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2022-10-09 19:01:36 - Prairie Dogs Win IECC V Championship!Report Abuse

In the biggest day since the Prairie Dogs arrived in Sunrise City from Washington, DC, the franchise won its most prestigious achievement in winning the International Elite Challenge Cup V after stringing together three consecutive 14-point victories.

Getting to the Cup first required navigating through a qualifying around, which the Prairie Dogs did to the tune of a first place qualifier trophy behind the big arm of QB Zack Knox.

Qualifying for the cup as one of eight qualifier champions, the team had high hopes to make a strong showing in the round robin section with the sight set on a top four finish to advance to the knockout round. Through some uneven play, the Prairie Dogs need to win on the final day of the round robin and get some help to sneak in as the fourth team from the division going 4-3.

That set up an uphill battle in the knockout round, with a first round match up against the 6-1 Sydney Rising Stars. Knox was sloppy in this game, throwing 23/40 for 199 and 2 TDs and 2 INTs, and the team trailed by seven going into the fourth quarter. But the defense provided a huge spark. After tying the game early in the fourth quarter, LB Eddie Biddle came up with two huge interceptions leading to touchdowns to secure a 41-27 win.

In the semifinals against the Department of Love and Peace, the Prairie Dogs jumped out early behind a big game from Knox, who finished the day going 31/41 for 256 yds and 4 TDs. The defense also played a big role in the second quarter with LB Renee Levine recording a sack and forced fumble he recovered and DT Toby Irby stuffing a 4th down run. Both plays led to and the team held off a late comeback attempt to win 38-24.

The unlikely finals match featured the only two teams to finish with a negative point differential. Knox nearly replicated his semifinal performance leading the team with 31/41 for 277 yds and 3 TDs passing. Biddle again was a hero on the defense coming up with a big second quarter redzone INT resulting in a 14-point swing. The Kraken rallied in the third quarter to tie the game on 21, but the Prairie Dogs finished off strong scoring the next two touchdowns to notch a third straight 14-point win, 35-21.

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2021-05-01 13:56:35 - DCW relocates to Sunrise CityReport Abuse

After an incredible run in Washington D.C. during which the Washingtonians won two Sea Devil 1 Championships, two Champ of Champ titles, lost in the RZA Elite championship bowl and for a brief stint, was the highest rated team in the world, DCW has moved across the country to the remote town of Sunrise City.

There were several bidders looking to bring an Elite franchise to their city, and Sunrise City emerged as a darkhorse candidate as a small, remote town. But after rolling out the red carpet for team executives and having a fully prepared 144,000 capacity stadium ready for use, "The Badlands," the move happened.

To ease the transition, Head Coach Buckland agreed for one more season at the helm, and breaking with tradition, he turned to free agency to go for one more competitive run in Elite. As long as Okui is under center, this team has a chance, but with nine starters from last season departing, a little help was necessary to fill out a solid roster. The rest of the vacancies will be filled from within.

Even though the team is hopeful to make one more push to give the fans of Sunrise City the excitement of watching a playoff contender, the speculation is if things go south early, a rebuild will be necessary. Even if the first season unfolds perfectly, this aging roster will likely need a makeover by the second season.

To celebrate the transition and rebranding, the franchise invited fans to The Badlands for a meet-and-greet to become familiar with the new team and to celebrate the greats who made DCW a force. As such, team executives unveiled the All DCW team recognizing the legends who wore the red, white and blue uniforms. Some of these players will don the new Prairie Dog yellow and brown.

The franchise is excited about its new start in a new city, and the Prairie Dogs will become every bit as dominant as DCW was in its heyday.

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2021-04-25 21:07:36 - All DCW TeamReport Abuse

QB: Takashi Okui (S37-S42): 6x Team MVP, 6x Offensive MVP, 3x Elite QB 1, 2x Champ of Champ MVP, Duck Bowl XIV MVP, S39 Sea Devil Tournament MVP, most passing yards and passing TDs in team history

RB: Jauhar Fall (S28-S35): 5x All-Star, Hall of Fame inductee, second in rushing yards and fifth in rushing TDs in team history

FB: Pat Konvalinka (S32-S42): 1x Trojan Scorer, most rushing yards, rushing TDs and blocks by a FB in team history

WR1: Shemeul Ngahu (S28-S38): 4x Offensive Captain, 4x Trojan Scorer, most receptions, yards and receiving TDs in team history

WR2: Sebastian Zelený (S31-S37): 3x Trojan Scorer, second in receiving yards and receiving TDs in team history

TE: Waldo Covington (S33-S42): 1x Trojan Scorer, most reception yards, receiving TDs and blocks for a TE in team history

LT: Roscoe Baboram (S27-S37): 6x IHOP, most pancakes in team history, 30x All Star, Hall of Fame Inductee

LG: Leslie Mccartney (S32-S42): Rookie of the Year, 1x Elite OL 2, sixth in pancakes in team history, Hall of Fame Inductee

C: Clifford Valenti (S33-S42): 2x IHOP, seventh in pancakes in team history

RG: Frederico Borges (S29-S40): 1x IHOP, fourth in pancakes in team history

RT: Ivan Suvorov (S27-S37): 3x IHOP, second in pancakes in team history

LE: Rakshak Jana (S27-S42): 6x Defensive Captain, leads in tackles for loss, forced fumbles, fumbles recovered and most sacks by a DL in team history, Hall of Fame Inductee

NT: Rayford Seay (S31-S42): eighth in tackles of loss, fourth in forced fumbles in team history

RE: Nathanial Sales (S31-S42): 44x All-Star, Hall of Fame Inductee, fourth in tackles for loss, third in forced fumbles in team history

LOLB: Kusa Thawan (S28-S38): 3x Defensive MVP, 6x HT Sacker, 1x Lotto Picker, Hall of Fame Inductee, leader of sacks, eighth in interceptions and third in defensive TDs (T) in team history

LMLB: Iljios Alanis (S26-S36): 1x Defensive Captain, 6x Defensive MVP, 3x HT Sacker, 7x Lotto Picker, Hall of Fame Inductee, fourth in sacks, most interceptions, second in fumble recoveries (T), and leads in defensive TDs in team history

RMLB: Lavern Boren (S36-S42): 3x Defensive MVP, 3x HT Sacker, Rookie of the Year, second in sacks in team history, Hall of Fame Inductee

ROLB: Murat Schmidt (S28-S34): 2x Defensive MVP, 1x HT Sacker, Sea Devil Tournament MVP, seventh in sacks, second in fumble recoveries (T) and third in defensive TDs (T) in team history

LCB: Martín Santan (S26-S42): 3x Lotto Picker, most tackles and second in interceptions and defensive TDs in team history

RCB: Young-Min Dae (S28-S38): 3x Lotto Picker, second in tackles, third in interceptions and sixth in defensive TDs in team history

FS: Hanspeter Heinrich (S26-S36): 7x Defensive Captain

SS: Christian Wilder (S27-S38): most tackles by a safety in team history

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2021-01-22 00:02:45 - Top ELO WatchReport Abuse

Top ELO Ranking
Jan 21-23, 2021 (high-water mark: 1346)

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2020-03-14 01:07:24 - S37 Recap/S38 PreviewReport Abuse

Is it possible to miss the playoffs after two consecutive years of making it and still have the most successful season in franchise history? That is the storyline this team is selling after coming up a game short of getting into the playoffs despite going 11-5 again, as DCW had done the previous two seasons.

