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posted: 2012-08-12 17:22:41 (ID: 52040) Report Abuse
AC East

Diablitos Grade: C-

Best Pick: Dionýz Nemecek (3rd, #88)
Nemecek is the best of the 3 defenders, who the Diablitos picked in this Draft. He is very smart and has good speed. He can be the starting FS for the next seasons.

Questionable Pick: Ali Geršel (1 rd, #24)
Gersel is smart, too, but he is not so fast. He must be more physical to be on the next stage. He has potential, but must show how good he can be.

Sleepy pick: Matouš Krušina (2 rd, #56)
The Gunner Krusina can be a nice CB, if he can improve his speed a little bit.

Lisbon Sea Crows Grade: D-

Questionable Pick: Dakhil Salaman (1 rd, #25), Mustafa Saleh (2 rd, #55) and Julian Koky (3 rd, #87) are all very similar Qbs. Very smart, all talented, but all have not enough strength. Lisbon needed definitly a QB, now they have 3 similar QB. A really bad draft.

AC North

Devon Warriors Grade: D

Best Pick: Hashim Andrade (1 rd, #25)
A good pick, but there were 2 better CB avaiable at this position. The Portuguese is young, has good speed and enough intelligence to play also SF.

Questionable Pick: Vladislav Emelyanov (2 rd, #57)
Not a good pick. A better SF was also avaiable. Emelyanov is not so smart for a SF and he would be a better CB. His speed is ok, but not great.

Sleepy pick: Uledi Sow (3 rd, 89)
This was a good pick, late in the Draft. This player has enough to be a really good DL.

Konjarnik HighTowers Grade: B+

Best Pick: Darren Connolly (1 rd, #18)
The best avaiable QB droped far in the first round. This player is young, but has everything to be a star in this league. Very smart, fast, strong arm. Perfekt!

Questionable Pick: Bruno Peres (2 rd, #50)
Taking a OL in the second round is ok, but there was a better OL avaiable. He need more strength to be a rock on the line.

Sleepy pick: Chimalsi Akerele (3 rd, #82)
Great pick. Very talented DL. Good strength and smart enough to play also LB.

Nova Gorica Warriors Grade: A-

Best Pick: Fathi Al Ammi (1 rd, #9)
I rated him as best Defender in the Draft. An outstanding combination of Speed, Strength and Intelligence. If he improve his tactical skill, than he is one of the best Linebacker in the League.

Questionable Pick: Zanka Hjulsager (3 rd, #73)
You can never have to much Linebackers. He must be more physical to be a star. He can make the transition to DL if needed.

Sleepy pick: Hilal Salah (2 rd, #41)
This guy is very strong. Unbelivable, that he was still avaiable at this position. He can be the anquor of the defense as MLB or a beast at the DL.

AC South

Nova Gorica Gamblers Grade: B

Best Pick: Kitti Chaiyasan (1 rd, #32)
This was one of the best avaiable OL in this draft. He is very strong a a very good pick at the end of the first round.

Questionable Pick: Karim Qassem (3 rd, #96)
Mr. Irrelevant, can have a high impact, if he can improve his speed. Getting a OL at the last position is not so bad.

Sleepy pick: Sap Anand (2 rd, #64)
Anand was one of the fastest WR in the draft. To be a superstar he need a little bit more speed. In a good passing offense could have a high value for the team.

Wesley Crushers Grade: D

Best Pick: Clyde Hynes (1rd, #20)
Very good QB with a strong arm, but not with the highest intelligence and with 23 years not the youngest. Will have a good future

Alan Brown (2rd, #52) sold for 30 Mio$
Humberto Menezes (3 rd, #84) sold for 34 Mio$

Hurricanes Grade: C

Best Pick: Kimya Okorie (1rd, #15)
You should know this CB. He is fast, has good hand for interception and with great tackling abilities. Receiver will feel like being on Okorie-Island.

Questionable Pick: Miles Pochobradský (2rd, #47)
What to do with him? Not strong enough for a DT. Fast enough for a DE, but not enough intelligence to be outstanding. He must be more physical or shoud make the transition to CB.

Sleepy pick: Josep Maria Díaz (3 rd, #79)
He is very talented and smart, but a real raw diamond. If he can train his physical skill, than the can be a good MLB.

Black knights Grade: B-

Best Pick: Adetokunbo Contee (2 rd, #44)
Getting such a great player in the second round is unbelivable. He is so strong, smart and a hard working guy on the training grid. He could be a rock on the DL.

Questionable Pick: Tom Leblond (3 rd, #76)
A good pick in the last round, but this QB has no strong arm. With his talent and smartness he must show, that he is a good QB.

Sleepy pick: Ahmed Sam (1rd, # 12)
So early in the draft, you can get better players. This player is a great CB and can play a huge role next season, if teams will more pass. He has good speed and nice hand. Don't throw the ball to much in his direction.

AC West

London Silk Grade: F

Best Pick: Shannon Galloway (1 rd, #30)
London missed a a lot of great players a this position. This player is only worth a late 2nd round pick. He has some strength and is not stupid. More a DL than a LB.

