Frequently asked questions


I would like to see other formations than the available in the game. What to do?

First of all you should check the manual, section formations to see, if your formation is available already.

If this isn't the case please post a suggestion in the right forum. This post should contain the type (offense / defense) and the name (e.g. "I-Formation"). And you need to tell us something about the lineup. A valid lineup could be:


This would result in a lineup consisting of 5 Linemen (OT-OG-OC), a QB, and left sided FB, left sided WR, ride sided 2 WRs and a left sided TE. Down the page you will find an overview of all existing positions for offense and defense.

What rules do we have (offense): exactly 1 QB and at least 1 FB or HB. Not more than 2 WRs per side. Not more than 1 TE per side, exactly 5 Linemen (OTL-OGL-OC-OGR-OTR). We do not accept any one sided formations like 2 WR left side, no WR right side.

What rules do we have (defense): at least 3, maximum 5 Linemen, only one per type. At least 1 MLB and maximum 2 and at least 1 CB, maximum 2 on each side. maximum 1 OLB per side. Max 1 Strong Safety per slot (left/middle/right) and max 1 Free Safety per slot (left/middle/right). We do not accept any one sided formations like all CB/SF on one side.

OTL/OTROffensive Tackle left/right
OGL/OGROffensive Guard left/right
HBL/HBC/HBRHalfback left/center/right
FBL/FBC/FBRFullback left/center/right
WRL/WRRWide receiver left/right
WRL1/WRR1inner Wide receiver left/right
TEL/TERTight end left/right
NTNose Tackle
DTL/DTRDefensive Tackle left/right
DEL/DERDefensive End left/right
MLBMiddle Linebacker
MLB1second Middle Linebacker
OLBL/OLBROutside Linebacker left/right
SSL/SSC/SSRStrong Safety left/center/right
FSL/FSC/FSRFree Safety left/center/right
CBL/CBRCornerback left/right
CBL1/CBR1second Cornerback left/right