S37 was the toughest schedule the Washingtonians have ever faced, and this squad proved it was capable of playing with all of the best in RZA. DCW played an incredible 11 games against teams that finished 8-8 or better and went 6-5 against them. This also included beating each NC division winner (going 4-1 against these squads) and beating both teams in the Elite Super Bowl. When taking into account the SC playoffs, DCW went 4-2 against the Elite Conference Finals qualifiers and notched a victory against each one.

The story of the season was the new star QB T. Okui putting the team on his back and leading the offense to some impressive stats on offense, and the break-out party of YA-product MLB L. Boren, who led a strong LB corp. Beyond these two units, however, the team showed some regressions in other aspects. The OL, which led the league in pancakes a season ago, slipped this season, and the DL and DBs struggled all season. In S36, Alanis led the team with 8 INTs whereas in S37, the entire defense combined for 7 INTs. The inability to force turnovers, too many missed tackles and blocks all contributed to the team missing the playoffs.

Earning team honors for S37 performances are as follows:

Team MVP: Okui (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Okui (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Boren (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Zelený and Galloway (WRs) and Konvalinka (FB) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Baboram (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Boren (LB) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Picker: Santana (CB)/Thawan (LB) for recording most interceptions
Best QB in Elite: Okui (1st)

DCW did make some noise in the SC playoffs, after completing another 15-0 season. For the first time in franchise history, the Washingtonians made it to the quarterfinals and notched perhaps the most impressive win with a 48-10 over the top ranked team in the game, Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser.

Several players retired this season, including top WR Zelený, TE Voorde, FS Dimitrov, DE Loftsson, OC Suvorov and OT Baboram. Baboram surely will find his way into the team’s Hall of Fame; the former second-round pick was a six-time pancake leader (Suvorov, the next highest, was a three-time leader) and found himself on the All-Star roster for 30 games. Back-up and first YA promotee FB Centeno also retired.

The team did not get any help from its rookie class last season, and in fact, none of the draft picks are still on the roster. Like last season, the rookies are not expected to see much, if any, playing time this season. From the YA, WR Isidro Spinks, RB Rico Messina and FS Brent Baggett join the squad. The coaching staff is pretty high on all three and they should see limited time in a back-up capacity. And in a weak draft, the team managed to find three players that should provide some depth after losing so many veterans. In the first round, Safety Logan Hacker is pretty much a finished product and is more or less a place holder until more talented players come up in the system. But the team did find some potential contributors in the second round (TE Curt Bowers) and third round (CB Kenny Blais). More exciting, the team has a handful of YA players ready for promotion next season as the youth movement continues.

Speaking of the All-Star game, DCW became just the 10th team to beat the All-Stars in a full-tilt, no mercy game, winning 30-28, but the game was more one-sided that the final score reflected. DCW went up 30-14 with about 8:30 left in the game and the All-Stars rallied for two late TDs to make the score look close.

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2019-12-28 17:51:11 - S36 Recap/S37 PreviewReport Abuse

Despite winning the franchise's first ever Elite Playoff game, somehow the offseason generated as much excitement as the highly successful season.

The S36 season played out very much like S35, with DCW feasting on team's with sub-.500 records to go 11-5 again, and earn the final wild card spot again. The big change this time, however, was the Washingtonians no longer felt the weight of the spotlight and put together perhaps the best game in team history en route to a 30-0 win in the wild card round against the Chelt Nam Bobbers, a team that has had its way with DCW in every prior meeting. The momentum continued into the first quarter in the divisional round against behemoth San Diego Blitzkrieg. Everything was playing out as planned except for the Washingtonian's ability to find the end zone, but they led most of the first quarter, going up 6-0. But the Blitzkrieg scored a TD just before the end of the first quarter and then rallied for two fast TDs in the second quarter to knock the wind out of the underdog, who ultimately lost 38-12.

In the Super Cup, DCW went 15-0 in the regular season and put together an impressive playoff run winning in the first three rounds before losing to the Black Dragons in the fourth round. A third quarter collapse, where DCW was outscored 13-0 was the difference as the team lost 30-17. Much like in the Elite playoffs, the offense's inability to sustain drives and find the end zone cost the team.

Earning team honors for S36 performances are as follows:

Team MVP: Ostapowicz (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Ostapowicz (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Alanis (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Zelený (WR) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Baboram (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Thawan (LB) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Picker: Alanis (LB) for recording most interceptions
Gerber ROY award: Boren (LB) for best rookie performance
Best Elite OL: McCartney (2nd place)

The team captain for S37 are Ngahu (O) and Jana (D).

As the team looks to take the next step to become an Elite champion challenger, the ownership addressed the offense by bringing one of the best quarterbacks in the game, Takashi Okui, from the Michigan State Spartans. The QB play was inconsistent last season, and the hope is bringing in a star like Okui will be the missing piece. The skill and physical prowess can't be questioned, but others have pointed to Okui's prima donna status and the fact he has never won the big game before. But the ownership felt the potential outweighed the risks and signed him through S38.

The addition of Okui is about the only addition to the roster as a weak draft might not see a single player stay on the roster. The Youth Academy to see the promotion of WR Deon Leslie, QB Samual Rice and K Jared Wiggins. None of these three are likely to see playing time this season.

The big loss was the team's first ever draft pick, MLB Alanis. Alanis is a sure bet to make the team's Hall of Fame; he was the team's S35 MVP, six-time defensive MVP, three-time sack leader and seven-time interception leader. His storied career included time in Sea Devil 2, Sea Devil 1 and Elite. The team is very deep at the linebacker position, so there isn't expected to be much of a drop off, but his presence will be missed on the field.

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2019-10-04 13:39:36 - S35 Recap/S36 PreviewReport Abuse

The S35 DC Washingtonians ventured into rarified air, proving to be among the best teams in the world. The team earned the privileged reserved for an elite few: getting to compete in all three of the most prestigious playoffs: Super Cup, Champ of Champ and RZA Elite.

After rising above expectations and going 11-5 in the regular season, DCW received its first ever invite to the Elite playoffs, winning the final NC wild card spot. Some critics have pointed out that DCW benefited from a generous schedule (the team went 9-0 against teams with losing records and 2-5 against teams with winning records with both wins being narrow victories over rival Leeds Celtics), but as Coach Buckland is quick to respond, "There are no easy wins in Elite." The team didn't help defend Buckland's statement with a lackluster game against the Black Dragons, losing in the wild card round 34-10. But finishing second in the division means DCW will get another go at competing in Elite and washed away S33 memories of going 7-9.

