Welcome to RedZoneAction.org - the American Football Management Simulator!
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Features waiting for you

A real NFL-like 2 Conference League system, 4 divisions each having 4 teams, provides real Pro-Football-like Gameplay, including long-term grown rivalries

Full featured Gamecenter, showing you the play-by-play on the field as text and moving graphics on the field, including a participation report, down-markers and many more, including a replay option (as Live) if you missed to watch a game live

A Depth Chart to bench or activate players based on your needs and tactics, easy to use by drag-and-drop

The Playbook allows the manager to control every aspect of attacking game plays as well as defending them. No matter if you feature tactics having a few rules, or strong Playbooks containing several thousands of lines, Drag'n Drop makes it easy to manage for you. You can change the tactics even during the game by having different rules per quarter or situation on the field, or even the standing.

Hiring and Firing players, making short term contracts or even multi year Franchise contracts, the Human Resource Department allows you to manage your team based on your masterplan

A real Draft once per season, running over a period of 3 days, provides you with Youngsters to develop your roster for your teams future

Real Management to prepare your teams finances, which includes a Fanshop to sell merchandise to your fans. You have full control over your stock and the selling prices. This includes many available report option to keep an overview of how you are doing

Multiple Training facilities to develop your roster in an unique way, to be competitive now and in the future

Challenge your Friends to play Friendly Cups, play Friendly Games every day, or exercise by having Scrimmages (your teams offense vs your defense) several times per day

Lots of community and social stuff, including a busy Forum, many RSS-feeds (game results, changes etc) , connectivity to Facebook, GooglePlus , Twitter...Mentors to help you for the first steps, and a Manual describing each function in detail, downloadable for offline reading

Many many more...just check in and explore the game by yourself...it is time now!

Welcome to RedZoneAction.org, the American Football Management Simulator, where you will find the fun of managing and coaching your squad from the lowest ranks of league rivalries to the lofty heights of international football glory! You run the team from the front office to the field, all completely for free! Want to have a speedy passing attack or is power rushing more your style? Do you want to control the line of scrimmage or rely on your defense to steal the ball away to win the game? Use your depth chart and playbook to decide how your team makes your gameplan happen. We don't just toss numbers out there and see what happens. We play Football!
What makes RedZoneAction.org different from other football sims out there? We stay true to the American style of football, by featuring a 3-days drafts, playoffs and a championship that is decided on the field.
All of this and more is available here in RedZoneAction.org! It's time to play the game!

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