Questionable Pick: Rich Alonzo (3 rd, #94)
There were not so much options late in the 3rd round. The two other OL might have been the better pick. This FB must train more Speed and stength to be a longterm solution.

Sleepy pick: David Wakefield (2 rd, #62)
This player was also drafted to high, but he will replace the old Punter in the team.

SV Furpach Grade: C

Best Pick: Thurdchai Jivacate (1 rd, #26)
The former LB will play at the DL for Furpach. If Furpach really needed a DL than some better players with more strength were avaiable at #26. He has a lot of potential to play a good season.

Questionable Pick: Pieter Stans (2 rd, #58)
This SF has enough talent to be a star. Acutally he has not enough speed for a FS and is not strong enough for a stong Safety. May be other players would have been a more save pick.

Sleepy pick: Stan Will (3rd, #90)
Getting a FB with a good combination of speed and strength late in the draft is a solid pick. Train him as a ball carrier and you will have a nice weapon in the backfield.

Monster Piskots Grade: C-

Best Pick: Pavel Holík (2 rd, #61)
The Monsters bostered up their receiving corp in every round with three TE. For me is the 2rd pick the best pick. He is similar to the other picked TE and worth a 2rd pick.

Questionable Pick: Adam Zajícek (1rd, #29)
He sould make the transition to WR. For a great WR he is actually to slow. A faster WR in the first round would have been better for the Monsters.

Sleepy pick: Alexander Hradil (3 rd, #93)
The third TE has nothing to loose. He can still improve his speed and in the next season he can be a nice taget for the QB.

Paradise Regained Grade: B-

Best Pick: Liam Healy (2 rd, #54)
This very fast FB was a nice pick in the second round. Playing as RB will be dangerous for every slow defense, because he is so fast.

Questionable Pick: Alibek Nesterenko (1 rd, #22)
The combination of outstanding teamwork and intelligence is an eye catcher, but his physical skills are not perfect for a 1 rd pick. He has to show, that he is worth this pick.

Sleepy pick: Cavin Griffiths (3 rd, #86)
One of the best picks in the 3rd round. This guy is another speedy ballcarrier. This create a lot of depth in the backfield for Paradise.

Jedi Knights Grade: C-

Best Pick: Grzegorz Michalowski (3 rd, #80)
He was the best avaiable DL in the last round. With a little bit more strength and speed will make this young guy a threat a the Line.

Questionable Pick: Adrian Lisek (1 rd, #16)
Why did they picked him so early in the frist round. There were much better players avaiable. This player was definitly picked to early.

Sleepy pick: Karol Skowronek (2 rd, #48)
This was a solid pick. He can be a good defensive back or can make the transition to LB. First he must improve his physical skills and must show what he is able to do for the team.

Gvozdeni Puk Grade: D

Best Pick: Peran Brnovic (3 rd, #78)
Drafting a solid WR at this position was a good pick. He is not so fast, but is smart and young.

Questionable Pick: Stracimir Stefanovic (1 rd, #14)
So early in the draft you must pick a star. This player is hard to move, but he must be stronger to be a outstanding OL. Next time they should draft a real star.

Sleepy pick: Toša Udovicki (2 rd, #46)
The other new OL can be a future star, if he can increase his strength. He has a lot of experience for such a young guy.

NC North

Leeds Celtics Grade: C+

Best Pick: Shayne Hutchins (2 rd, #60)
They could pass one of the fastest ballcarriers late in the 2nd round. He has to improve some tactical skills, but he is another treat for Leeds.

Questionable Pick: Troy Slagle (1 rd, #28)
He is one of the better WR of a bad WR-class. It is questionable, if he is fast enough to compete with the best CB of the league.

Sleepy pick: Ryan Begay (3 rd, #92)
TE are mostly solid picks. They are allrounders and this player has room for improvement. With some training he can be a real weapon next season.

Aston Rovers Grade: C+

Questionable Pick: Ruben Gunn (1 rd, #13)
First this was the best pick of the team. Than I saw, that they switched with outstanding OL to LB. We will see if this is the plan for the future or only the next weeks.

Sleepy pick: Rory Rountree (3 rd, #77)
The former DL should play as LB. With his good combination of speed and intelligence he is definitly a good option as OLB.

Diego Allan sold for 107 Mio$. Not that bad!

Dresden Stars Grade: D

Best Pick: Namik Hadad (2 rd, #42)
This WR is not so fast, but strong and hard to stop. Dresden had a good draft position and some better options.

Questionable Pick: Braulio Medina (1 rd, #10)
With their Top10 pick, they could nearly get every player. Why did they picked such a worse player? There were much faster and stronger player, who could have a higher impact for Dresden.

Sleepy pick: Pribislav Popovic (3 rd, #74)
Early in the last round they had still many options to get a impact player. This TE is very raw, but can have his breakout in the next season.

