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posted: 2012-10-26 20:05:42 (ID: 63775) Report Abuse
sfniner08 wrote:
I counted 26 again....I count the season rollover as the final training of that season for each season.

I count the rollover as the first training of a season. Ideally it happens sooner than the training, so any 20 year old player would get kicked out of the YA if you counted it as the last.

Edit: slider6 was faster

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posted: 2012-10-26 20:07:09 (ID: 63777) Report Abuse
I understand. Just for the purpose of counting the number of trainings there are 26.
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posted: 2012-10-26 20:16:21 (ID: 63782) Report Abuse
1. aug 5. season rollover
2. aug 8.
3. aug 12.
4. aug 15.
5. aug 19.
6. aug 22.
7. aug 26.
8. aug 29.
9. sept 2.
10. sept 5.
11. sept 9.
12. sept 12.
13. sept 16.
14. sept 19.
15. sept 23.
16. sept 26.
17. sept 30.
18. oct 3.
19. oct 7.
20. oct 10.
21. oct 14.
22. oct 17.
23. oct 21.
24. oct 24.

and the next one is the season rollover, which I look at as the new season.
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posted: 2012-10-26 20:17:08 (ID: 63783) Report Abuse
24 ist the number of training in one season
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posted: 2012-10-26 20:21:44 (ID: 63789) Report Abuse
Now I know the problem. I was going month to month and totaling them up. I didn't notice that Peter had part of a month on another. The first week of September starts late in the week, he has the last week of august on there as well. Hence the 2 extra weeks.

I'll make a change to my post to reflect that.
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posted: 2012-10-26 20:22:20 (ID: 63790) Report Abuse
If you start counting from the first gameday of a season:

17 league gameday
+3 playoff
+1 relegation
+1 bowl
- - - - -
+1 training at SR
+1 training before draft
- - - - -

as the Turtle pointed out: 24
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posted: 2012-10-26 22:18:25 (ID: 63812) Report Abuse
What is considered good secondary skill numbers for a youth pull?
i.e. footwork, carrying, etc.
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posted: 2012-10-26 22:20:35 (ID: 63814) Report Abuse
phareux wrote:
What is considered good secondary skill numbers for a youth pull?
i.e. footwork, carrying, etc.

I'd say Positioning/Vision.
That's my approach there, unless I already have a clear idea at which position I want to use a youth player.
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posted: 2012-10-27 08:21:51 (ID: 63841) Report Abuse
They way I plan on doing mine:

I'll only pull 16 year olds (maybe a really good 17 yo, pulled one 50/47 tw/int 17yo this yr) then set them to train physicals:

High TW low INT - Train str for ol/dl line
Low TW high INT - Train spd for wr/rb/db
High TW high INT - both for LB/TE

Their 'main' physical should be nearly capped by the time they turn 18 (2 years), so they still have 2.5 years in YA - rest of 18, 19, 20.

I'll train up their secondary physicals a bit and then start on skills. Assuming most players have 3 primary skills (eg tackling, vision, position for lb) on their own they should get 1.5 of them to ~20 mark. So with the YA points (I only use on 20yo) in theory I'm hoping to be bringing up 2 draft level players and 1/2 solid young backups a year.

The guys who don't reach the INT/TW requirements I plan on training up and selling if they cap high. Or cutting if need more room.
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posted: 2012-10-27 08:23:06 (ID: 63842) Report Abuse
To be honest ... the OP is pretty much stating the obvious - you either share the training points around or you put them onto one player. And then with the player you create you either sell or train.

On a personal note, with a 91% LB coach - I estimate a minimum of 12 points a season from training (24 * 0.5) and actually it tends to fall somewhere between 12 and 16. I get about 160 points from youth training so the 'chosen player' gets about 2.2 points a week or 53 points a season.

Some people think the best approach is to keep 4 players per year group in the academy at any one time. I think the best plan is to have lots of 16/17 year olds as essentially 'try-outs' so you've got more chance of hitting a 50 for a physical (the more lottery tickets you buy). As players cap you'll decide whether to keep or release them so it'll be something like

20 year olds: 1
19 year olds: 2
18 year olds: 4
17 year olds: 7
16 year olds: 8

So with the 19 year olds you'll have a couple left in the academy - both of whom should be physically capped and you can decide which of the 2 to go forward with (and sell the other). The one 20 year old will get all of the youth training points for that year.

I'm working on a 1 player per year approach at the moment in terms of youth although might switch to 2 players and keep 2 20 year olds.

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