers?
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posted: 2012-07-14 21:24:07 (ID: 47720) Report Abuse
huskerbrave wrote:
yeyeye wrote:
We playoffs nao!

What about Godgers?

One day he'll go down in RZA history as the 1st ever 3.x team.
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