For the second consecutive season, DCW went 14-1 in SC divisional play and made a deep playoff run. An exciting third round OT win against fellow Elite BobBoy Magpies set up a match with RZA legend Pete and his Guinness Consumers, but the offense struggled to find any rhythm in this one, losing 21-17 in the fourth round. Finally, in the CoC, DCW dispatched two other Elite teams to make it all the way to the semifinals where a slow start against eventual champions, OrangeCrush, ultimately ended the playoff run and S35. Trailing 20-0 at the half, the team regrouped and rallied in the second half making OC fans a bit nervous before coming up short, 32-21.

After the season ended, DCW challenged the All-Star team to an exhibition match, and despite being a heavy underdog, the Washingtonians battled through an exciting first half before taking control of the game in the 4th Qtr en route to a 38-24 victory. Fall so impressed the All-Star team that he was invited to join the team for five more games before officially retiring. Fall is only the second Washingtonian to be invited to play with the All-Stars and the first to spend his entire career in DC.

Earning team honors for S35 performances are as follows:

Team MVP: Alanis (LB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Ostapowicz (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Alanis (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Weinstein (RB) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Baboram (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Alanis (LBs) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Picker: Santana (CB) for recording most interceptions
Gerber ROY award: Lucas (LB) for best rookie performance

The S36 captains are Ngahu (WR, offense) and Heinrich (SF, defense).

Most the entire team returns to defend the Elite spot for another season, with only star RB Jahaur Fall retiring. Losing Fall will move more burden onto QB Ostapowicz, who had a so-so season last year. But with a stout offensive line, the team hopes the younger RBs will be ready to step up and contribute. The offense won't be getting much help from the rookie class, with most of the talent joining the LB corps. LB Lavern Boren is the blue-chipper of the group, and is expected to make an immediate impact harassing QBs. Joining him is fellow YA LB Kraig Serrano, who would be a more celebrated prospect most seasons if not for the presence of Boren. From the draft, first rounder Jason Farmer is a bit old for a rookie (23 years) but has the experience and physical tools to hang around, though it is not sure if he will stay at his natural position of LB or move somewhere else on defense. The final rookie of note is YA call-up OL Tracey Madden, who will benefit from a veteran corps in front of him to learn from. The other two draft picks, Allen Duncan (2nd) and Angus Montgomery (3rd) will have a hard time staying on this roster.

Losing only one player, the expectations are high on this season's squad, and once again, the play of QB Ostapowicz will determine just how much success this team will enjoy. A return to the playoffs and securing a third consecutive season in Elite are the goals, but will be a challenge to meet. Another competitive SC division also will test the team, but the expectations are to return to the SC playoffs.

Good luck to our Washingtonians, and let's have another fun, memorable season!

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2019-07-05 18:50:04 - S34 Recap/S35 PreviewReport Abuse

We are the Champions! For the first time since winning the SD 2.2 Super Bowl in S27, the DC Washingtonians won the big game, knocking off familiar rival, Dortmund Griffins, 19-10, in a defensive showcase. The championship also comes on the 25th anniversary of previous owner's most successful season when the Venice Panthers won the SD 1 Super Bowl in S9.

It was an impressive season for the Washingtonians who went 15-1 in the regular season with the lone blemish being a loss against former Elite sparring mate, the Baltimore Ravens. That four-point loss set aside, no team came closer than 17 points to DCW during the regular season and the team easily won the AC South division and earned the AC top seed. In the first two rounds of the playoffs, DCW overcame slow starts against two AC North opponents. First against Naprzód Marsz!, the offense sputtered for most the first half and the defense had difficulty getting off the field surrendering many time-consuming drives. Trailing 6-0, the offense finally put together a TD-scoring drive about midway through the second quarter to go up 7-6 and the defense came up with several big plays to hold on to a 20-6 win. In the conference championship, a game that will be replayed in the District for many years to come, DCW spotted the Michigan State Spartans a 21-0 lead and no one was playing well. But on the next drive, the team managed an important momentum-changing TD with less than a minute left in the half. That was followed by another TD drive to start the second half and turned this back into a game, trailing 21-14. MSU responded with another score to put DCW back in a two-score deficit, 28-14. Failing to score on the next drive and punting it deep into MSU territory, the team was hoping for a quick three-and-out to get the ball back. Instead, MSU methodically marched back down the field all the way to the DCW 12 before a game-saving INT by CB Terentiy Doronin breathed new life into team, which took the favorable field position after the 42-yard return to score another TD, now down 28-21. The defense got the stop on the next drive, and former Gerber ROY winner Unnikrishnan Narang took the ensuing punt 72 yards to the endzone to tie the game at 28. The defense continued to lock down the Spartans giving the ball to the offense with about 5:30 remaining and great field position. Needing only two minutes, QB Alois Pytlík, who was named tournament MVP, found WR Robert Galloway for an 8-yard TD pass to take the first and only lead in the game, 35-28. The Super Bowl win against Dortmund lacked the drama of the previous game, and for a change of pace, DCW rushed out to a 13-0 lead. But the inability to get TDs and settling for FGs kept the Griffins in the game and they got the score down to 13-10 midway through the third quarter. But a pair of K Leandro Cabral FGs sealed the win. For the game, Cabral nailed FGs of 56, 49, 57 and 52 yards proving to be a dangerous weapon.

In Super Cup play, the regular season win streak unsurprisingly came to an end...unsurprising because this was a tough division, but the team that beat them was indeed quite surprising. In three games against SD rival, Växjö Gladiators AFC, DCW won two with great ease, but lost the Super Cup game 17-12. The loss ended the win streak at 62 wins. The loss, however, was the team's only slip-up and they returned to the playoffs and advanced all the way to the third round before losing to the Styrian Bears.

The S34 players of note were as follows:

Team MVP: Pytlík (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Pytlík (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Schmidt (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Zelený (WR) and Covington (TE) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Suvorov (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Schmidt/Thawan (LBs) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Picker: Dae (CB) for recording most interceptions
Gerber ROY award: Judge (RB) for best rookie performance
SD 1 Tournament MVP: Pytlík (QB) for most tournament MVP points
SD region individual award: Cabral (K) best kicker in the league

The S35 team captains are Ngahu (WR) and Heinrich (SF). DCW welcomes a large rookie class, headlined by a free agent hire, QB Ionut Doros. He'll spend the season training to take over the team in a few seasons, but the team is high on him. The other player that has people excited is YA product LB Cameron Lucas. While buried a bit on the depth chart, he will get some playing time off the bench. The other YA players include CB Rigoberto Carson and SF Isiah Kirk on defense and RB Kelley Farnsworth on offense. The draft added two more potential starters, but while both are talented and lightning fast, both come with character issues. The first round pick, CB Jarvis Cannon, is a bit undersized, but is tough as nails. In the second round, WR Mitchell Embry bring the rare combination of strength and speed plus incredible hands that could make him a dominant player in the future. With almost the entire team returning from last year's championship squad, all of the rookies will have the luxury of easing into the mix.

The story of S35 will be dominated by how well does QB Bożydar Ostapowicz fill in the shoes of Pytlík. The team had hoped for another season or two from the former captain, but he conceded that the wear and tear was just too much. He was brought to this team to get them to Elite, and he achieved this twice. In addition to his one Elite season with DCW, he also played in three Elite seasons with the AS Roma Wolves, and he is a strong candidate to be DCW's first inductee into the hall of fame. Also retiring is the team's other former tournament MVP, LB Murat Schmidt, who was the star of the team's S27 SD 2.2 tournament run. The speedy LB could pressure the opposing QB while also providing pass coverage and back up the DL with run-stopping ability. All three skills were on display in his final season during which Schmidt posted career highs in sacks (16), INTs (3) and forced fumbles (2).