NC South

Naprzód Marsz! Grade: C+

Best Pick: Damian Kostrzewa (1 rd, #31)
They had the best rush offense in the last season an they added 2 other players for the backfield. So much depth you will find at no other team. This player is very fast and will will be difficult to stop him.

Questionable Pick: Alojzy Gromek (3 rd, #95)
They had the choice between 2 OL and picked the weaker one. Is this player a steal or bust?

Sleepy pick: Modupe Chahine (2 rd, #63)
It seem that they want to decide the league this season on the ground. Chahine is not so fast like the first round pick, but he can also be developed into a good RB.

Hameln Rats Grade: B-

Best Pick: Theo Müller (1rd, #21)
They needed a QB and got a solid one in the first round. They were unlucky that the 2 best QB were pickt right before them.

Questionable Pick: Esbjörn Nilsson (2 rd, #53)
Nilsson played DL at the collage, but he is not strong enough to perform his position on a higher level. Acually he should play SF, but he need definitly more speed. This was a risky pick, because better player were still avaiable.

Sleepy pick: Max Steinegger (3 rd, #72)
I like this pick really much. This is a real steal. A very young and talented RB, you will help the Rats a lot.

Civitanova Chargers Grade: B-

Best Pick: Pepe Rosso (1 rd, #17)
This was a save pick. Such a fast CB with outstanding hand would improve every team. His skills will be dangerous for every passing offense.

Questionable Pick: Arrigo Gomierato (3 rd, #81)
This pick is questionable, because of the limited talent and his transition to SF. He is not fast enough to play this position, but he can show, that he can be faster.

Sleepy pick: Arduino De Simone (2 rd, #49)
A very solid pick, but not the best avaiable player at this position. He is very smart and can be a good MLB.

Raiders Tirol Grade: C-

Best Pick: Rod Mcmillan (1 rd, #11)
Very good pick. A smart LB with strenght and speed. This guy really can lead the Raiders defense.

Questionable Pick: Uang Ô (2 rd, #43)
The draft board was not good prepared for the 2nd and 3rd round. This could be a wasted pick, because there were more save picks and they drafted a guy with questionable physical skills.

Sleepy pick: Safi Abolhassan (3rd, #75)
The Raider must hope, that he can be faster. If he can do so, than he can be developed into a good receiver.

Lucea Cardinals Grade:B+

Best Pick: Chandu Rocha (1 rd, #27)
The Team didn't planned to draft a CB, but they could let the fastest defender pass. This player will make a hughe impact against passing offenses.

Questionable Pick: Elton Watson (3 rd, #91)
This is no real questional pick. He is a good OL, with good strenght and will replace next year one retireing OL.
Sleepy pick: Dayton Small (2 rd, #59)
This player can lead the Defense as MLB. He is so smart and can still improve his strenght and will be a outstanding player in the middle.

Kaunas Hurricane Grade: C+

Best Pick: Mindaugas Songaila (1 rd, #19)
This was for me the best avaiable WR. He has good speed and is hard to tackle.

Questionable Pick: Andrzej Serafin (2 rd, #51)
Another WR with a lack of speed. May be he will be a better TE.

Sleepy pick: Mindaugas Juskevicius (3 rd, #83)
This was another steal in the 3rd round. He has good speed and complete the new receiving corp.

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Summary: The Nova Gorica Warriors had the best draft in my opinion. Only few teams did a good job. Many teams where not so good prepared and missed some really good players. Sorry for all new team from league 2 that I didn't analyised their draft.

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posted: 2012-08-12 18:19:34 (ID: 52050) Report Abuse
Thanks for taking the time to do this. An excellent read. Props.
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posted: 2012-08-13 01:35:23 (ID: 52112) Report Abuse
Once again... excellent job on the team by team break down.

Just curious... with so many teams receiving relatively low draft grades did you feel that this draft wasnt that strong overall? Or did managers just flat whiff by picking a player when there was a better player at that position still available?

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posted: 2012-08-13 06:38:35 (ID: 52134) Report Abuse
Swordpriest1 wrote:
Once again... excellent job on the team by team break down.

Just curious... with so many teams receiving relatively low draft grades did you feel that this draft wasnt that strong overall? Or did managers just flat whiff by picking a player when there was a better player at that position still available?

This draft was not the strongest. Especially the OL and WR class was not so good. Additionally many manager missed some better players at the position they drafted. I hope, that managers understand, how important is is do prepare the board from #1-96
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posted: 2012-08-13 07:46:25 (ID: 52138) Report Abuse
Buffalo wrote:
Sorry for all new team from league 2 that I didn't analyised their draft.

I was kinda hoping you would, but it would take far too much effort.

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posted: 2012-08-13 13:49:04 (ID: 52157) Report Abuse
Very interesting summary. Thanks Buffalo for doing it

Firenze wrote:
Buffalo wrote:
Sorry for all new team from league 2 that I didn't analyised their draft.

I was kinda hoping you would, but it would take far too much effort.


I think Buffalo cannot rate your draft picks, because he hasn't datas of the players you took, the other who were in draft board and who were available at the stage you picked.

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