Despite the losses of these veterans, this DCW team is still a solid team headed into S35, but will they be good enough to have a better Elite showing than two seasons ago when the team went 7-9? Time will tell, but these guys won't be intimidated by anyone on their schedule. Similarly in SC play, the team faces another tough division but should be favored to win it; a return to the playoffs is expected out of this team. And as a Conference Championship winner, DCW returns to the CoC Cup and has a favorable first round draw.

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2019-04-12 18:18:49 - S33 Recap/S34 PreviewReport Abuse

The Washingtonians' first Elite campaign was a valiant effort for most of the season, but a late season collapse marred what could have been a remarkable performance by the team. A 7-9 mark against Elite competition is by no means a shameful performance, but after jumping off to a fast start and beating a number of the most respected in the teams in the world, the overall record feels a bit disappointing. "The daily grind of competing in Elite wore on the boys after a while," Coach Buckland stated. "And not just the players, but also on the coaching staff. By the end of the season, we were all drained."

But DCW did rally in the end of the season winning the league finale against SD rival, Leeds Celtics, and put together four impressive games in the SC Playoffs going all the way to the Sweet Sixteen before losing to the Cutbacks for the second consecutive season. The 3-1 playoff record comes on the heels of another 15-0 regular season making it 60 straight wins in divisional play.

The S33 players of note were as follows:

co-Team MVP: Pytlík (QB) and Thawan (LB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Pytlík (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Thawan (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Ngahu (WR) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Baboram (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Thawan (LB) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Picker: Alanis (LB) for recording most interceptions
Gerber ROY award: Barber (LB) for best rookie performance

The S34 team captains are Pytlík (QB) and Heinrich (SF). The rookie class includes two youth academy promotees: FB West and DL Duran. West will serve primarily as a back-up player this season but is an important piece for the future. Duran will see some limited snaps but the team is very high on him. This season's draftees also will see some limited action. The team took a few gambles with the draft as it was seen as a weaker draft and the team's needs were few. First round pick WR Crawford will need several seasons to mature, but at just 19, there is no rush to bring him up. RB Judge, taken in the second round, will be pressed into action a little bit quicker as he moves into the RB3 slot, and as this team uses a lot of two RB formations, he will is an injury away from starting and will provide rest for the starters. Finally, OL Daly will have some great mentors before his services are required. For a third round pick, he was considered a bargain pick, but he is a bit undersized for an OL but could be a useful substitute player in a few seasons.

S34 brings about a return to SD league, but DCW finds itself in new territory being sent to the AC South. Top to bottom, this is the toughest SD division, but the team figures to be favored to come out on top. This is a team with championship aspirations. With a tough SC draw, the team will not only be hard pressed to keep its winning streak alive, but it also will be in a struggle to return the playoffs for a fifth consecutive season.

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2019-01-19 14:02:36 - S32 Rewards/S33 PreviewReport Abuse

As the team prepares to take on its newest challenge - a season in the Elite league - fans and teammates took one more opportunity to honor the S32 results. The entire roster returns from last season plus several rookies

Team MVP: Pytlík (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Pytlík (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Alanis (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Ngahu (WR) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Baboram (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Chesney (LB) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Picker: Dae (CB) for recording most interceptions
Gerber ROY award: McCartney (OL) for best rookie performance

With the entire team returning, the expectation is that this team will be competitive despite the caliber of teams lining up in opposition. "All training camp, we've been upfront with our players. We expect to win games," Coach Buckland said.

With all of the returning starters coming back, there isn't a whole of opportunity for the large rookie class to have immediate impact. But some to keep an eye on include first round pick Isiah Barber (Defense). The team was utterly shocked no one took a chance on the converted basketball player before DCW took him with the 31st pick of the draft. There were some questions as to which profession the two-sport phenom would choose, but late in the first round, Barber is considered a steal. He can play anywhere on defense with his unique combination of strength and speed. The other rookie standout who already is climbing up the depth chart is YA prospect Waldo Covington (TE). His quick development made the past two draft's many TE picks seem questionable, especially for a team that doesn't utilize TEs as much as others. If he performs as advertised, look for the team to move on of the other two TEs. The other YA call-ups will be playing off the bench but all are very promising: WR Robert Galloway, OL Clifford Valenti, DL Ned Reynolds and CB Emile Horan. The second and third round draft picks, Liú Ô (LB) and Jannick Orr (CB), will have a difficult time staying on the roster.

DCW also looks to continue its run of consecutive SC playoff appearances and SC regular season wins (45). The team hasn't lost a SC regular season game since the finale of S29. Also, DCW has one in the first round of the SC playoffs during the past two seasons. The expectation is to return to the playoffs and to see what damage it can do. In addition to the SC, the team returns to the Champ of Champ Cup, but drew arguably the toughest opponent in the Cup in the first round. On the plus side, win that game and the path to a potential championship increases, but, more than likely, the team will exit after this game.

The team's captains are Pytlík (offense) and Heinrich (defense).

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2019-01-11 15:57:13 - S32 RecapReport Abuse

Congratulations to our Washingtonians! Repeat NC North division champs! NC Conference champs! SD runner up! Elite promotion! S33 will feature 16 league games against the best teams from around the world.

DCW's offense led the way this season with a deadly combination of aerial assault and a slashing ground game. When the offense was clicking, this team was virtually unbeatable. Unfortunately, a few games, including the SD Super Bowl, that wasn't the case. Still, the season was a cause for celebrations in the district. The Washingtonians went 13-3 during the season and cruised through the NC Conference playoff bracket eclipsing 30 points in each contest. The team enjoyed three-score leads in the fourth quarter of each playoff game until the offense came out flat in the title match against Beltway rival Baltimore Ravens.

In addition to the successful SD season, DCW went 15-0 in SC play for the third consecutive season and have won 45 straight SC division games. The team had a strong showing in the SC playoffs as well with an impressive first round win and then putting up a strong fight against chief SD team, Barmbek Cutbacks in the second round. DCW will get at least a couple of shots at both of the teams that ended our playoff runs as we will meet both in our Elite division along with the Leed Celtics, a team that crushed the Washingtonians twice when we were SD rookies.

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2018-10-26 19:43:58 - S31 Awards/S32 PreviewReport Abuse

Per tradition, last year's team welcomed the incoming class at the team's annual award banquet and season kick-off party. For the first time since joining SD 1, the team gets to celebrate a divisional championship.

Team MVP: Pytlík (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Pytlík (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Thawan (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Ngahu (WR) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Roark (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Thawan (LB) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Picker: Alanis (LB) for recording most interceptions
Gerber ROY award: Chesney (LB) for best rookie performance

Coming off the 14-2 season and a deep playoff run that came up one game short of going the SD 1 Bowl, the expectations are high. With a tough schedule and competitive division, a return to the playoffs won't be easy, but that remains the goal.

To help make this possible, the team welcomes an incoming class headlined by the Washingtonian's first round draft pick. The speedy and talented Taufiq Omer (TE) was quite a find late in the first round and he instantly slots in as the team's No. 2 TE behind the veteran Voorde. Second rounder La Chau played TE in college, but having added two TEs in the drafts plus a highly prized TE in the academy, it remains to be seen where Chau will play. For now, he joins the WR corps. The third round pick Jabulani Bamgboshe (QB) was brought in to back up Avinesh after Pytlík retires, which, at 29 years of age, could be coming shortly. Out of the youth academy, DCW promoted OL Leslie McCartney and P Darrell Hines, neither of whom are expected to contribute much early but will see some playing time where the team can afford it. Finally, in anticipation of life without Pytlík, the front office added potential star QB Bożydar Ostapowicz from the waiver wire at a discount. He and Avinesh will battle for the starting spot in the seasons to come.

DCW also looks to continue its run of SC playoff appearances. Getting placed in a weaker division, anything short of a return to the playoffs would be a huge disappointment. And now with a playoff win in the bag, there will no longer be the pressure of winning a game.

The team's captains are Pytlík (offense) and Heinrich (defense).

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2018-10-11 00:32:31 - S31 RecapReport Abuse

It was a major bounce-back season for your DC Washingtonians! Following a disappointing season in which the team was left out of the playoffs, DCW came back in a big way ripping off a 14-2 regular season record and winning a Sea Devil 1.1 division, the first time for the team since relocating to Washington, DC, and the first time for the franchise since the Venice Panthers did so in S21, 10 seasons ago. Not done yet, the team went on to win in the first two rounds in the playoffs before running into a brick wall in the NC Conference championship game.

DCW also excelled in Super Cup play finishing 15-0 in the regular season for the second consecutive season. This improves Coach Buckland's Super Cup record to 83-7. And for the first time, the team advanced to the second round of the SC tournament after scoring an impressive upset in the first round.

In the days following the team's loss in the NC Conference championship, Coach Buckland was in high spirits. "This team was a lot of fun to coach," he said. "We entered S30 with high expectations, and the team wilted under the pressure. So we made an effort to get younger and bring in team players, and so there wasn't as much pressure entering this season, and these guys flourished. With the entire cast returning, plus some more young guys from our youth academy and whoever we can add in the draft, the pressure will be back on. I can't wait to see how these guys respond."

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2018-08-03 18:10:06 - S30 Awards/S31 PreviewReport Abuse

While everyone is ready to put S30 in the rearview mirror, there still is one important matter left to resolve. Awarding those who lead the team. Not everyone on the team underperformed last season, and here are those who maintained a higher standard.

Team MVP: Avinesh (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Avinesh (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Alanis (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Mayer (WR) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Rybár (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Thawan (LB) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Pick 6er: Alanis (LB) for recording most interceptions
Gerber ROY award: Weinstein (WR) for best rookie performance

Even though the team sold off several veterans at the end of the season, they maintained a solid core of contributors and brought in a few new veterans to supplement the OL plus a new number one WR. As a whole, the front office feels this team is better than last season and should continue to compete for a playoff spot.

In addition to the new transfer market additions, the team is bringing in large number of rookies. Home-grown YA rookies include an MLB and OLB in Chandler Cromwell and Eli Chesney, respectively. Also joining the ranks of OLB is Benjamín Marcos, a third round draft pick from S29. He was a raw talent back then, but after spending the past two seasons training in the weight room and working with defensive coaching staff, he is ready to join the first team rotation. The youth movement at the linebacker position will mostly back up the veteran core, but they will see playing time and bring a lot of excitement in the process. The linebacker unit has become a source of excitement for the fans, too, having labeled the group the "Sacks Pistols." Those three rookie LBs also are joined by first round draft pick Nathanial Sales, DT/NT, and second round pick Hye-Su Hwang, TE. Sales joins an already talented crowd of DLs, but the team had considered Sales not just the better player available at their draft spot, but the best player in the draft and jumped at the opportunity to make the selection. In Hwang, DCW adds another first-round caliber player and at a position of need in TE. He immediately slots in as the number two TE in two TE formations and will serve as the primary back up to Voorde. In the third round, the team took another project similar to Marcos with Pat Konvalinka. Originally a star RB in college, he lacks the physical prowess to duplicate his collegiate career in Sea Devils 1, so the plan will be to let him bulk up in the weight room and work with the offensive line for a couple of seasons before giving him a trial at FB in S33.

DCW continues to thrive in SC play and enters S31 has one of the favorites in their division to advance to the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

Leading the team into S31 are offensive captain Pytlík and defensive captain Heinrich.

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2018-07-15 16:52:01 - S30 RecapReport Abuse

In a season in which many thought the Washingtonians were primed to take a big step forward and compete for the division and possibly the conference title, DCW disappointingly missed the playoffs altogether going 9-7 following a late 4-game losing streak.

At 9-7, the front office has some tough decisions to make. The team is clearly competitive, and in at least four of the losses, the game was in reach in the fourth quarter, meaning the team was not far away from going 13-3. But on the other hand, it is also a team that has been inconsistent on offense for two consecutive seasons. The initial decision was to sell off some pieces but almost the entire starting roster still is intact and with several other teams considering rebuilds, there are some outstanding veteran players that are being sold for cheap. With a very low payroll for now, DCW could easily take on some of these expensive veterans.

Whichever way the team goes on this, management still expects the team to compete for a return to the playoffs.

The season was not a complete bust despite the disappointing performance in league play. In Super Cup play, the team returned to the playoffs after a 15-0 division record. It's the first time DCW has won its SC division, but the reward was yet another tough first round opponent; this time Sea Devil rival, the noTown*mYsTics. For the third time in five seasons, DCW was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Still, in five seasons, DCW has gone 68-7 in divisional play and 0-3 in the playoffs.

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2018-05-11 12:41:56 - S29 Awards/S30 PreviewReport Abuse

On the eve of the new season, the team honored last season's standout performers while also welcoming a new crop of players. But first the team celebrated S29's successes.

Entering the season, the goal was to go 10-6 and make the playoffs. Fortunately, the team outperformed to go 11-5, which was imperative because 10-6 would have left the team out for a second consecutive season. And in the wild card round, DCW put together perhaps their best performance since moving the franchise to the District by destroying a very good Java Waterboys team. And in SC play, DCW blew expectations out of the water eclipsing the modest 9-6 goal by going 13-2 and just missing out on a third consecutive trip to the SC playoffs. All told, the team goal of 19 league and SC wins was met by winning 25 games.

Several incredible players made this possible. The S29 award winners are as follows:
Team MVP: Pytlík (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Avinesh (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Alanis (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Narang (WR) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Suvorov (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Thawan (LB) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Pick 6er: Boonmee (LB) for recording most interceptions
And winning the inaugural Gerber ROY award: Narang (WR) for best rookie performance

Narang set the bar high for this year's rookies by greatly exceeding expectations and demanding more playing time. He proved that there is more to being a WR than a great 40-time to play receiver, using his superior size to be a reliable red zone target.

This year's new recruits include FB Weinstein and OL Purdy from the team's youth academy as well as draftees Annamyradov, Velis and Schäfer. Weinstein brings a great attitude and great combination of strength and speed and will be sharing time with Fall in the backfield. Purdy possesses Herculean strength and will see some time backing up on the OL. In the draft, DCW added three defenders, though none really have a defined position, yet. First rounder Annamyradov played DE in college, but many felt he is undersized for SD 1.1. But then again, many said the same of former first rounder Jana, but he continues to put up all-star numbers. DCW will try Annamyradov at DE, OLB and possibly other positions to see where he excels. Similarly, Velis will also be moved around to see the best fit. He played SF in college, and possess elite speed and has enough football IQ but some are concerned he isn't physical enough for the position. He could also fill in at CB. And in the third round, the highly experienced Schäfer will likely compete for a back-up SF role as well. He was underwhelming at the combine, but his talented and a proven winner.

Coming off the heels of a playoff appearance, DCW will set their sites a little higher this season and aim for a division title. A tough schedule for the NC North could mean only the division winner will make the playoffs this season whereas last season, three teams nearly made it. The team also looks to return to the SC playoffs this season drawing a manageable SC division in which they should finish in the top two.

Leading the team in S30 will be Offensive Captain Pytlík and Defensive Captain David. Good luck to our boys in red, white and blue!

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2018-04-23 01:48:47 - S29 RecapReport Abuse

The Washingtonians brought playoff football back to the district in S29, and the team has asserted itself as a legitimate contender in just two seasons in SD 1.1.

As predicted, the team got off to a slow start taking a few lumps against a front-loaded schedule. But after struggling to a 3-4 record, DCW rallied off seven consecutive wins, and for a second consecutive season, found itself 10-4 needing just one more win to make the playoffs. But unlike last season, DCW saved one of its finest performances and knocked off a divisional rival also fighting for a playoff spot to finish 11-5 and the the fifth seed in the NC. Once in the playoffs, DCW was off and running with dominating wild card round showing. But in the divisional round, the offense struggled to keep possession resulting in the defense wearing out in the fourth quarter. The teams traded scores for three quarters and they entered the fourth quarter down 20-17, but the tired defense finally crumbled allowing two touchdowns with less than eight minutes to play ending the season with a 34-17 loss.

In SC play, it was expected to be a tough season. A very tough draw against several more established teams, DCW was not considered to be a serious contender; in fact, local columnists were predicting 11-4 at best. Per usual, DCW nearly shocked them all en route to a 13-2 season and lost a hard fought battle in the final SC game 16-13 leaving the team as the third highest team left out of the SC playoffs ending a two-year string of playoff appearances. Still, considering what the team was up against, a 13-2 season is a feather in the team's cap, and makes the team 53-7 in SC play divisional play in four seasons.

DCW's successes mostly are attributable to solid defensive performances. The offense has explosive playmakers, but at times, could go long periods without producing. As a result, after scouting several of the best RZA teams, the front office and coaching staff has agreed to implement a different offensive play scheme utilizing four WRs and a single back. Unfortunately, this meant some players no longer had a role and others were asked to change positions. New FB coach Juhász will be integral in transitioning RBs Fall and Weinstein to fullbacks while HB Singh will be the third down back. The team will spend the offseason working out the kinks of the new system and training new skills to the few players changing positions.

Speaking of Weinstein, he and OL Purdy represent the newest graduates from the DCW Youth Academy. They are the first players to complete the entire YA program and join previous YA products FB Centeno and LB White, who both were part of an accelerated program. While Centeno and White have been capable in backup roles, the expectations are that Weinstein and Purdy will be solid first stringers.

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2018-02-18 14:44:46 - ***Breaking News***Report Abuse

During the midnight hours, the front office pulled off a stunner by signing QB Pytlík to a franchise contract that will keep the 26 y/o QB with DCW through S33. Pytlík has Elite experience and is a proven winner. On the heels of an opening day loss in which the two INTs could have been the difference, Pytlík is an upgrade at a critical position.

QB Wolff will remain with the team through the season in case of an injury. QB Avinesh will continue to serve as the back up though his playing time in league games will be diminished as maximizing Pytlík's snaps gives the team the best chance to win. Avinesh will still see a lot of playing time in other games and remains the QB of the future.

With Wolff being removed from the starting roster, WR Ngahu has been named co-offensive captain with Wolff as the team did not feel right taking the title from Wolff but also needed an on-field captain familiar with team.

The future for DCW continues to be bright and the present just got a lot brighter. Go Washingtonians!

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2018-02-17 02:47:07 - S29 PreviewReport Abuse

Coming off the heels of a surprising 10-6 S28 campaign, DCW has its work cut out for them to repeat the success. The schedule is very similar, with a likely 7 or 8 games against playoff teams (4-4 against playoff teams last season). Off the bat, the team faces three likely division winners, so some early bumps are likely, but if the Washingtonians can survive with its ego intact, and maybe even pick up a win, they wil definitely be the hunt for a wild card spot.

With two straight Super Cup playoff appearances, DCW is a longshot for a three-peat. This is the toughest SC division the team has drawn yet and winning 10 games could be a challenge. That is quite a dropoff compared to the 12, 14 and 14 wins in the past three seasons.

Whatever success the team does have this season will be the result of what last season's roster is able to do. In the offseason, the front office only aquired an OL and DL who both will be in the mix for significant playing time. There have been rumors of something big brewing, but nothing has been confirmed, yet. And this season's crop of draftees doesn't provide any immediate help. With the starting roster finally coming together and improving skills and experience, the draft didn't present with any upgrades. So the team opted to grab some youth to provide depth and future stars. And with the first round pick, CB Zadrauskas, the front office thinks they have one. The 21 y/o speedster figures to see some playing time this season. With his strong work ethic, Zadrauskas' best days are ahead of him. With the second and third round picks, the front office aquired a couple of 19 y/o prospects in WR Narang and OLB Marcos. Neither figure to see any playing time except in exhibition games and weaker competition while the coaching staff work hard with them to see if they will be able to contribute in a few seasons.

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2018-02-11 18:04:57 - S28 Awards/Season RecapReport Abuse

The first season in SD 1.1 is in the books, and DCW made a mockery of all of the doom-and-gloom projections in league, SC and CofC play.

As SD 1.1 rookies, expectations were understandably low, especially considering the schedule included eight games against teams that would go onto the playoffs. DCW went 4-4 in those games while compiling a 10-6 record and finishing in a tie for the final wild card spot. Unfortunately, the tie breaker favored the Java Waterboys, a team DCW beat. Most seasons, a 10-6 record would be enough, so while the team was disappointed to miss out, especially considering they had a chance in the season finale against divisional rivals, Dortmund Griffins, after some time had passed, the team looks back with a sense of accomplishment on the season.

In SC, made an impressive run by winning their first 14 games to clinch a spot in the playoffs and a first place finish in their grouping. But just like the season before, a playoff match against an elite team proved to be too much. In three seasons, DCW has gone an impressive 40-5 in SC regular season games.

S28 also included a trip to the Champ of Champs Bowl, and imposing first round figured to make it a short tournament for DCW, but in perhaps the team's biggest upset bid of the season (and there were several to choose from), the Washingtonians prevailed and advanced to the third round before falling in a hard fought game to the eventual tournament winners.

Taking all three types of games, the goal for the season was to win 15 games. DCW won 26!

Team Awards:
Team MVP: Avinesh (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Avinesh (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Alanis (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Buchleitner (WR) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Suvorov (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Thawan (LB) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Pick 6er: Alanis (LB) for recording most interceptions

And your S29 season captains are Wolff (QB) and Cummings (DT). Come out to support the team has they challenge for the playoffs this season!

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2017-12-19 17:36:40 - S28 Midseason UpdateReport Abuse

Where did this come from? DCW is off to a fantastic start going 5-3 in the first half of league play and 7-0 in SC play.

The first half has seen a little bit of everything so far. Shocking upsets, come-from-behind wins, overtime, disappointing performance, and a blow-out win and loss. All told, the team already has reached its projected win total for the season, and there are several opportunities for more. In fact, in some bars throughout the district, there is a murmuring of playoff potential. At 5-3, DCW definitely is positioned to make such a push. To do so, however, the team is going to have to get better in road games, where they are only 1-2 and so far compared to their 4-1 home record. Clearly the fan support has made Rock Creek Park a tough place on opponents.

In the SC, DCW is the only remaining undefeated team in its division, and already has taken down two of the preseason favorites to win the division. At this point, 13-2 seems a lock with strong chance to go 14-1 and possibly a 15-0 season. Even the most optimistic preseason projections had DCW going 12-3, so there will be a lot of crow for all of the doubters.

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2017-11-24 13:12:10 - S28 PreviewReport Abuse

The parades and celebrations of S27's successes are over, and a new season for the Washingtonians is upon us. For S28, the team is rolling out #post100118254">new uniforms designed by the famed French designer, Fincyril. The look plays to the fact that fans find "Washingtonians" to be a mouthful and have resorted to calling their favorite team the DC-Dubs.

Unlike last offseason, the front office was not active in the FA market bringing in only an OG and DT to fortify two already strong units. This season, the new faces came from the draft and the team's first call-up from the youth academy. It is with great interest we will watch FB Centeno to see how effective the YA was at preparing for The Show.

DCW was drafting out of a tough spot, picking last in each round. As a result, the team had to get a little creative. Using a strategy from the team's first draft that netted two-time team defensive MVP LB Alanis, the scouts ignored age and brought in the best talents. So three 23 year-old rookies are in the fold. In the first round, the team felt fortunate to nab CB Dae, who scouts love and who fills a need in the defensive secondary. In the second round, DE Thawan somehow was still available. His selection is a bit of a luxury pick as DCW already has a stable of excellent DEs, but he will work is way into the rotation or could even be moved to OLB. And with the final pick of the draft, RB Delossantos was tabbed Mr. Irrelevant but will see some field time on special teams and as a backup RB.

This season will be different in that the W-L record will not be used a measuring stick to assess the team's talent. This team is the second youngest team in the league, and many of the older players serve as back ups and locker room guys. Playing in SD 1.1, there will not be any cheap wins like in 2.2. This season will be used to see where the team needs to improve to start challenging for trophies in the coming seasons. This might be hard for a city accustomed to winning, but with continued fan support, we can finish this rebuild quickly!

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2017-11-19 18:17:56 - S27 Awards/Season RecapReport Abuse

Team expectations were high coming into S27, but the DC Washingtonians blew them out of the water! Goals were to repeat as AC North Division Champs (met), earn promotion to 1.1 (met) and to win 24 League/SC games (met). On top of these achievements, the Washingtonians won the SD 2.2 championship, went 14-1 in SC play earning a spot in the playoffs and went 32-3 in League/SC games! And several players accomplished personal achievements and were awarded for such at the SD Regional and League levels as well as team awards.

Sea Devil Regional Awards:
Kimaiyo - K 2nd

Sea Devil 2.2 League Awards:
Habib - CB 1st
Lang - P 1st
Kimaiyo - K 2nd
Bollinger - TE 3rd

Team Awards:
Team MVP: Avinesh (QB) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Avinesh (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Alanis (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Avinesh (QB) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Baboram (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Schröder (DL) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Pick 6er: Alanis (LB) for recording most interceptions

And your S28 season captains are Wolff (QB) and Cummings (DT). Best of luck to our boys as they compete at the next level.

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2017-11-14 17:34:40 - S27 SD 2.2 Bowl Champions!Report Abuse

The DC Washingtonians did it! Your S27 SD 2.2 Champions!

As AC North champions and overall AC No. 2 seed due to another instant classic game with the Devon Warriors (this time a 3-point loss on a last second FG), the Washingtonians enjoyed a first round bye.

In the divisional round, DCW hosted a familiar foe, the Nigerian Mafia, who gave the home team a good fight. LB Schmidt scored the lone TD in the game with a pick-6 in the third quarter en route to a 16-6 victory.

That set up a rematch in the Conference Finals with the Warriors. Racing out to an early lead with a strong opening drive and an INT by LB Alanis, DCW held off the Warriors in the second half. LB Schmidt pitched in two sacks in this game and FS Pharmasse provided a crucial INT on a fourth down backed up in our own red zone. His long return and a first down by the offense set up what proved to be the game winning FG, a 51-yarder. Alanis and Pharmasse would both come up with INTs in the Bowl Championship as well.

In the Championship Bowl, La Spezia Sprugoleans came out fighting in the first quarter, but the defense eventually settled down and pitched the shut out complete with three INTs and two fumbles returned for TDs; one by each of the Dynamic DE Duo of Schröder and Jana. Wolff led the offense with five TD passes and the celebration will last through the off-season.

For his heroics in the first two playoff games, LB Schmidt was named the playoff MVP. In all, he had one INT for a TD, three sacks and 14 tackles through the three games.

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2017-09-30 19:59:52 - S27 Midseason UpdateReport Abuse

Domination! The Washingtonians cruise to the midway point a perfect 8-0 in both League and Super Cup play. Being unblemished in the league was expected, though having shut out every opponent has been a pleasant surprise. The second half of the schedule contains all of the real challenges. But a perfect SC record has been a pleasant surprise, and the team has not really even been challenged to this point. Only two teams have even found the end zone against the stingy defense, and that is in part due to poor scouting of one team and a turnover-shortened field against the other.

The big first half surprise was the team's decision to find a replacement for former second round pick QB Ratcliff. While still a great performer with a lot of potential, the front office decided to find a more established veteran in Wolff to lead the team to promotion and to keep the team competitive upon getting there. Also, the front office located and signed a younger, more promising backup to take the reigns as Wolff nears retirement. For now, Ratcliff remains with the team as an insurance policy, and both the front office and Ratcliff will meet at the end of the season to determine his future with the team.

With the first half in the books, the team is focused on winning the AC North division and earning promotion either through winning the AC crown or in a relegation match. The Washingtonians also are fighting for a playoff spot in the Super Cup, but it will not be an easy road.

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2017-09-01 16:49:35 - New Season, New FacesReport Abuse

S27 kicks off at home tomorrow, and you might want to buy a program to keep up with the new team. Several players from last season's division champion squad retired, were cut or moved down the depth chart. In all, the team is younger and better, but with only a handful of returning starters, it will be interesting to see how well this collection of talent meld together on the field.

The main targeted areas were the offensive and defensive lines where every starting position will feature a new player. The D-Line will be a force headlined by free agent Schröder and first round draftee Jana. Jana was the prize of this year's draft class and at just 19 years old, he has scouts talking potential hall of famer.

Also coming out of the draft in the second round and leading the newly formed wrecking crew of an O-Line is Baboram. This kid is a beast and will be protecting QB Ratcliff's blindside.

And in a third round steal, Salman joins a burgeoning secondary led by last year's third round pick, Santana.

In all, the draft produced three immediate contributors, and based on the team's Big Board, all three of them should have been taken before the team called in its first draft pick. The war room was more like a party room during the draft.

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2017-08-27 15:58:31 - S26 Player Awards BanquetReport Abuse

Congratulations again to the DC Washingtonians on a hugely successful season. The team has parted ways with several retiring veterans, and a few more familiar faces will be challenged to keep a roster spot as ownership will look to reinvest some of its surplus into strengthening the roster. But for one last time, the S26 team got together to celebrate both team and individual accomplishments.

Sea Devil 2.2 League Awards:
Watson - TE 2nd
Gant - K 2nd
Baptiste - CB 3rd
Keeler - FB 3rd
Lang - P 3rd

Team Awards:
Team MVP: Watson (TE) for winning most game balls
Offensive MVP: Ratcliff (QB) for most MVP points (O)
Defensive MVP: Alanis (LB) for most MVP points (D)
Trojan Contributor: Ratcliff (QB) for scoring the most TDs
IHOP Lineman: Cisneros (OL) for recording the most pancakes
Harris Teeter Double-Bagger: Courtney (DL) for recording the most sacks
DC Lotto Pick 6er: Alanis (LB) for recording most interceptions

And finally, the team is pleased to announce that Söderlund (WR) and Heinrich (SF) will serve as offensive and defensive team captains, respectively, for S27. Congratulations again to everyone and let's do even better in S27!

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2017-08-19 18:10:44 - First season an overwhelming successReport Abuse

With a loss today, the S26 has ended for the Washingtonians, but despite the outcome, the franchise is clearly pointed in the right direction.

At season's beginning, the team ambitiously sought for a total of 23 league and SC victories; they won 29. They won the AC North division crown adding the first trophy from this team into a crowded trophy case that touts the accomplishments of the once proud franchise.

The league playoffs were a thrilling ride. Despite winning the division and 3rd seed, the Washingtonians actually were underdogs against the Devon Warriors in the wild card round. A late FG with 19 seconds remaining capped the 4th qtr comeback and ensured a surprising victory. The divisional round featured a re-match against the Nigerian Mafia, whose only regular season loss came at the hands of the Washingtonians. In a back-and-forth game, the Washingtonians eventually came out on top. The win meant a chance at promotion to 1.1 with a victory against UCA in the conference championship. Unfortunately, a front office error resulted in the team arriving at UCA without the play book or game plan severely hindering the team's effort. The subsequent loss meant the Washingtonians would have one more chance at promotion via the relegation game against a vastly superior opponent in the Twix. But for three quarters, the Washingtonians gave the Twix all they wanted entering the fourth quarter down 9-0. But fatigue finally caught up and the Twix added two TDs to put the game away.

The Washingtonians thank their fans for all of the support this past season. They figure to be on the short list of favorites to win the championship next season, so jump on the DC bandwagon now!

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2017-07-18 17:25:30 - Washingtonians Return to the PlayoffsReport Abuse

With a dominant performance today to improve to 11-0, the Washingtonians have cemented their place in the playoffs. But don't expect the team to take their feet off the gas pedal as they aim for a 16-0 season and getting a first round bye.

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2017-07-08 17:11:31 - Midseason UpdateReport Abuse

With the first half of the season in the books, the Washingtonians have impressed at every turn.

In League play, the team is a perfect 8-0 and appears headed for a showdown with division rival, Big Dills, for the division title. Pending the results of those two games, the No. 2 overall seed and a first round bye is very much in play.

In Super Cup play, the first half of the schedule was front-loaded with several teams playing in the highest division of their respective leagues. It looked like there would be several humbling defeats that would be softened only by the fact that the subsequent pay days they provided would keep the team headed in the right direction. And the first three of these five games played out in just that manner. But the team rallied and stole victories in the last two David vs Goliath games to go along with the healthy paycheck. The remainder of the Super Cup schedule features games that the Washingtonians should be competitive or even favored.

Phase II of the stadium renovations is complete and we thank all of the fans who have come out to the games. Your loyalty and the surplus from the Media Contract have this team way beyond schedule and aiming for a shot at the League Title.

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2017-06-09 17:09:32 - Offseason Grade: AReport Abuse

The season kicks off tomorrow on the road. This will give ownership enough time to complete Phase 1 of stadium construction in time to host our first game next week. Initiating stadium renovations is just part of what has been a productive offseason.

Our head coach was hired and he brought on some staff already to help coach these kids up. Some facilities also are in place to enhance the training.

Several preseason games gave the coaching staff ample videotape to scout the team and make the necessary roster changes and game planning to get the most out of the team.

And the draft was a huge success. Despite picking out of the 22nd spot, we were able to land our top-rated player, LB Alanis. Perhaps some teams did not like the idea of bringing in a 23-year-old rookie, but he fills in as the defensive captain right away. In the second round, the team was able to steal who our scouts tabbed as the best QB in the draft, and another top 10 talent. Undoubtedly, Ratcliff will become the face of the franchise as the offensive captain. And in the third round, the team grabbed another first-round caliber player in LB Santana, who will be moved to CB to improve the pass defense. That is three first-round prospects in one draft.

With so much accomplished, the Washingtonians figure to find themselves in the thick of the playoff picture this season.

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2017-05-27 14:16:00 - Ownership committing to rebuild with new facilities, coaches and free agentsReport Abuse

Shortly after hiring new Head Coach Buckland, ownership has brought added an OL Coach Dong and CB Coach Belhacine as well as new facilities to maximize the re-training of existing and new players. To that extent, young players are being scouted and made offers with an eye toward being competitive in 2.2 right away.

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2017-05-22 01:41:31 - Washingtonians Hire Head CoachReport Abuse

Louis Buckland has agreed to lead the Washingtonians as the new head coach. The young coach has a tall task but impressed team owner and will soon be leading the Washingtonians back to relevancy.

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2017-05-18 18:59:48 - Franchise under new ownership...againReport Abuse

The formerly dominant Panthers are under new ownership for the third time this season and the ninth time since leaving Venice as the rebuilding mode continues. Unlike previous owners, however, we have brought the Washingtonians to DC with the intent of being the home for the once-proud franchise for the foreseeable future. More news to follow with the upcoming draft and the head coach search.

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